The Effect of Music on Subtle Energies


Music affects subtle energies, only called subtle because we don't know how to measure them. These energies allow you to achieve goals and dreams – or not. These energies allow the spark of life to live in you, inspire you, and give you joy, so you can become an adventurous explorer, curious and in awe of the wonders of the universe. When you're consciously in touch with life energy within yourself, you have control of the valve that connects you to Spirit, and whether or not you have accidentally turned it off or on.
— Al Harris

Al Harris is a musician who, after encountering the Bach flower remedies, realized the value of using them with music to foster health and well-being:

I read the works of Dr. Edward Bach to align myself with his healing intent. Then I found the frequencies of each of his remedies and played them to myself to tune into that intent. I experienced each of 38 negative emotions to find the right music to balance each one.

The process of composing

Writing the 38 Bach Flower Music pieces was both interesting and grueling. Over a period of a year, I experienced each emotion so I could find the particular music that would heal it…

An emotion would surface to show me which remedy to work on next.

I read Dr. Bach’s writings, to tap into his healing intent.

I found the frequency of the flower remedy I needed, using kinesiology.

I played the frequency to myself for a week, to tune into the remedy.

I wrote the music based on what the remedy “told” me.

The 38 pieces of music were written with the following flavors - blues, bluegrass, Brazilian, classical, country, East Indian, “forties,” Irish, Jamaican, Japanese, and jazz. As I "lived" with each remedy, it suggested a particular style.

The benefits of listening to the music

There are three main things you can do with Bach Flower Music:

Balance your emotions when you’re stressed or anxious.

Tap into your inner knowledge to create what you want.

Increase your prosperity.

About Al Harris

Having loved music from a young age, Al Harris “traded in” his law degree for a music career, and for 12 years wrote and arranged scores for radio, TV and film.
Sensing the healing power of music, he studied widely and deeply; and to better understand vibrations and frequencies, he studied alternative healing: herbology, sclerology, reflexology, acupressure, kinesiology, geotran, holodynamics, flower remedies, holographic repatterning and tai chi. Subsequently, he composed and recorded the music for the Bach flower remedies.



Visit Al's website to learn and hear more.

Free download of many examples of using the music to shift moods and emotions, similar to the actual flower essences.


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