I believe plants share themselves with us on many levels, and we tend to “use” them in seven main vibrational planes for healing interactions.

The first level is by their simple presence. Most people feel a deep release or relaxation entering a garden, for example, or smelling a rose. When someone is ill, or sad, or we wish to send a message of congratulations or affection, we often will bring them flowers. The levels that follow:

2) eating or drinking plants,

3) ingesting concentrates of plants or parts of plants, tinctures, capsules, etc.,

4) absorbing and rubbing plants in the skin, via massage oils, baths, steams,

5) we begin to move away and simultaneously move deeper in to the life force as it moves through the body via essential oils of aromatherapy.

6) moving the vital force of the plant beyond its material body entirely with the dilution and succussion of homeopathy and

level 7 is the fold-over back to the original “essence” of the plant: A flower, (life in its full beauty and expression) placed squarely in harmony with the elements: on the earth, in/on the water, in the air and under the sun—the flower essence.