I have been working on identifying major archetypes in my family. Can you recommend flower essences that would deal with "victimhood" as an archetype? I have hesitated using essences for "symptoms" preferring to address their underlying causes.


November 2012

We appreciate that you are working on the level of archetypes rather than symptoms, as that involves deeper soul work.

While it doesn’t mention the word “victim” in the Flower Essence Repertory, the category related to your question is “Martyrdom,” no longer so commonly used a word. In the future, we will include the word “victim” in the Repertory.

Among the remedies listed for Martyrdom, Willow is the most key, the most archetypal. However, the following important essences should be considered as well:

Joshua Tree – another key essence along with Willow; for clarity and consciousness in regard to the family constellation, and the “dance” of relationships amongst members of a family (i.e., if there is a victim, there may well be a perpetrator).

Golden Ear Drops – for the ability to go into areas of pain and discomfort forgotten or disowned

Lilac – for positive neurological connection to memory; for not stamping out all areas of memory; for remembering the positive, nurturing memories from the past

Spreading Phlox – for moving out beyond blood ties to find the soul’s future; once the soul is healed, for further transition to learn how to develop “soul family”

Patricia Kaminski

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