Transgenerational Clearing Formula


Nature is the master healer that transcends all space and time and has the blueprints for our healing all the way down to the DNA…

— Dr. Lilli Botchis

Transgenerational Clearing Formula (TCF) & Case Examples

Transcending lineage, empowering innate heritage

Soul alignment and clearing

Family karma: Karma and family lineage
going back generations relating to property


Birthing and Postpartum



In her book, Awakening the Holographic Human, Dr. Botchis introduces the Transgenerational Clearing formula. She explains, “the Transgenerational Clearing formula holds the key for unlocking the stored familial blueprints that inhibit the evolutionary process of an entire family or line of ancestry.” She believes this is a requirement to shift from personal self to transpersonal divinity and cultivates the soul’s realization: “…the authentic self is free to emerge in its true nature.” Dr. Lilli spoke with FES and elaborated on the formula.

The flower essence formula consists of
Sunflower, Mariposa Lily, Holly, Walnut, Wild Oat and Joshua Tree

This is my philosophy behind the creation of the Transgenerational Clearing formula:

Flower essences have been a primary path for awakening and personal healing for myself and for the people with whom I’ve shared flower essences over the last nearly 40 years. One of the things I really appreciate about flower essences, is that there is an aspect that I feel is so important about just surrendering to nature and allowing nature to be the master, the guru, the guide, the teacher, the mother, the father, the husband, the wife, for you personally or for the individual personally.

I feel like flower essences have matured me or matured the spiritual nature of any individual. One of the first things when I was studying iridology that came out very clearly is that when you looked at the lineage, if you could get photographs of the eyes—the grandparents, the parents, and the children—and you can see 3 and 4 generations, you would see some of the exact same patterns being handed down from generation to generation: psycho-spiritual patterns, maybe even gifts, like the gift of writing or the gift of speaking, or there would be fears about certain things, self-confidence, self-doubt. You could see these patterns in the iris. Also, when one does a lot of shamanic healing and working with plants and the forces of nature—and allowing those forces of nature to move the healing powers and the transformational powers through from a soul level to penetrating the personality and the armoring—that the first levels to be addressed are our biological inheritance, our transgenerations.

This formula is similarly as important as the Five-Flower Formula in terms of its scope of use and application, because we cannot 100% fully move forward as a transpersonal being beyond our story unless we really transform and heal the unconscious, unresolved issues that we’ve inherited from our lineage, and is held in our DNA. That’s responsible for the epigenetic behaviors and tendencies that we have. I feel like this can be a formula that can be used in conjunction with a more personal formula, a primary formula that’s used on and off throughout one’s lifetime.

Plants and the intelligence of the plants and essences meet you where you are. If you were to use any one of these—I often talk about Cosmos because it is a primary one for me—but any one of these wherever you are in consciousness and wherever that spiral of the next evolutionary unfoldment is set up to unwind, that the flowers will take you to that next vibratory state of clarity and resolution and coherence, because nature is coherent. For example, back to Cosmos: this is a formula that you can use with an individual essence so you’re clearing out a lot of patterns. For example, let’s say patterns from your cultural upbringing as an immigrant to this country, and the stigma and a lot of the racism that’s going on presently, is just so imperative to transmute those. Young people may feel like they have a lot of inability to truly express themselves; maybe English is a second language and not a primary language. English has a tendency to be more of an intellectual language and not a heart-centered language like from the warmer climates. So, Cosmos may be used with this formula to really weave in that thread of unfoldment for an individual.

The elements of the Transgenerational Clearing formula:

The Sunflower addresses that primordial relationship and transmutation of father and empowering yourself to be the guide and the authentic clarifier and director of your life.

The Mariposa Lily, having the unconditional acceptance and compassion in the face of any kind of circumstance or condition. We in transactional analysis would say, we become our own mother and father. We birth ourselves.

Sunflower and Mariposa Lily

Holly is in this formula because everything ultimately is related to the heart that is the central processing unit for all of our experiences, our thoughts, our feelings—it is so vital. The heart, when if in contact with the universal field of unconditional love, is the only vibratory state that one can tap into and identify as a feeling. The feeling of love is the only vibratory frequency of feeling that can cross dimensions. In other words, for example, anger, happiness, fear—none of those can cross dimensions. Those take away your energy; but, it’s the Holly that allows us to transmute everything that may arise through our genetic heritage that is unconscious.

Walnut is the cord-cutter, the karmic link breaker, the one that really helps create objectivity, witnessing, and clarity around an issue so that one is not gripped by the issue, but rather can have the distance of witnessing it as not the self because it helps shift into that transpersonal state.

Holly and Walnut

Wild Oat is deepening that relationship with the soul and just your authentic soul alignment that predates all of your genetic imprinting.

When FES introduced Joshua Tree flower essence, I felt that was the missing link from the formula and it was included. With the Wild Oat it deepens that ability on a soul level to authenticate and to really individuate as a divine human being in service to the personal life force that one leads in their life and to the collective life force that we all contribute to on the planet.

Wild Oat and Joshua Tree

This is a formula that can be used for a lifetime…

Case examples

Transcending lineage, empowering innate heritage

Maria, a woman age 30, was a first-generation American. Her parents immigrated from Greece.

Father had 2nd grade education; did not write or read; fears of self-worth, accomplishment and discrimination.

Mother had high school education. Viewed as deformed by her family and society due to a short leg, she had fears and worries. Maria often internalized parental fears. No one in the family had ever gone beyond high school, and she did not see herself naturally in any available jobs other than working in bakeries and pizza houses. But she wanted to free herself from the limited perception that she could not be or do anything beyond working in pizza houses and bakeries. She had learning disabilities and was told by a teacher she would not be able to succeed in the higher education curriculum.

Maria started the TCF, and over the course of 4 to 6 weeks, felt guided from within; she gained the clarity to explore going to school. Her soul impulse was attracted to philosophy, healing and learning about people. Maria continued the TCF over the next few months and used the formula on and off over a 2-year period, especially at times when she felt herself withdrawing and contracted and could see it was her family conditioning. She repeatedly broke the spell of disbelief in herself that she could do and be something different that her parents never could imagine.

The ongoing use of TCF helped lead her deeper into self-development, eventually earning a Masters in Education and Counseling and a minor in Philosophy. Once she finished her University degree, she also pursued the study of many healing arts and ultimately had her own practice.

Soul alignment and clearing

Marty, age 38, was a writer and was currently working on a screenplay. He described hitting a wall and could not figure out what was blocking him in his creativity. He felt he could not access a part of himself and felt cut off from his creativity and feeling body. He had a great deal of fear about not being able to complete the manuscript on time and also not knowing why.

I suggested the TCF. Marty started the TCF and within 2 weeks, he completed the screenplay. He realized later it was his father’s judgment about him being a writer and not following in the medical profession. He felt freed up, lighter, and discovered new and deeper parts of his passion for writing.

Family karma: karma and family lineage going back generations relating to property

Olivia, age 68, was a long-term meditator, devoted to her spiritual practices, with a successful career in writing and speaking. She never knew her biological father, who was killed in an accident while she was in the womb. This created a vacancy in her heart throughout her life, as she longed to have known him.

She had two uncles that were her father’s brothers. One uncle was her godfather, who recently passed away, leaving Olivia as one of the heirs and a co-owner of his estate. As a result, a piece of jointly owned property was now to be sold. Her living uncle, executor of the estate, believed Olivia was not an heir to the property, even though the chain of title clearly showed her father’s portion had passed to her. This led to a very ugly drawn-out lawsuit over a 2-year period, in which Olivia was sued and her uncle tried to rob her of her inheritance.

As a result of the anguish of abandonment and emotional abuse by her uncle, and the stress of being unjustly sued, the remaining father imprint in her biological lineage was soulfully unbearable and beyond her ability to process. The fact that she would have to face her uncle and his outright defaming in a deposition, and fight for her ownership and rights, was paralyzing. To make matters worse, also during this time, her two sisters turned against her, taking their uncle’s side.

TCF was given during the duration of this untangling of family karmas and conditions that transcended the rational mind.

Olivia was able to attend the court deposition and stay centered, clear, objective, open, and loving in the face of family hatred. She believes the TCF was a main instrument in her ability to move through this karmic family history and be able to let go of needing to hold on to family ties in the name of a false sense of belonging. 


Linda, a mom age 53, was dealing with her son, Mark, who was attending college away from home. Linda’s relationship with Mark was that she was the rescuer: she allowed him to use her as his excuse for why the world is wrong and for not taking responsibly for himself. She felt stuck and confused regarding how to help him. She felt she had to “suck it up,” always filled with fear about her son and what was right and wrong with regard to him. At the same time, she felt guilty and responsible for him.

Mark repeatedly quit school and jobs and would come home to be taken care of. I recommended TCF for both of them, but Mark was not willing to take it. However, Linda was given TCF over the course of 6 to 8 weeks, and during this time, she was able to gain clarity and find counseling for her son so she could take the burden of responsibility off herself. She was able to regain her sense of her own needs and wants and to take space for herself independent of her son, ex-husband, and current relationship.

Linda remarked that she felt like she was being born again. 

Birthing and Postpartum

TCF has been given to many women during pregnancy and after giving birth. The general feedback was they felt it enhanced a sense of bonding in utero yet freedom at the same time. It enhanced their sense of being able to feel, know, sense and communicate with the soul in utero. It also helped with postpartum separation and depression. One woman described that her child while in utero seemed to be herself—a new aspect of herself. Then after giving birth she felt such a loss, such a separation that a part of her felt like it was missing. Once taking the TCF, she was able to clearly distinguish a healthy separation, while maintaining and building the bond of mothering for her child as an individuated being.

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