Workshop for Animal Practitioners


Terra Flora, Nevada City , California
Thursday evening, May 21 - Sunday, May 24, 2009

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Flower essences are energy catalysts that alleviate stress and provide healing momentum. Animals improve when given flower essences; other modalities work better when integrated with them.

— Dr. Arthur Young, DVM

Workshop Overview
by Patricia Kaminski,
Executive Director, Flower Essence Society

Dr. Edward Bach, founder of flower essence therapy, stood nearly alone as a medical doctor in 1931, when he called for a moral foundation in scientific research that did not inflict suffering on animals in order to achieve its goals. (Heal Thyself, 1931). However, even Dr. Bach himself did not likely anticipate how impressive flower essence therapy would be for animal healing as well as human healing. During the last thirty years, the Flower Essence Society has compiled compelling case research from around the world involving the role of flower essences in restoring physical and soul wellness for a vast diversity of animals and their human companions.

Not only are flower essences impressive agents of change for animal well-being, they are based upon an entirely different paradigm than the one that drives so much of modern medical science and research. Rather than introducing suffering in animals in order to gain medical knowledge, flower essence therapy demands that we perceive and understand animals as sentient beings with their own inherent dignity and soul identity. It is a model of healing in which animals are not “things” to be manipulated; rather they are living beings we are challenged to understand and respect. It is only upon such an ethical foundation that flower essences can be chosen and used successfully for animal healing.

Patricia Kaminski teaching about Chamomile in the Terra Flora gardens
photo by Patricia Gebara

Animal practitioners who use flower essences are in a unique position as healers and educators; we are offering a completely different paradigm for the animal-human relationship. It involves a new standard of healing, premised upon encounter and communication with the body and soul identity of the animal. Flower essence animal therapy is contributing to a shift within our entire world culture, inculcating a new model of moral responsibility, compassionate insight, and co-creative living with animals.

Please join us for a class devoted to the amazing role of flower essences for nurturing animals and ourselves as caretakers.

This seminar is designed to feature research and clinical perspectives as well as hands-on direct experience. Four guest presenters will share their passionate work in animal communication and healing, including the use of flower essences. We will do on-site work with animals in need of healing and learn how to apply and use flower essences. Participants are also invited to bring case work from their own practice or home life—we will address these cases as time permits. This seminar will be facilitated by Patricia Kaminski, Executive Director of the Flower Essence Society. She will present a comprehensive overview of the Society’s research involving animals and flower essence therapy from around the world. She will also introduce us to the beautiful Terra Flora Gardens, a woodland sanctuary for flowers, four-leggeds and two-wingeds, both wild and domestic.

If you talk to the animals
they will talk with you
and you will know each other.
If you do not talk to them,
you will not know them,
and what you do not know
you will fear.
What one fears one destroys.

— Chief Dan George

Class highlights

• Overview of leading flower essences for animal and human caretaker healing
• Selection methods – how to make good flower essence choices and assess effectiveness
• Methods of application and specialized techniques for  administration of flower essences
• Animal Communication: Listening, Learning and Loving
• Healing the Healer: special considerations and challenges for animal caretakers
• Observation and direct experience with animals in need of healing
• Case studies and questions: submissions from class participants
• Walks in Terra Flora Gardens to attune to flowers and animal life
• Special topics: Animal Rescue in Natural Disasters, Working with Wildlife, Adoption, Birthing and Dying

Guest presenters

Kathy Edstrom

Kathy Edstrom has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communi­cation from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her areas of study included Intra­personal, Interpersonal, and Organizational Communication. She received her certification as a Laboratory Animal Technician from the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science in 1992 and her certification as a Flower Essence Practitioner from the Flower Essence Society in 2000. In 2001, Kathy received her training and certification in Healing Touch through the Colorado Center for Healing Touch, Inc., and Healing Touch International, Inc. Kathy also became a certified Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner in 2007 through the Komitor Healing Method, Inc./Healing Touch for Animals Program. Kathy enjoys dog training, both pet-style obedience and agility, and is particularly interested in canine behavior problem solving. She owned and operated Paws-A-Tive Choice, a 9,000 square foot learning and wellness center in Union Grove, WI prior to recently moving to Dripping Springs, TX where Kathy will continue her work as an animal behavior consultant and offer her services and expertise in flower essences and Healing Touch for Animals.

Dr. Share Siwek

Share Siwek’s love of flora and fauna led her to an undergraduate degree in agriculture and then to the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine. After a successful 16 year run as owner/operator of a busy animal emergency clinic, Share was able to devote her full attention to the holistic/integrative practice she started eight years ago. At Kindred Spirits Healing Arts in Skokie, Illinois, she is able to share her respect and admiration for the many gifts of the plant kingdom with her patients and clients.

Dr. Siwek uses plant medicine in many forms including flower essences, herbs and essential oils. Her practice also incorporates acupuncture, bodywork such as massage and chiropractic, Reiki and other energetic healing modalities. She also teaches classes in these various forms of healing for animals and people through the Mystical Sciences Institute in Evanston, Illinois, and has trained with the Flower Essence Society.

Raven Stevens

Raven lives in Mt. Shasta, California where she is blessed to be able to do her life's work as an Animal Communicator and Animal Wellness Educator. Her primary focus is listening carefully to what our animals have to say to us and the connection between animals and their humans. Her work supports the health and well-being of all creatures large and small, and utilizes a range of modalities such as telepathic communication, medically intuitive scans, flower essences, Reiki, Medical Qi-Gong and Wellness Education.

Raven has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Performance (anatomy, physiology and kinesiology). She was a Strength and Conditioning Specialist and operated the first Personal Training Certification program in the United States. Her experience in the veterinary field includes kennel care, veterinary ward nurse and ward supervisor. She opened an alternative veterinary care practice with Dr. Darren Hawks, DVM, in 1998 where she began professionally practicing animal communication and became familiar with flower essences. She became a Flower Essence Practitioner in 2002, after training with the Flower Essence

Her passions include her partner, animals, nature, Native American studies, beekeeping, and living a conscious and vital life.


Teresa Wagner

Teresa is an author, animal communicator and workshop leader specializing in support services for people who love, serve and grieve animals. Based in Carmel, California, she brings unique qualifications to her work with animal and loss issues: a lifelong love of animals and inevitable experiences of losing them; training, counseling and research in the grief recovery field; and graduate and postgraduate education in counseling.

Her traditional education includes a Master’s Degree in counseling from Villanova University, studies at the Grief Recovery Institute in Los Angeles, and postgraduate work in counseling and organizational development at Columbia University, Wharton, and with Carl Rogers at the University of Nottingham, England. She has also completed the Clinical Training Program in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at the National Center for PTSD, Dept. of Veterans Affairs. Her healing arts education includes animal communication with Jeri Ryan, flower essence training with the Flower Essence Society and Perelandra, energy healing training in Reiki, Tellington-Touch and Therapeutic Touch and psychic studies with Evelyn Isadore.

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