Healing Emotional Isolation


Healing Emotional Isolation
through Birthing the Spiritual Self

Adriano was 39 years old when we began our work together. He faced a painful time of loneliness. His wife decided to separate from him after 13 years of marriage. Adriano’s tendency as amartial art practitioner was to eliminate or mask any kind of emotion. He reported that he was unable to have an inner dialogue, or perceive himself in-depth. His great desire was to find his right goals in life and to express himself authentically.

It was not easy to assess all the details of Adriano’s situation in the beginning. He was a man of few words despite his smiles and relaxed attitude. A series of four different formulas were given to help Adriano address his emotional situation. For example, Agrimony (photo at right) was a key remedy in the beginning stages to help him remove the emotional mask and to learn to talk openly about his feelings.

Over a five-month interval there were many transformations. His relationships with others began to change, including a more active social life and meeting other women. He developed an expanded artistic life and an awakened sense of spiritual direction. As these changes manifested, Joshua Tree was then selected as a single remedy to integrate Adriano's human and spiritual identity as a comprehensive entity.

Upon using the Joshua Tree, Adriano described feelings that were utterly new, even having a quality of "strangeness." He was able to enter into a different perception of himself and feel who he really is. He discovered a dawning soul consciousness that brought "joy and smiling," even when it could not be understood rationally.

Adriano has changed a great deal since the beginning of therapy. He is now a more lively person who enjoys conversation. He goes dancing on Saturdays and has regular friends that he sees often.

Since he started Joshua Tree, Adriano operates from a higher level of himself, reporting that he has no fears because he can see through them. He feels a deep communication with the spiritual world that was not previously accessible to him. Joshua Tree has fostered a completely new way of helping Adriano to understand and observe himself. He was not conscious of the Soul/Self level at the beginning of the work because he could not perceive it. During his therapy, Adriano contacted his spiritual self and brought it into dialogue with the rest of his life expression. These aspects are now more perfectly gathered in one, centered Self within Adriano.

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Healing Emotional Isolation through Birthing the Spiritual Self
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