Using Yarrow Environmental Solution
For High Stress in Japan's Crowded Cities

by Mitose Komura

Association for
Flower Essence Education, Japan

Yarrow Environmental Solution (formerly known as Yarrow Special Formula) is now the most popular remedy in Japan. It has become one of the most important essences for Japanese people, and AFEE JAPAN has received many comments from its customers.

The population density of Japan is very high. For example, the population of Tokyo is more than ten million individuals. It means that people are constantly exposed to the stresses of human relationships and environmental pollution, especially in city life. Following below are some of the more significant comments we've received about the use of YES.

Pink Yarrow
Golden Yarrow
  • 'S' works on a computer every day; she easily gets tired sitting and working in front of a it. She reported that she feels less tired and can work longer at the computer after taking YES.

  • Another customer, a shop owner, uses YES on the pulse points of her wrists before working on a computer. She said this application seems to take effect immediately in her body.

  • 'T''s father is receiving radiation therapy for his cancer. He takes YES before and after the treatments. She reported that her father’s side effects have decreased and he has received good results from the therapy.

The above are typical comments we hear in regard to the effects of YES in relation to radiation and electromagnetic waves.

A friend of mine lives at the sea shore, and she carries a special combination with her when she comes to the Tokyo area. The formula is a combination of several drops of Red Clover, Mountain Pennyroyal, and Garlic, in a YES stock bottle. She says this formula provides strong protection while in an overcrowded area. It protects from the low-level frequencies emanating from other human energy fields and helps people to not separate from their core-selves even under severe stress. While this situation and phenomena exists most everywhere in the world, this is a very important issue in Japan.

Red Clover

Mt. Pennyroyal


Red Clover is another important remedy for Japanese people. Characteristic of Japanese culture is the value placed on group consciousness which is rooted in its historical customs. People sometimes find difficulty in maintaining their individuality or identity amongst group opinion, and easily succumb to group consciousness or emotions. When one person is mentally suffering or is in a state of panic, others easily feel it and feel stressed as a result as well. Red Clover is effective for these types of situations—many Japanese people may often need to use Red Clover.

"...people are constantly exposed
to the stresses of human relationships
and environmental pollution, especially in city life."

I have been observing the important relationship between Japanese people and YES. The combination of Echinacea, Arnica, and sea salt has deep meaning. Japan was attacked with the atomic bomb at the end of World War II, and the Japanese people received a tremendous shock as individuals and also from seeing the core-self of the nation destroyed. Although the event happened in our parents’ and grandparents’ generation, the impact has remained and continues to penetrate into the whole Japanese unconscious at a deep level. Our generation is affected from that trauma through the genetic factors of our parents. With the inclusion of Echinacea and Arnica, YES surely plays an important role for Japanese people. Yarrow and sea salt strengthen and restructure the web of the etheric body and the energy of the physical body. I think Japanese people are apt to have weak and delicate etheric bodies compared to Western people. Yarrow Environmental Solution is a very precious gift for Japanese people from California and Nature.

About Mitose Komura:

Mitose Komura, a flower essence therapy practitioner, has been a distributor of FES products in Japan since 1997. In 1998 she attended the FES Practitioner Intensive, the Japanese Practitioner Training in 2000 and received her Practitioner Certification in January of 2002. Mitose has twenty years experience with Noguchi Seitai, a Japanese style self-healing method involving a combination of hand healing, spinal adjustment and natural movement physical exercise. Mitose believes flower essence remedies help to awaken people’s souls for healing consciousness and develop their healing ability.

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