1923 — 1997

Nickie Murray was deeply dedicated to the Bach Centre in Mount Vernon, Wallingford, England, for a quarter of a century, from 1962 to 1997. It was within this Centre, that the legacy of Dr. Edward Bach’s work was developed and passed on to future generations around the world. After Dr. Bach’s death in 1936, his colleague Nora Weeks administrated the Centre and personally prepared the flower essences.

Nora Weeks chose Nickie Murray, who was already working as a spiritual healer through the Melbourne Spiritual Society, to join her in 1962. Nickie was trained by Nora in the work of preparing the flower essences. She also provided Bach flower counseling to people around the world. Later, she was joined by her brother, John Ramsell to help with the administration of the Bach Centre. After Nora’s death in 1978, Nickie Murray and John Ramsell managed the Bach Centre.

In 1987, Nickie Murray resigned from the Bach Centre, due to a change in direction and values. Subsequently, the Bach essences were sold to A. Nelson & Company, an international business that manufactures and sells homeopathic and aromatherapy products. She continued her spiritual work by founding The Dr. Edward Bach Memorial Trust (bachtrust@aol.com) and she also served the Self-Realization Fellowship of Parmahansa Yoganada in Santa Monica, California. Nickie was the mother of four children, and along with Malcolm Murray, her husband of 53 years, was strongly devoted to family life. Nickie was born on February 5, 1923 in Neath, South Wales, England. She died peacefully in her sleep on January 1, 1997, in Santa Monica, California.

Nickie Murray’s close colleague and friend, Julian Barnard wrote the following memorial thoughts about her: “Any visitor to the Bach Centre would be welcomed by Nickie with a true consideration and the feeling that there was always time and opportunity for what was needed. She was extremely generous, always thought the best of people, and shared wisdom and knowledge with complete freedom…. Not interested in power, in material success, in dominance or control, Nickie was in the world, but not of it.”

Nickie Murray’s approach to flower essence healing emphasizes practical advice for daily living and personal warmth. Her common-sense style is best exemplified in tapes available from FES: The Flower Remedies of Dr. Bach (two-cassette set), The Art of Prescribing, and Flower Remedies for the Family.


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