"As if a Tree Was Taking Root, Clearing the Ground"


"As if a Tree Were Taking Root,
Clearing the Ground"

The fourth case example is also an excerpt. It comes from Frida, a 26 year old woman who has been a flower essence client for issues involving profound sensitivity. After using Joshua Tree flower essence for 6 months, she wrote the following report:

In the beginning, old unsolved issues arrived with intensity, as though I was returning to my initial condition. I had sudden anger outbursts, the feeling that I was in the wrong place and intolerance towards people near me. I realized that I did not like the psychological and emotional situation I was living in any more.

I felt inside my body a slowly growing sensation, as if a tree were taking root, clearing the ground and removing the pebbles to reach a favourable condition of growth. My strong ties with childhood events that had influenced my growth, crumbled little by little, until they were no longer a burden. I felt I was a single individual and not just the synthesis of my existential issues. I became aware of being self-centered and not merely a bystander. As for my personal relationships, I have noted that I have started to relate to others with a fresh beginning and to break old social schemes.

For several months while using the Joshua Tree, I had sensations of uneasiness. I associated these with the beginning of a crisis that results in renewal. For example, when a volcano begins to smoke, the first landslides can be perceived. Then the lava comes out and there is a renewal.

As for the body, I have noted improvement in the muscular tone, I am less tired and I feel stronger, as if I were a tree. I have managed to give a meaning to the fears within me. I am now ready to receive them with the total mental clarity. My position towards others is no longer submissive. I feel separate from those who have a different energy from my own. Instead, I am concentrating my attention on my expectations and needs. I feel a strong need to depart from my family unit for creating something new, leaving all influences and conditioning behind.

Another "positive" issue I have noted is the ability to perceive what I do not like about me. As well, I have realized some aspects of my personality that I previously believed I would not be able to manifest. Spiritually, I have noted a deeper awareness of my individuality, yet it includes being a part of Creation and living within its unity. I am just one piece of this beautiful PUZZLE—and this belief comes from my depth.

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"As if a Tree Was Taking Root, Clearing the Ground"
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