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The Rainbow of Flowers & the Human Soul!

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Highlights of the seminar:
The Rainbow of Flowers & the Human Soul

Color Phenomena in Nature

Coming to a deeper perception of how color lives and weaves throughout Nature, why is color there? What does it say to the human body and soul? Why is the grass green, the sky blue? What do we experience in the colors of sunrise and sunset? How can we begin to perceive color as a dynamic process?

The Living Science of Color

Moving beyond the abstraction of color into a living relationship with the polarities of light and dark: the research of nature scientist J.W. Goethe and its implications for body and soul perception.
The Special Role of Color in the Blossoming of the Plant
Why do such exquisite colors arise, particularly in the blossoms of plants? What does the color of a particular flower say about its inherent qualities? Why is the Sunflower yellow, the Violet purple, or the Zinnia red? Understanding flower essence healing as a unique form of color therapy and learning the rudiments of color language.

Color and the Human Soul

Coming to a deeper appreciation of how color heals and shapes soul experience. Practical strategies for diagnostic intake – assessing how the client communicates through the language of color. Use artistic exercises that elicit and guide the development of color and flower therapy.

Flower Essences and Color Therapy

Case presentations and research from the practitioner base of the Flower Essence Society – practical case highlights to inform and inspire the integration of color and flower essence therapy.

Those attending this seminar accrue 40 hours towards the FES Advanced Study Certification Program

Main Teachers: Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz, FES directors, with special guest teacher, Pamela T. Whitman, M.A.,certified Light, Color and Darkness Painting Therapist www.lightcoloranddarkness.org

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