Recovery from Depression and Panic Attack


Recovery from Depression and Panic Attack

Melissa is currently 26 years old. She initially consulted me for severe depression coupled with panic attacks. For two years prior to seeing me, her symptoms were so acute that she was forced to leave school and seclude herself at home. She avoided contact with other people, even relatives. She could not even answer the telephone and preferred only the dark, shuttered rooms of her house. She had no feeling or visual perception for colour.

I used Joshua Tree at a later stage in Melissa's therapy, in combination with Mountain Pride (photo at left) flower essence, to facilitate a deeper level of Melissa's core identity. At this time there were still some vulnerability issues and fears of social contact with others. She was especially concerned about the opinion that other people had about her. While using Joshua Tree and Mountain Pride, Melissa gained a different point of view. She was not interested in somebody else's opinion any more. She reported that she felt a sense of being "centered" with a different source of strength. She was entirely conscious of this soul force, as though a new person within her was now acting. She described "steering her own boat in the sea of life." She also reported that barriers towards others were still present but not as in the past.

When Melissa started therapy, it was very hard for her to talk with me for two hours. I still remember her suffering while conversing with me. She gave straight and short answers to my questions. She can now express herself in a very different way. She makes detailed, colorful reports about her life. She shows a high degree of emotional articulation, with a capacity to make an in-depth analysis of her situation.

Melissa is no longer the fragile, uncertain young girl I used to know. She has a strong identification with her Self, rather than with external forces. While talking about Joshua Tree, Melissa reported that once she was as variable as the wind and let things carry her away. Now Joshua Tree was her anchor to the Earth and the means by which she could feel her grounding. She was now able to enjoy the daily events of her life and could see her future more clearly. This new being shines through Melissa's face and relaxed posture. Her voice conveys tranquillity and communicates an inner feeling of certainty.

Recovery from Depression and Panic Attack 
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