International Bach Cromer Conference


We encourage you to consider attending this
once-in-a-lifetime event—

Cromer was central to Bach's journey of discovery when he searched for the Twelve Healers, the remedy plants which we all know and love. ...


We meet within the story of Dr Bach's life – with magnificent views of the town, the bracing sea breeze and all the fun of the English seaside. The Conference is a celebration of Dr Bach’s life – to review his legacy and discuss the future. ...

Julian Barnard comments about the Bach Cromer Conference:

In 1986, which was Dr Bach's 100th birthday, we organised a small party with Nickie Murray in Oxford. At the time, I had not long returned from Australia and had the idea of bringing people together from all around the world to celebrate. But it was not possible. Twenty years on the impulse is still the same but now I am sure that together we can make this happen. The idea is to share our common inspiration which we draw from Dr Bach and his work.

Bach flower remedies have become a worldwide phenomenon and it will be exciting to hear about the many varied and inventive applications which people have developed. Dr Bach was a Brit but his wisdom and discoveries are international and belong to us all. 

Also, in a time of international strife and difficulty, the flower essence community could take a lead in demonstrating peace and harmony. We can reaffirm what we share and create a new vision for the future of Dr Bach's work, not turning our back on the past but looking to a new century when his ideas will become increasingly important.

Photo of pier by Michael Caine

An international conference for Bach has to be in England! It is such a beautiful land and the flowers and countryside are the very source of inspiration for Dr Bach. It will take place in Cromer because it was one of his favourite places. He visited many times in the early 1930s.

Clematis (above) by Rachel Carter; Cerato (right) by Julian Barnard

We can go to the sites where he discovered several of the early remedies: Clematis grows on the cliffs and it was near Cromer, in Overstrand, that he found Cerato. It is a beautiful seaside town where Dr Bach studied ordinary people happy on holiday, after his long years working with sick people in hospital. Cromer was central to Bach's journey of discovery when he searched for the Twelve Healers, the remedy plants which we all know and love. It is a romantic place which has changed little in the last 70 years.

View of the south bay (left) and north bay (right) from Cromer Pier
Photos by Vivien Williamson from the website

And, we have managed to book the theatre at the end of Cromer pier for the weekend and so we will be in the heart of the town and in the heart of the story. Some may recall the account of the lifeboat rescue when the rescue combination was first used—that was in Cromer and we can visit the lifeboat museum and even see the new lifeboat launched. A slide show featuring Cromer is available as part of the timeline-chronology of the milestones of Dr Bach’s life and work on the website.

The walkway leading to the theatre at the end of Cromer pier
Photo by Vivien Williamson

This is more than just another conference. This is a never-to-be-repeated opportunity to hear from, to see and to meet people who have been most influential in the development of Dr Bach's work in the past 25 years. Of course, the early pioneers like Nora Weeks and Victor Bullen are gone (Victor came from Cromer, incidentally). But those who have written, taught, practised and worked with Bach essences will all be there. The speaker list is really exceptional and brings people together from the four corners both physically, but also in terms of viewpoint and experience. This can become a real meeting place for those who want to join the formation of a new impulse for this work, bringing healing, being part of an experience. The time is right. It will be a great weekend!

The Conference is being organised by Bach Essence Producers. We are a small group who wish to put ideals of cooperation and community above personal interests. We feel that wonderful and new things can be achieved by working together and want to invite everyone who can contribute and feel valued by joining in. This is not a commercial venture and no one will be selling products. It will be a time for deeply considered tributes to Dr Bach from teachers throughout the world. It will be an opportunity to express our joy and heartfelt thanks for what we are all engaged in, together.

And there will be a birthday cake.

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Read "Re-tracing Dr. Bach's Footsteps: My Visit to Wales" by Flower Essence Practitioner Maki Shimamura.


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