Bruno Gerard is a Belgian working in Switzerland. A physical therapist and osteopath by training, and a practitioner of many modalities, Gerard began using flower essences as support for his other therapies, and now they are the basis of his work.

He, as most people do, started with the Bach flowers, then added the FES flowers to his repertory.  “Despite the magnificent work done by Dr. Bach, his life wasn’t long enough to discover the properties of more flowers. The work of FES has scrupulously followed Dr. Bach’s protocols, adding many more essences.”

Considering himself an “explorer,” through a type of muscle testing, he looks for the precise three to four flower essences that a person needs. With the right preparation, the client can move through their mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual processes and healing quite quickly – even if they might not know what the issues are. Sometimes only one session is all that is needed. “The flowers go directly to the cause, the symptoms are just indicators.”

Gerard’s goal is to help people become independent of his work, as quickly as possible.  To find out more about his work, please visit his website.