Are there any particular considerations for storing flower essences?


The potency and efficacy of FES flower essences at the stock level are easy to maintain, when they are stored and used properly. To insure their longevity, please consider the following guidelines:

*Store essences out of direct sunlight, in a moderate or cool environment.

*DO NOT store flower essences in close proximity to essential oils, incense or other products with strong aromas. Essential oils and other such products have extremely potent vapors that can gradually penetrate through the dropper tops of the bottles hence causing a “scented” taste and compromising the quality of the essences. [Please note that flower essences can also be beneficially combined with essential oils. However, the flower essences then become united with these other substances and no longer have distinct vibrational patterns.]

However, keep in mind that flower essences can certainly be combined with essential oils for specific formulations, but such a formula then has unique properties of its own, rather than the distinct vibrational pattern of one particular flower essence.

*When ingesting flower essences, do not touch the dropper to your mouth and do not place the dropper on an unclean surface. If in doubt, rinse the dropper in water before replacing it on the bottle.

*When dispensing from stock bottles of essences, have all the components for your formulation well-organized before you open the bottle, so that that actual time you have the stock bottle open is kept to a minimum.

If your long-term storage area for the essences tends to be on the warm side (70 degrees or more for prolonged periods of time) it is advisable to store your flower essences upright.  In warmer conditions, the alcohol may interact with the rubber dropper, creating a rubber taste in the stock bottle of the flower essence.

* If stock essences are left open for a considerable length of time or if the cap is not screwed shut properly, the alcohol which acts as a preservative may evaporate.  In this condition, flower essences can deteriorate due to microbial contamination. This will be clearly noted in the product—it will smell stale and there may be visible contamination.

*In adherence with legal regulations, FES is mandated to stamp a lot number and “best by” date on each stock bottle of flower essences.  These regulations do not allow more than 10 years from the date of manufacture for such product.  However, if the flower essences are used properly, the 10-year shelf life is only a very conservative estimate.   If stored and used properly, it is our personal experience—and that of other qualified practitioners throughout the world—that FES flower essences can remain potent for decades.

Patricia Kaminski

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