The following practitioner interviews, case studies and clinical reports are a sampling of the many flower essence practitioners who report their clinical experiences to the Flower Essence Society. We invite other practitioners to contact us to arrange for an interview or article, so that we may deepen our knowledge and understanding of flower essence therapy.

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For further information on flower essence research, including botanical studies and in-depth case histories, please see our research page.

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Interviews and Profiles
Well-Being for Warriors: Using Flower Essences with Veterans for Deep Healing
Weaving Vibrational Energy Modalities with the TerrAnoint Blends
Flower Essences for Competitive Show Dogs
Flower Essences Foster Ultimate Thriving for Animals in Conjunction with Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine
  Utilizing Black-Eyed Susan & Other Flower Essences for Illuminating Shadow Aspects of the Self
Victoria Nickels: Community-Based Traditional Midwife Utilizing Flower Essences
Supporting Childbearing Women and their Babies
Complementary Modalities—Flower Essence Therapy and Acupuncture
Integrating Flower Essence Therapy and Homeopathy: Working at the Core Level of Wellness
Flower Essences; They Are All About Relationship
An e-book by Jane Ellen
Clinical Uses of the FloraFusions, Self-Heal Crème and Self-Heal Flower Essence
  Utilizing Flower Essences for the Well-Being of Horses

Integrating Flower Essence Therapy with Chinese Medicine; An Interview with Dr. David Miller, M.D., L.Ac.

Recovery from Addictions: Key Flower Essences
Helping Children Cope with Neurological Impairments an interview with Aryanish Patel
Flower Essence Therapy for Animal Allergies & Leading Essences Used in the Holistic Veterinary Practice of Dr. Laura Cutullo
Julia Graves Introduces Her New Book The Language of Plants
Enlivening the Theater of the Soul; Dreams & Flower Essences
The Work of Mark Wells:
Leading Flower Essence Practitioner and Educator in Australia
Supporting the Healing Process with Flower Essences: the work of Dr. Leslie Batten
Addressing the Emotional Basis for Healing: the Naturopathic Practice of Dr. Lorena Shinsato
Pulse Testing: a body-based approach to selecting flower essences utilized by practitioner Debbie Engelmann
Grief: A core issue for this time; The work of Dr. Sherri Zysk
Healing the Emotional Life of Animals;
The Power of Animal Communication Combined with Flower Essences: Nedda Wittels
Flower Essence Therapy in the Context of Waldorf Kindergarten Education
Healing Touch for Animals® Combined with Flower Essence Therapy; Mary Sue Comstock
Combining Osteopathy and Flower Essence Therapy; Lucas Vergnettes
Practitioner Profile—Dr. Gregory Weisswasser
Combining Several Modalities for Deep Healing
Understanding Emotional Conflicts Aids in Flower Essence Therapy
Weaving Flower Essence Therapy with Energy Work
Practitioner Profile: Lorena Solinger
Flower Essences, Animal Communication and Their Effects on the Emotions and Behavior of Animals
Practitioner Profile: Raven Stevens
Flower Essence Therapy, Aromatherapy and Color Therapy: A Natural Synthesis
An interview with Begoña Siegrist

Transitioning Animal Care from Traditional Veterinary Practice to Holistic Therapies
Practitioner Profile: Dr. Arthur Young

Beyond Chiropractic: Signature Energy Work
Practitioner Profile: Dr. Cora Llera

Flower Essence Therapy: A Perfect Adjunct to Psychotherapy
Practitioner Profile: Dr. Laurie Pappas

Emotional Anatomy: A Holistic Healing Paradigm Incorporating Flower Essence Therapy
Practitioner Profile: Steven Horne
Expressive Arts Therapy: Painting the Blossom of the Soul
Practitioner Profile: Donna Basich, Ph.D.
Enhancing Reflexology with Flower Remedies
Practitioner Profile: Donal Mc Daniel
Animals in Our Hearts: Intuitive Communication and Compassionate Care
Practitioner Profile: Teresa Wagner
Spiritual Enlightenment: The Ultimate Gift of Flower Essences
Practitioner Profile: Dr. Aaron Anderson, D.C., N.D., F.A.S.A.
Two Powerful Allies: Integrating CranioSacral and
Flower Essence Therapy

An interview with Nancy Kern
The Pioneering Work
of Drs. Julian and Susan Lange
A Successful Combination:
Flower Essence Therapy and Homeopathy
Practitioner Profile: Kimberly Rockshaw
Helping Young Women Reclaim the True Self: Shannon Thompson of Shakti Rising
Practitioner Profile: Anne Pera—Building Bridges Between Flower Essence Therapy and Healing Landscapes
A New Dawn in Kodiak, Alaska: Rebecca Dawn's Healing Work with Flower Essences
Dr. Sally Dawson—
Listening with Heart and Soul
Perspectives from Julian Barnard
on the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach
Subtle Body Sensing:
The Impact of Flower Essences
in the Human Aura
by Trish Mooney
Interview with a Holistic Practitioner—
Gayle Eversole: Sharing a Lifetime of Learning
Developing Positive Sensitivity;
Empathy: an asset not a liability—
Based on a conversation with Dr. Kyra Mesich

Healing the Real Self: Dr. Mark Masi discusses the unique role of flower essences

Flower Essences and the Reiki Stream,
by Cheryl Stroup

Healing with Soul and Spirit:
An interview with Sister Mercedes Reygadas and Sister Bernadette Heslin

Working with Handicapped Students in India
an interview with Ms. Shalini Ramesh

Bodyworker reaps benefits when using flower essences topically
an interview with Paul Wyman, CMT

Transformational Healing, A Radio Interview with Dr. Rudolph Ballentine

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Case Studies & Clinical Reports

Honoring Sensitivity and Building Strength and Creativity

Finding One's Voice: Recovering Soul Identity

The Transgenerational Clearing Flower Essence Formula
Donatella Tordoni
Green Rose: The call of life to the joy of existence
Utilizing Black-Eyed Susan & Other Flower Essences for Illuminating Shadow Aspects of the Self

The Ice Woman Melting: Overcoming Sexual Abuse and Life Traumas

Marijuana Cessation – A Process of Inner Growth
From Pharmaceuticals to Flowers: Healing Deep Soul Trauma
Recovery from Addictions: Key Flower Essences
Working as a Childbirth Educator in Mexico; a report by Allison Bastien
Flower Essence Therapy and its Effects for Musicians
Using Sound Healing and Flower Essence Therapy to Treat Autism Spectrum Disorders
Coming to Terms with a Father's Suicide
From the Brink of Death: The Amazing Recovery of Gabriela Castillo Holley
Rosemary, Fuchsia and Other Key Flower Essences for Menopause
Pretty Face Flower Essence
Creating Harmonius Relationships with Quaking Grass Flower Essence
Combining Several Modalities for Deep Healing
Healing Family Bonds: A case showing soul levels of healing with Baby Blue Eyes
Report on the Relief Efforts with Flower Essence Therapy for the Sichuan Earthquake in China
“Peace for my mind” Using Filaree and Other Flower Essences in the Treatment of Obsessive-CompulsiveDisorder
Bach Flowers for Children
Providing Flower Essence Therapy to Disadvantaged Children in Brazil
Flower Essence Therapy Stimulates Emotional Relief  for People with HIV/AIDS
Honoring the Soul's Connection with the Earth: the 8th level of MetaFlora healing
A Journey with Flower Essences and Painting—
Working to transform the lives of young women with disabilities
Father Joseph Dillion: a missionary for the work of Dr. Bach
The Four Stages of Flower Essence Response:
A Transformational Approach to Healing
The Soul Connection to Cancer; How Flower Essence Therapy Can Help
Human Papiloma Virus and Body-Soul Healing—
Two Cases Illustrating the Role of Flower Essence Therapy
Flower Essences as Part of the Protocol in Healing Alcohol and Drug Addictions
The Use of Flower Essences in Hospice Care

The Power of Forgiveness in the Healing Process

The Healing Power of Stories in Flower Essence Therapy

Pablo—finding right connection to earthly life

Flower Essence Selection Process with Clients
by Jane Ellen
Flower Essences for the Healer—
an article by Marina Angeli
Resolving Physical Symptoms through Soul Awareness: alleviating the effects of hay fever—a case study by Yuko Oka

Flower Essences Unlock the Effects of Autism and Listening to the Body: the Soul Crying Out in Pain; case studies by Yoko Sato

The Transition of Consciousness from Physical Suffering to Soul Awareness; a case study by Miho Kawakami
From Panic Disorder to a Life Full of Love and Hope; a case study by Chieko Kobayashi
Resolving Childhood Asthma: Emma Finds New Balance with Flower Essences by Rebecca Rice-Wilson

The Role of Artwork in Flower Essence Therapy: "...artwork speaks of what is stirred in the soul"
a case study by Maki Shimamura

Quitting Tobacco
Without irritation and without gaining weight?

by Lydie Alves

Key Essences for
Treating Fear

A clinical report from Dr. Marina Angeli

Bringing Serenity and Peace Back to Mind and Body: Flower Essences for Insomnia by Dr. Marina Angeli

Cases from Dr. Marina Angeli of Athens, Greece and new case on Lotus Flower Essence

Treating Panic Attacks with Flower Essences by Dr. Marina Angeli

Flower essences help family with birth and death ordeal
an interview with Debbie Pawelek
Rebecca Wood's Healing Journey
with Flower Essences
Using Herbal Flower Oils for PMS
an interview with Elizabeth Benner

Flower Essences Help an Actress in her Battle with Chronic Depression
an interview with Eloïse Watt

Holistic Use of Flower Essences: The Case Study of Hanna
by Carol P. Arnold, LCSW

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