Workshop with Julian Barnard & Marko Pogacnik


Nature Forces

Visionary Ideas and Practical Applications for
Healing the Earth—Healing Ourselves

a workshop with Julian Barnard & Marko Pogacnik

Memorial Day weekend
May 28-30,2004
The Berkshires
Great Barrington, MA

“It is only because we have forsaken Nature’s way for man’s way that we have suffered, and we have only to return to be released from our trials. In the presence of the way of Nature disease has no power; all fear, all depression, all hopelessness can be set aside. There is no disease of itself which is incurable.”
— Edward Bach
“ Since February 1998 the Earth has accelerated her cycles of change. We people of the Earth and universe are also urged to accelerate our own processes of change. The purpose of my work is to help along both avenues of change. I try to provide useful insights into the cycles of change, and create possibilities for fellow human beings to become creative interactors with the flow of Earth changes.”
— Marko Pogacnik

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The earth is changing. So are we. Toxicity and pollution, loss of countless plant and animal species, water shortages, and ecological and natural disasters permeate the earth. Stress and depression are everywhere, new diseases and viruses threaten us, and across the globe there is enormous suffering from poverty, starvation, and war. All these call out for the need for transformation. One answer is in attending to the intelligence and wisdom of nature. The earth is a living, spiritual being, with a body, soul, and spirit—just as we are. By returning to nature with a new consciousness and finding new ways of communicating with the healthy living forces and beings in nature, we can begin the gradual ascent to a new earth, a new nature, a new humanity. But to do this, we must learn to think, see, and feel in a new way.

• Learn how to read the gesture of an individual plant
• Exercises in perception
• Learn how to work with nature forces and beings
• Learn how the flower essences are prepared and how they work on the human being
• Learn to become sensitive to the intimate relationship between the human and nature realms

Star of Bethlehem—
for bringing soothing, healing qualities, a sense of inner divinity


7.30 p.m. Introductory talks by Marko Pogacnik and Julian
Barnard, setting out the work for the weekend.

9.00 a.m. Julian Barnard “Bach Flower Remedies, Form
and Function” talk/demonstration and walk
12.30 p.m. Break for lunch
2.30 p.m. Marko Pogacnik “Working with the Spirits of the
Earth” talk/walk
5.30 p.m. Break for dinner
7.30 p.m. Open conversation with Julian and Marko

9.00 a.m. Nature walk with Marko Pogacnik and Julian Barnard
10.30 a.m. Break for snack
11.00 a.m. Closing panel
12.30 p.m. Blessing of the Earth: Close


The cost for the conference is $200. If paid in full by April 30, the cost is $175.

Please note that lunch and dinner are not included in your registration fee. Vegetarian meals will be available for purchase at the conference. Food will be organic and locally grown whenever possible.


Berkshire South Community Center, located at the end of Crissey Road, off Route 7, in Great Barrington, MA. For directions, call 413-528-2810 or go to

Great Barrington is in Western Massachusetts, equidistant from two airports, Bradley Airport in Hartford, CT and Albany Airport in Albany, NY. Also, there are buses from both Boston and NYC that come into Great Barrington.


Book a room as early as possible. For a complete listing, please contact the Chamber of Commerce at 413-528-1510 or 800-269-4825 or the Berkshire Lodging Association at 413-298-4760

Holiday Inn Express 1-800-HOLIDAY, 413-528-1810
Mountain View Motel 413-528-0250
Wagon Wheel Motel 413-445-4532
Monument Mountain Motel 413-528-0250
Red Lion Inn 413-298-5545

Camping: Beartown State Forest call 413-528-2000.



Contact Information:

For more details or assistance, email Beth Robbins at SteinerBooks or call 413-528-8233 ext. 203

View the conference brochure in PDF format.

Recently published books by Marko and Julian, as well as a large selection of related books, will be available for purchase at the conference. For those who want to read ahead, books are available from SteinerBooks at or 1-800-856-8664.


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