Lack of self esteem after a divorce transforms to a postive transition to a new life


A case report by Ruzica Bogicevic, Serbia

Ruzica Bogicevic is a biochemical technician who wants to develop her own private practice as a flower essence practitioner but at the moment she is working with family and friends.

Lena (not her real name) is 45 years old and 6 months ago, after 12 years of marriage, her husband left her in favor of a much younger woman. It was a marriage without children. Lena is a succesful business woman and works as a bank manager. She is a bit overweight (some 10 kg of excess); she gained the extra weight in the last thre years, since her problems in the mariage started.
She has some health problems, uterine fibroids, and colitis and gastrointestinal problems, psychosomatic by nature. She also has chronic pain in the cervical area of spine because of sedatory habits.

Her parents are still living in a harmonious marriage and that is a reason for additional stress that her divorce has put on her. She has a younger sister for whom she thinks is prettier then herself. She also thinks that her sister is more profesionally succesfull, even though she is housewife supported by her much older and rich husband.

Lena and her younger sister have a pathological fear of pregnancy, due to the strict control by their mother in their adolescence. The mother was afraid that they would get pregnant and fail to finish university studies, which was demanded of them by their parents.

Due to the additional stress of the divorce, and worsening of the economic sitation in the country, pressure at work is too much for her to handle.

The formula for Lena was:

For her tendency to take on too many obligations and responsibilities. The pressure at work is high and she feels the need to isolate. She has a fear that she will fail, because she is too distracted by the divorce. Because she deserves to get some satisfaction for her heroic role in life.

For calming emotional tension felt in the solar plexus zone and for restoring the harmony in that area. For the flatulence of the abdomen that is a problem for the last 2 years. For insomnia caused by emotional upset. That problem started after her husband left.

For the capacity of the heart to love again. For the feelings of jealousy and envy towards her sister and husband’s new partner. For developing trust that she can be loved unconditionaly by others. For developing the capacity for feeling love from others.

For dissolving old life habits and identities after changes in her life. For making better and different priorities in life. For developing abilities to rule her own life. Before the divorce, her husband dictated the dynamics of their life together.

Star of Bethlehem
For releasing the trauma in the body that causes back pains.

Lena’s mood and her perception of the situation at work dramaticly improved. She was very satisfied. She applied for a new position at the same bank and her application was granted. She is moving to another city because of that change.
She also decided to stop being upset because of her divorce. She disregarded provocations from her ex-husband (posting the photos of his new wife on his web profile).

The flatulence in her abdomen is gone and she feels as if she has lost some weight even if she did not. Her craving for sweets diminished.

She started a new emotional relationship with a much younger man whom she likes very much.

She is smiling more than before. Also she stopped comparing herself to her sister.
She reports satisfaction with this kind of support with flower essences. She was not told which flower essences were given to her and for what, so she had no prior expectations regarding the results.


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