Technical Instructions for Certification Data Entry


FES Certification Program

Technical Instructions for Case Study Data Entry

On this page, we have listed the detailed technical instructions you will need for completing the FES Certification Program via the Clinical Case Study Option through our on-line portal. This page is a supplement to our detailed description of the requirements for clinical case studies submitted for certification. You can also review the overview of the FES Certification Program.

If you choose the Independent Study Option for Social Service Work for Certification, please chick here.

You will be completing the Clinical Case Study Option for FES Certification through our on-line portal. Our goal is to enable you to navigate through this structure in a clear and user-friendly manner. Don't hesitate to be in contact with us if you have questions or if anything is not clear to you. Contact, or call Jann Garitty at 800-736-9222, ext. 206.

You will fill out one form per case study for a total of 3. Refer to detailed instructions for each section before filling out the form. There are separate forms for people and animals, with separate instructions for animal cases.

You will need to create an account for each case form in order to save and return to work on them multiple times. Each account will require a different user name and password for each separate form. However, you may use the same email address for all three case forms.

All answers are required, though you needn't write to the maximum allowable number of words per form field. Forms with incomplete answers will not be accepted.

We suggest that you work in a word processing program and then when satisfied with your answers, paste them into the on-line form. However, changes can be made at any time in the form itself.

Please format your answers for each field just as you would as if you were writing a formal research paper, i.e., use paragraphs, headings as necessary, check for spelling, etc.

Supplementary materials should be attached at the appropriate points in the form. Please combine intake, evaluation and release forms in one complete file for upload. Include artwork in one complete file as well. The Archetypal Character study and Plant Study (if not already sent) can be uploaded in a Word or other type of file. Please note: you are also able to upload client documentation such as video and music files. The on-line program accepts most file types including zip files, in which you can include multiple files.

Programs which may be of help to you for this step (and other file uploads) are the following:

Free open source software which, among other things, creates PDF files and has the ability to merge multiple documents.

Free program which merges multiple PDFs into single documents. Windows platform.

Do not submit any of the forms until you are completely finished with all of them and are ready to submit them all separately, but within the same time frame. We wish to receive everything all at the same time, along with your payment. Do not send them separately as they are completed, as we evaluate the certification materials as a whole.

Be very sure that you are satisfied with all of your entries before submitting each form. Once submitted, you will not be able to go back and make changes.

Links for on-line forms and forms to download

On-line form for submitting cases for FES Certification

Here is where you can review the detailed requirements for clinical case studies submitted for certification.

Additional Required Forms for Cases submitted for FES Certification

These hard copy forms should be filled out, scanned, and the images submitted along with the completed research paper form that is filled out online.

Client Intake - to be completed in the client's own handwriting, unless disabled or otherwise not able to do so

Case Evaluation - to be completed in the client's own handwriting, unless disabled or otherwise not able to do so

Case Study Release - to be completed by the client

Certification Requirements Check Off Sheet - to be completed by the practitioner and submitted with the the case studies

Animal Cases

If you have cases with animals, please use the following forms. (Note: cases with animals are not a requirement of the certification program, but are included here for those who do work with animals.)

On-line form for submitting animal cases for FES Certification

Here is where you can review the guidelines for animal case studies submitted for certification.

Additional Required Forms for Animal Cases for FES Cerification

Animal Intake - to be completed by the animal's caretaker

Case Evaluation for Animals - to be completed by the animal's caretaker


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