Three piano musicians comment on the benefits of using Benediction Oil

(Submitted by practitioner Gérald Tilki, Marseille, France, Translated and edited
from the original French versions.)


I am a pianist, and I work on average two hours per day.

I massaged my hands with the Benediction Oil this morning for the first time.

My progress in emotional expression, technical skill and dexterity is not linear in fashion. After weeks of "inspiration," periods of "depression" settle in.

I was exactly in one of these downward phases that result in a feeling of boredom when I must work several hours and I have difficulty deepening into my music. At these times, the harmony between my gestures and the resulting sound is not there. The keyboard seems to resist me, becomes solely "material,” and my gestures are fragmented and the expression is routine.

After the massage, I felt progressively that the different components (gesture, listening, expression, etc.) became more articulated and cohesive again. My perception of my playing was at once more global and more precise. And, I felt expressive again and therefore had the desire and the elements to progress farther in my playing.

Florence Tilki


Application of Benediction oil on the hands (palmar and dorsal sides), and on the forearms prior to a live piano concert brought about these observations during the performance itself:

It seems to me that it brings a “smoothness” to my piano technique, as evidenced in the playing.

The contact with the keyboard is more assured and sharper (strikes on the keys, moves of the hands).

The ending of the fingers have a better response-link to the brain. Musical speech and sentences are freer which promotes focused attention.

During the playing, the mental organization is clearer. The playing is more rhythmic and stronger.

The result is very satisfying for the sound, presence, power (strength, force) and color. It brings about playing which is more confident, and one can easily “let go” without any apprehension (fear).

Véronique Muzy, pianist, teacher in the Conservatory of Avignon (Specialist in instrumental posture)


One hour after applying some drops of the Benediction Oil on the hands, I made the following observations:

  • Sensation of smooth and confident feelings in the playing
  • Playing seems more secure and obviously sharper
  • Feelings of quietness and inner great calm bringing self-confidence
  • The piano playing is easier and sharper in the clarity of articulation (action on the flexor and extensor muscles of the fingers)
  • Evidence of the “sound” through more presence; having the sensation of “letting go” easily
  • Sensation that the hand acts autonomously without the intervention of the will, resulting in more objectivity and more listening ability on the part of the player

Observations made while working on the piano concerto for the left hand by Maurice Ravel

Roland Conil, pianist, composer, teacher in the Conservatory of Avignon

Listen to the pianists Véronique Muzy and Roland Conil



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