Awakening the Holographic Human


Nature's Path to Healing & Higher Consciousness

This book by Elizabeth E. Botchis, PhD, is for anyone interested in physical, psycho-spiritual, and emotional healing; personal and/or planetary transformation; the development of higher states of consciousness; or actualizing human potential.

“The holographic psyche is a transpersonal state—a state beyond the personal three-dimensional reality that we experience conditionally on Earth. The shift from a personal toward a transpersonal identity brings one into a life-path trajectory that aligns with the highest levels of human destiny.”

“To go beyond the personal is to go deep into the Mystery, the Sacred, the Sublime. This state has been revealed to me over the years through Nature, through experiences of intimate communion with what I call ‘the personal cosmos.’ Mother Earth is generous in the tools she offers us humans, and my own revelations have been well served through the experience of flowers, herbs, gems, colors, and energy when applied within the universal templates of the chakras and the stars—blueprints of Nature that contain codes for us to enliven and elevate our consciousness to that of the ‘holographic human.’ I joyfully share my experience and knowledge of these blueprints and gifts with you in this book.”

— Elizabeth E. Botchis, PhD

Awakening the Holographic Human is a practical reference for developing one’s true potential and self-actualization utilizing healing tools from nature. This book contains in-depth explanations and applications for various energy modalities—flower essences, gems/elixirs and colors—in addition to the use of herbs and essential oils. It also provides information regarding the multicultural origins of various healing traditions that indicate the natural healing modalities presented in the book.

Formulations are described for various purposes to support the mind-body-soul connections. Also described is the use of Gems—generally and specifically—for healing, as well as the underlying Sacred Geometry that indicates their uses for various healing potentials.

One chapter is devoted to addressing each of the twelve zodiacal archetypes, describing the basic archetype of each and presenting Gems/Elixirs and Flower Essences which offer support and healing for each particular archetype.

Similarly, there is a chapter that focuses on the Seven Chakras, describing each, and presenting “Bio-Resonant”—Planetary Gem/Elixirs and Flower Essences—that influence the health and balance of each of them.

In this chapter, Dr. Botchis introduces the Transgenerational Clearing formula. She explains, “the Transgenerational Clearing formula holds the key for unlocking the stored familial blueprints that inhibit the evolutionary process of an entire family or line of ancestry.” She believes this is a requirement to shift from personal self to transpersonal divinity and cultivates the soul’s realization: “…the authentic self is free to emerge in its true nature.”

Read here about the philosophical basis for and constituents of the Transgenerational Clearing formula, and examples of case studies.

Read the Table of Contents and Introduction to Awakening the Holographic Human; Nature's Path to Healing & Higher Consciousness.

About Dr. Lilli Botchis

Elizabeth “Lilli” Botchis, PhD, holds a doctorate in Health and Human Services and master’s degrees in Herbology and in Health Education and Counseling. She also holds multiple certifications in natural healing therapies, including polarity therapy, color puncture, flower essence therapy, and Reiki. In 2008, she was inducted into the Sovereign Order of the Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem, founder of the world’s first hospital.

Lilli is a highly sensitive and inspiring educator in the fields of advanced wellness and awakening of the soul’s potential. A “pragmatic mystic” with more than thirty-five years’ experience as a holistic health practitioner, teacher, and natural-product developer, she has been a guiding light for thousands seeking a natural alchemical path to elevating mind/body consciousness. Her expertise includes the fields of botanicals, gem and color therapies, bio-energy therapies, flower essence therapy, and natural DNA-gene solutions. She is deeply devoted to helping people unlock their innate and spontaneous healing processes. A native of Massachusetts, Lilli lives in Vero Beach, Florida, where she enjoys the beauty of the natural world and the rejuvenating influences of sun and ocean.

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