Two Young Women Speak About Their Use of Flower Essences


Two young women speak
about their use of flower essences:

From Lara:

My experience of taking flower essences has been one of awakening. At first I didn't believe, or understand, how something like this could effect me. Now I feel like I have such a respect for the powers and strengths of each essence. I was awakened to both the flowers and places inside of myself. Using essences has enlightened me to a receptivity I didn't know I was capable of. The flowers bring with them a sweetness and lightness which tends to shift my energy field.

In a blend, each flower brings an individual strength. Every blend brought a new kind of opening that manifested in vivid dreams, strong emotions, physical changes, new levels of embodiment, and willingness in relationship. Each blend has been balanced in a way that discovers my inner balance. If one flower pushes me to painful remembering, another one opens me to love and receiving.

Working with Shannon and sharing in the essences has been an honor for me. It has supported and empowered my process in endless and sacred ways.

From Leah:

Ever since I have started taking flower essences, I have loved them. They have aided in discovering parts of myself that I thought I had lost, parts of myself that I didn’t know I had. And they have given me a greater connection to the plant world, grounding me to my life experience. They have let me explore myself and assisted in the exploration without their own agenda. They listened to me and I still pray to them for guidance even when I am not on them.

A pattern I noticed with myself during each round of essences was that a point of falling apart came when I was so immersed with emotions, memories, and thoughts that I forgot I was taking essences. That point was the center of the chaos, the center of the pain and turmoil preventing me from the life I want. At that point, a few days later, I was reminded of the essences and to be gentle. So then I took one step at a time in surrender and rediscovered my true self. This is also when I began to identify each essence within the blend and the different impacts it was having on me. Times were still difficult and painful, but I had a stronger sense of myself and a sense of release. It is like the essences compound together until the pressure cannot be sustained any longer and it bursts. The aftermath of that is the rebuilding and rediscovering of my true self. It is very powerful.

There are a few essences that I feel especially strong about:

Corn Lily – I felt full of life, empowered, grounded, and centered. There was a mothering feeling as well. I felt as if my life was radiating from the center of my body. I felt spiritually connected with the plant and myself.

Sunflower – I felt strong, masculine and feminine, and as though my voice came from my belly, not my chest. I felt confident with myself and didn’t really entertain the notion of abandonment.

Aspen – Something about Aspen felt freeing and light. It felt like letting go of old beliefs, letting go of old energies and entities stuck in my field. I think psychologically I associated this essence with how I felt around Aspens – at peace and free. Full of love and grace.

California Wild Rose – This essence embodies love and embrace. It is a strong and feminine essence. Just thinking about it brings a feeling of safety and laughter among women.


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