Helping an Adopted Child


Helping an Adopted Child

I also want to note a much briefer, more incomplete case that is noteworthy in tracking a certain quality of Joshua Tree. The single essence was used for Andressa, a 10-year old Brazilian girl who was adopted along with her 6-year old sister by an Italian couple. Andressa was a shy, timid and quiet girl with a beautiful smile as well as bright eyes. But beyond appearances was an inexpressible fear.

Her adopted mother reported clear changes in the young girl, after taking Joshua Tree. From the time of her adoption, Andressa did not talk easily either about her past in Brazil or her family. Now Andressa began to tell about her family, including the violence of her father and her mother, who had many male friends. As these feelings and memories become more conscious, her initial aggressiveness towards her adopted father disappeared.

When one of the nuns associated with the Brazilian orphanage came to Italy, Andressa wanted to investigate more details about her family and she wanted to know how many brothers and sisters she had.

After a further time using Joshua Tree, Andressa began to show feelings of anger and rebellion that concerned her parents. I needed to explain to Andressa's adopted mother that it was necessary and healthy for Andressa to express those feelings. We discontinued Joshua Tree to work on the presenting issues, but eventually we will need to return to Joshua Tree. Andressa's previous family ties will have to be healed to set her free and enable her to express herself completely. Otherwise she will remain a prisoner of her anger and fear for the rest of her life.

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Helping an Adopted Child

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