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The following are summaries of four case studies from Anne’s work with clients in her private practice—

From Fragility to Independence

Linda was a 42-year-old woman diagnosed with malignant melanoma. She suffered a severe reaction to the chemotherapy she was undergoing and came close to death from the treatment. In her initial meeting with Anne she came across as fragile, frightened, and disillusioned with the medical system. She was a single parent, had a very demanding career, and was feeling that she “needed to get back to her life.”

Metamorphosis—a reflexology-based therapy—was the initial therapy used. After her first treatment Linda told Anne, “You have changed my existence.” A few days later, Anne began giving Linda flower essences. She also started a series of Lightbody Healing treatments, often administering essences before and after treatments. Because of her extreme physical sensitivity, Linda couldn’t handle massage, but a combination of gentle energy healing and flower essence therapy was effective.

As soon as Linda began to use the flower essences, she loved them. She expressed that she wanted to use flower essences “to keep other people’s feelings off her,” so the first essences Anne used with her were Self-Heal, Aloe Vera, Angel’s Trumpet, Calla Lily, Forget-Me-Not, and Mountain Pennyroyal.

Self-Heal Prunella vulgaris
Forget-Me-Not Myosotis sylvatica

Linda spoke in particular of being “pulled” by family and others. She was suffering still from chronic exhaustion, but felt driven to get back to work to preserve her career. She also had issues with men. She was divorced, and was in a relationship that was creating stress. She talked about her late grandfather, after whom she named her daughter, and about the deep connection she had had with him. She had a very deep, moving vision of him during this session with essences.

As weeks went by, Linda commented that people were, as she put it, “getting to her.” She very much liked using the flower essences and wanted the whole FES Quintessentials set, which she purchased, along with Patricia Kaminski’s Flower Essence Repertory. She said she wanted the reassurance of working with Anne, but was also ready to explore her own healing by using the essences on her own. Four months into treatment, Linda was using Aloe Vera, Arnica, Echinacea, Forget-Me-Not, Garlic, Lotus, and Pomegranate as other, deeper personal issues surfaced. Linda planned to take a vacation to Mexico, where she hoped to come to some resolution on the direction to take for a healthy future.

Arnica Arnica mollis
Echinacea Echinacea purpurea

In the fifth month of treatment, as the Lightbody Healing sessions continued, the essences used were: Yarrow Special Formula, Pretty Face, Quaking Grass, and Queen Anne’s Lace.

Linda was feeling stronger at this point and felt as though she could handle her life again, though issues with her boyfriend were coming up. The next week she experienced a healing crisis as her “deepest fears about love” surfaced. Her heart opened, and she knew a change was needed.

By the sixth month, Linda was stronger, saying, “I feel whole unto myself.” She was becoming noticeably more “incarnated,” and the man she was with was now “outside her space.”

In the seventh month of treatment, Linda declared, “I need my own space—I need to carve out my own space and my own life.” During this session, particular attention was focused on the navel center. The energy was blocked; Linda was ready to take over the power in her life, but some resistance to moving forward still remained. Anne applied a few drops of Five-Flower Formula on Linda’s navel center—actually placed it on top of the blankets and sheets that covered Linda—and it was quickly absorbed into her being. The energy moved, centered, and opened. Essences used after this session were Aloe Vera, Pomegranate, and Lotus.

During month eight, Linda’s sessions with Anne dropped off, but Linda continued using flower essences on her own. Her whole life had changed: she had a new job, had moved to a new community, had left the relationship she had been in, and had the support of her family, to whom she now lived near.

Anne says, “That’s what happens with my patients—whole lives change, and they move on. We succeed together.”

Releasing Internalized Grief with Flower Essences

“Donna” was a Hospice Social Worker/Grief Counselor whom Anne knew professionally. Anne began working with Donna in January and continued until the following September, almost two years later.

Donna initially presented with physical symptoms and requested massage therapy. In the sixth month of treatment, Anne started using flower essences with Donna. Her physical condition had improved with massage therapy, but she requested the use of flower essences to explore longstanding relationship issues, including her relationship with her mate. The first combination of flower essences Anne used with Donna was Sticky Monkeyflower, Sunflower, Pennyroyal, Green Rose, Naked Lady, Peach, and Wisteria. Soon after, Anne began using the Seasons of the Soul Herbal Flower Oils in their work together.

Sticky Monkeyflower Mimulus aurantiacus

By the fifteenth month of treatment, Donna’s life was becoming overwhelming. She expressed a fear of acquiring diabetes, her pancreas being the focus. She also had kidney tension and exhaustion. Flower essences used during this month were Agrimony, Cherry Plum, Holly, Hornbeam, Olive, Star of Bethlehem, and Walnut. Anne instructed Donna to take the essences four times a day for a week and see how she felt as a result. But the very next day Donna called and said she felt much lighter in spirit and joyful—she hadn’t felt joyful in a very long time.

Star of Bethlehem Ornithogalum umbellatum

Three weeks later Donna came back—her body was very open. She’d experienced significant dreams in which there was light inside her body. She realized that she had carried the grief of so many people for so many years along with her own life’s grief, and realized how difficult life had been for her. During that session she had a past-life memory of living at the time of the Holocaust as a child, and of dying. Also during this treatment, she had an experience of “coming home” to herself.

After this treatment, a chronic sore throat of two and a half months’ duration cleared up: she’d been literally “choked up with grief.”

In the sixteenth month of treatment, Donna’s arthritis (representing not being able to do what she wanted: as a counselor she always needed to keep pressing on, no matter how she felt) was addressed. Flower essences used for this cycle were Beech, Cherry Plum, Honeysuckle, Mimulus, Mustard, Vine, and Five-Flower Formula.

Mimulus Mimulus guttatus
Mustard Sinapis arvensis

During their session in the seventeenth month, Anne used Arnica Alleve Herbal Flower Oil for general massage and Benediction Oil on Donna’s head and heart. The flower essences used were Angelica, Arnica, Cosmos, Lotus, Cherry Plum, Elm, and Olive. Anne says this was an absolutely amazing session, during which Donna experienced “giving birth to a new heart—the heart of the soul.” Donna felt heart “symptoms,” and Anne says she felt Donna’s release of tremendous grief, her body opening up and feeling literally like she had given birth to a new heart. During the treatment, using a polarity hold on Donna’s head—a mental/emotional hold—Anne focused on Donna’s pancreas and was able to sense and “see” the entire endocrine system “turn on,” starting with the pineal and going through the body. Anne experienced a “popping” on the side of the body where the pancreas is located. The earlier intuitive fear of diabetes was recognized and released.

Cherry Plum Prunus cerasifera

In the twenty-first and last month of treatment, major life issues came to the fore for Donna: she was preparing to move to Ohio, leaving a stepdaughter in the care of the daughter’s addicted mother, which caused Donna great concern. She was also experiencing a sense of self-determination and a recommitment to her husband during this time. She was very energetic, and had been “working on her stuff” in the days prior to the session. Donna was looking forward to closing her practice, and her arthritis had improved—she had released her resentments, and was able to verbalize this. Arnica Alleve and Benediction oils were used again during this session, and she felt the “weight of all her clients” releasing. She felt she could finally claim her place on the planet.

Donna moved back to be near her family in Ohio with her husband, and was able to retire from counseling work.

Time Bomb Diffused with Flower Essences and Massage

Anne worked with a client named “Mary” who described herself as a “basket case”—she was physically, as she said, a “time bomb” waiting to go off. She was in recovery for deep vein thrombosis when she started seeing Anne in the fall and presented with very poor circulation, indicated by a bluish coloring in her face and very cold hands and feet.

Mary worked in management at an advertising firm and was extremely stressed. She was living with an alcoholic man, and had serious difficulties with her son. She would call Anne in a panic and expect an appointment in half an hour. Anne initially saw Mary for massage therapy, but in November, Mary began speaking of having a “broken heart.” Anne was concerned that Mary could literally have a heart attack. Mary was not interested in flower essence therapy at that point, however.

Several months passed, and Mary became concerned about diabetes (her mother had suffered with the disease). She had deep concerns about her health. By March, Mary told Anne that she was interested in using flower essences, and said she was “amazingly” stressed. Anne gave her Five-Flower Formula and she went deeply into relaxation, which surprised her.

The next month, Mary began having regular weekly sessions. Anne was using Arnica Alleve oil during Mary’s massages, and as a result her heart chakra and major energy points began to open. During this time Mary’s husband was destroying himself with alcohol, and she felt she was at the breaking point.

Mugwort Artemisia douglasiana

During their session in May, Mary’s entire body shuddered—similar to having a sexual orgasm—and she was finally able to accept healing energy into her body. Anne described her last session with Mary as “amazing” and “miraculous.” Anne used Mugwort Moon Magic oil during massage, and Mary experienced a deep release in the left breast area that she described as “Goddess longing.” Anne herself felt Mary experiencing much grief, as well as guilt being released; these feelings were validated by Mary. Mary experienced the shuddering again during this session.

Anne felt it was like a miracle when, during this last session, Mary’s hands and feet were blazing hot. Anne attributes it to the Mugwort Moon Magic oil used during massage.

From Anguish to Blessed Transition

Anne describes her work with Carol, a hospice patient, as a “brief and awesome experience.”

Carol was extremely ill with metastatic breast cancer. She was in severe pain, and had fractures of the left leg that could not be treated. She was given intravenous morphine and kept immobilized, though immobilization is difficult for someone in so much pain. In addition to Lightbody Healing sessions, flower essences were introduced in early April. They were used both orally and from a misting bottle.

April 20
The flower essences used at this time were
Angelica, Angel’s Trumpet, Holly, Forget-Me-Not, Mariposa Lily, St. John’s Wort, and Yarrow Special Formula.

Holly Ilex aquifolium

Carol’s husband was “going through living hell” because of Carol’s illness, and he and two of their daughters were open to receiving support from Anne during the last week of Carol’s life. Anne wasn’t able to actually work on Carol physically during this time, but the family opened up to receiving massage therapy from Anne.

April 22-25
Anne used Metamorphosis with Carol to help release her from her body. Anne felt she was able to facilitate the grieving of the family during this time. After receiving massage from Anne, Carol’s husband was able to express his grief—he cried for the first time and spent time with Carol, telling her how much he loved her.

The same release occurred for one of their daughters. There had been no response from Carol for a time, but Carol opened her eyes after her daughter expressed her love for her.

Anne gave a massage to the second daughter, who then said her goodbyes to her mother; and shortly after, Carol died.

Anne Pera
is currently the Director of Health Services, Aegis of San Rafael and a healing arts practitioner in San Rafael, CA.


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