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Part Two
Specific Uses of Flower Essences and Case Studies


Relief from physical pain caused by grief

A woman who had been in a high speed car collision was treated by Sally with chiropractic adjustments several times. The pain from the accident wouldn't go away, even though the soft tissue had changed dramatically. In talking with her, the client happened to mention that a much-loved relative had died four years previously. Sally gave her Arnica, Five-Flower Formula, Echinacea, Rosemary, and Fringed Violet. She seemed to "incarnate" more fully; after taking the combination, the next morning she woke up feeling totally different, and the pain had vanished.

Star of Bethlehem

Hypersensitivity to pain

Sally has had success giving Star of Bethlehem, Zinnia, and Holly to people with shoulder and joint pain; the next time the clients see her after having taken the essences, their pain has gone or is eased. An interesting example to illustrate this is of a woman whom Sally has treated for 6 months. Her body has been hypersensitive to any physical treatment, she had a lot of accompanying disparate symptoms, including frequently feeling the sensation of "pins and needles" in her wrists and hands. She was adjusted for this and the sensation would ease temporarily. With time she mentioned having lost her 28-year old son a number of years ago, but when she spoke of it, it all sounded far too raw and present. Sally felt there could be a connection between the "rawness" of her body and the "rawness" of her emotions. So, she was put on Star of Bethlehem, Bleeding Heart, Yerba Santa, Borage and Stuart Desert Pea for deep soul sadness.


Over two weeks there was a marked improvement in her hands and body hypersensitivity, with virtually no pins and needles sensation. She also revealed on that visit that her son, her husband and grandfather were all killed in accidents, and her brother-in-law committed suicide as he struggled with manic depression. There is only so much a mind can process, and Sally has seen this before where the emotional pain spills over and manifests as intense physical pain. The flower essences are invaluable for easing what cannot be soothed with only speech or comfort. It is often much too deep, too profound for the person to process. As Sally expresses; "what hope the essences can offer these people! "

Trauma and the mind-body connection

Sally is becoming increasingly aware of the way trauma locks patients on many levels, and if this can be addressed, how this releases and transforms a person so they can move on. She is seeing a pattern with inappropriate behavior in children with trauma. Recently, a mother came into the clinic describing how her 14-year old son was of deep concern, and that a meeting had been held a couple of days previously with his teachers, social worker, psychologist and parents to try and find strategies to cope with his violent verbal and physical outbursts. The mother did not know why her son was so angry. Sally immediately asked if, he had had a traumatic medical intervention.

Case studies by Dr. Peter Levine have shown that medical intervention can be interpreted by the mind-body as an invasion or form of "rape", with intense anger and behavioral changes in the child occurring as a result. The mother excitedly said that he had nearly died when he was about 18-months old of encephalitis and was absolutely beside himself when the doctor was holding him down. Sally gave him a combination of Holly, Zinnia, Star of Bethlehem, Yarrow and Gorse, not sure if he would even take it. One week later, the mother returned and said that her son said "be sure to say thank you to Sally," and that he had had a much better week, feeling a lot calmer. Most importantly he felt more in control of himself and his anger. He was feeling so much better that of his own volition, he was taking his bottle of essences to school with him, and dosing himself.

Transmutation of trauma

Sally has found that trauma can lodge in the body for decades but still there is the potential for it to be transmuted. A male patient in his late 60s being treated for spinal care, seemed to overreact to any small sound or movement and would jump unconsciously. His mother was mentally ill, and as a child, he often would be balled up against a wall while his mother kicked and hit him. Sally gave him Evening Primrose, Baby Blue Eyes, Dogwood, Echinacea and California Wild Rose. Four days later he returned to the clinic, his twitching and over-reactiveness had stopped. Incredibly, he said he felt a sense of contentment for the first time ever.

Evening Primrose

Baby Blue Eyes



California Wild Rose

The case that really alerted Sally to the fact that the essences could erase trauma, was a 41-year old woman who has been coping with Alzheimer's disease in her mother for the past 10 years, visiting her frequently in a nearby rest home. Her spine needed attention, but also it was noticed that she had inflamed itchy skin and deep fatigue. As typical with deep fatigue she was moving her body minimally and conserving energy unconsciously in any way possible. Sally checked her spine but urged her to take some adrenal glandulars to ease her fatigue, some liver glandulars to ease and detox her skin/body, and liquid chlorophyll to assist her liver and revitalize her on a cellular level. The remedy she was given a week later was Mimulus, Chamomile, White Chestnut, St. John's Wort, and Yarrow. She started shaking for two days in her legs, then the shaking spread throughout her body for a further three days quite vigorously. Supposedly the way that animals release trauma or shock is by shaking. When Sally checked in with her medical intuitive friend, she saw flames coming off the body of the patient as the essences released deeply suppressed trauma; she felt the essences were shaking toxic residue from her system.

Coping with bipolar disorder

Sally treats clients who have Bipolar Disorder, noting that medications are lowered as a result of using flower essences. Sally has found that people seem to be easier to live with when flower essences are a part of their overall therapy.


A 70-year old man had refused for years to get help for his Bipolar Disorder and did not take medication. His wife was completely run down as a result of her experience with him and appealed to Sally for help. Though not recommended ethically—in this case it was felt it was necessary to intervene because of the extreme nature of the situation for the wife's compromised mental and physical health—flower essences were put in his drink. The wife says "it's like paradise now" compared to what it was like prior to administering the flower essences; he's lighter and much easier to live with.

"I frequently use what I call my ‘light remedy', which is; Yarrow (for the aura), Gorse, Queen Anne's Lace (to harmonize the highs and lows), St. John's Wort (for the light to come through), and Lady's Slipper (as a tonic for the nervous system)."

Read a more detailed case involving Bipolar Disorder.


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