From the Flower Essence Repertory
by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz


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Angelica | Calendula | Deerbrush
Forget-Me-Not | Sagebrush | Star Tulip


Positive Qualities: Feeling protection and guidance from spiritual beings, especially at threshold experiences such as birth and death
Patterns of Imbalance: Feeling cut off, bereft of spiritual guidance and protection

Definition: The modern human soul suffers in a way which is unique and tragic, for it must face profound spiritual isolation and separation through living in a materialistically dense and technologically abstract world culture. The Angelica flower essence addresses the soul's experience of compression and restriction by quickening the thinking and perception processes. The soul becomes more able to perceive and discriminate its connection to the subtle sheaths surrounding the physical world. Angelica especially encourages the individual to develop a relationship with the spiritual world, transforming an overly abstract or intellectual viewpoint into a genuine feeling for spiritual presence and spiritual beings. This awareness is particularly enhanced for that group of spiritual beings who immediately border the human kingdom: the angels. Through a living relationship with the angelic realm, the human soul receives guardianship and guidance in daily affairs, and protection at times of crisis or during threshold experiences. This feeling of being protected and cared for is of enormous importance to the inner life, giving the soul great strength and courage for its work in transforming and healing the world. Angelica is broadly indicated for many flower essence formulas and is particularly important at threshold times such as birth, death, festival celebrations, or other major life passages.


Positive Qualities: Healing warmth and receptivity, especially in the use of the spoken word and in dialogue with others
Patterns of Imbalance:Using cutting or sharp words; argumentative, lack of receptivity in communication with others

Definition: The Calendula flower imparts a warm, golden light of healing for those souls who must learn to use “the Word” as a truly creative spiritual force. The Word (or Logos) is the source of all creation, ever renewing itself through the womb of Nature. Thus Calendula is also known as “Mary's Gold;” for the golden sun-radiance of the Word must be birthed through the receptive feminine matrix. In every human communication there is always this masculine and feminine polarity, of that which is spoken and that which is heard, or received. Calendula flower essence helps those whose innate creative potential to use the spoken word often deteriorates into argument and misunderstanding. It is especially indicated for personal relationship work, and for all healing and teaching work when the art of communication must be intensively developed as a soul force. Calendula gives great forces of warmth and benign compassion to the human soul, especially helping to balance the active and receptive modes of communication.


Positive Qualities: Gentle purity, clarity of purpose; sincerity of motive
Patterns of Imbalance: Mixed or conflicting motives; subconscious feelings which propel outer actions

Definition: It is essential that the soul acquire inner truthfulness, acting with clear intention and nobility of purpose. Deception and illusion are great stumbling blocks along the path of soul initiation. Self-observation demands constant inner scrutiny by the personality, in order to align inner motive with outer deed. As much as we may be wary of others who deceive us, it is far more often that we deceive ourselves by lack of honesty in our relationships with others and in the countless affairs of daily life. Deerbrush helps the soul to attain purity; not the purity which is associated with a set of moral dictates, but consonance of mind and heart with motive and deed. As the soul grows in its ability to realize inner virtue, the outer actions become more resonant with the inner being. Such persons radiate truth and harmony, and heal others by their very presence.


Positive Qualities: Awareness of karmic connections in one's personal relationships and with those in the spiritual world; deep mindfulness of subtle realms; soul-based relationships
Patterns of Imbalance: Loneliness, isolation; lack of awareness of spiritual connection with others

Definition: If we are to heal the wounds imposed on human culture by its overly materialistic viewpoint, it is necessary to lift our consciousness of the human family to include those souls who live outside the earthly dimension. Our hearts can naturally feel grief and concern for a living child who is abandoned and lacks the loving care and attention of a family; however, our materialistic bias makes us totally oblivious to the needs of souls who have departed from the physical realm. This blindness prevents us from providing sustenance and support to such souls, and also from receiving guidance and counsel from them for our earthly affairs. Yet establishing healthy contact with souls beyond the physical dimension is not easy. Many attempt unlawful contact through lower astral currents using drugs, sexuality, mediumism, or dangerous occult techniques. Rather than using these methods, we must be able to make contact with such souls in a heartfelt, conscious manner. The path of soul communion beyond the earthly threshold is a path of love—it depends on our ability to believe in the continued existence of the soul who has departed from physical form; remaining faithful to, and continuing to nurture the bonds of love which began on Earth. Forget-Me-Not helps awaken the soul to this higher level of heart exchange. It is an important essence to consider following the initial stage of grief after the death of a loved one, and can be very helpful for those who have never fully resolved their feelings of isolation and abandonment following the loss of an important family member or friend during childhood. Forget-Me-Not can also be used by expectant parents who wish to establish a conscious link with the soul seeking to be incarnated through them, or it can be beneficial when one wishes to understand the deeper, karmic soul connection which inspires or challenges any current relationship. In all these instances, Forget-Me-Not guides us toward greater love for the human family, and greater awareness of the incredible depth, beauty, and possibility of soul-based relationships.


Positive Qualities: Essential or “empty” consciousness, deep awareness of the inner Self, capable of transformation and change
Patterns of Imbalance: Over-identification with the illusory parts of oneself; purifying and cleansing the Self to release dysfunctional aspects of one’s personality or surroundings

Definition: If the soul is not prepared to go through the psychological experience of “the abyss,” or emptiness, it robs itself of the essential precondition for rebirth, or transformation. Especially in our modern culture which emphasizes materialism and ego-inflation, it is difficult for the personality to voluntarily practice emptiness and detachment. Many people cling too tightly to exterior props of existence through over-identification with possessions, lifestyle or social recognition, and thereby deny themselves the opportunity for true soul evolution. Often, the Higher Self intervenes by setting up a condition to cleanse the false persona through illness or misfortune. Sagebrush helps one to come in touch with the naked, essential Self, for it is here that truly free and spacious spiritual forces reign. As the soul recognizes what is absolutely essential to its identity and releases what no longer serves its evolution, it moves forward in its destiny with far greater forces of discrimination and inner freedom.

Star Tulip

Positive Qualities: Sensitive and receptive attunement; serene, inner listening to others and to higher worlds, especially in dreams and meditation
Patterns of Imbalance: Feelings of being hardened or cut-off, inability to feel quiet inner presence or attunement, unable to meditate or pray

Definition: Star Tulip is an exquisite remedy for gently opening and expanding the life of the soul. It can be characterized as a “listening” remedy, helping the soul to become more aware of subtle influences, or of guidance from higher realms. This remedy is very beneficial for those who feel unable to contact their Higher Self, or who feel they cannot meditate or pray effectively. Star Tulip has a strong relationship to the “anima,” or inner feminine. It is an excellent remedy for men who have denied their softer, more receptive side, or for women who may have built a shell of protection around themselves. Star Tulip opens and sensitizes the soul, making it more aware of its connection to higher worlds. It enhances dreaming, prayer, meditation, and all intuitive capacities. It is an important essence for the beginning stages of the therapeutic process, helping to open and “soften” the emotional life, enabling the individual to recognize and retrieve important information about the inner healing process. At its deepest expression, Star Tulip builds a chalice-like vessel in the human soul, creating the capacity to receive and contain higher thought and inspiration.

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Charlotte Hough—Artist/Writer

Calendula – Golden Mother
Deerbrush – White fire

Forget-Me-Not Remembrance
The Field
Star Tulip – The Star



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