Can individuals with mental illnesses taking psychiatric or psychotropic medications also successfully use flower essences?

July 11, 2005

We are hearing more and more from practitioners who have worked with individuals quite successfully, even resulting in some of their clients being able to reduce or eliminate the need for medications. Of key importance in all cases, it seems, is the stability of the practitioner/client relationship as various issues come to light. It is extremely important that sufficient support, emotional and otherwise, also be provided from others such as health practitioners, counselors, family members, etc. This is particularly vital during any periods of crises experienced by the client.

Some resources for related information:

Practitioners in Cuba have had success treating individuals with depression; there’s an excellent article in Calix: International Journal of Flower Essence Therapy (available through Flower Essence Services, that features the work done there.

The following are links to information and articles related to this topic on the Flower Essence Society website:

There are practitioners currently listed on our Practitioner Referral Network who have had cases involving people taking medications while utilizing flower essence therapy: please search by Type of Practice and/or Specialty at

We hope these resources will be of help to you. If you begin to work with (or have been working with) clients utilizing medications in addition to the flower essence therapy you provide, we welcome your case studies at any time. A reporting form can be found at the following link:

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