The Cosmos in the Cauldron



The Cosmos in the Cauldron:

Combining the wisdom of astrology
with the innate intelligence of plants and minerals
to heal and grow.

A new book by Annie Simon and Mark Wells


Book review by Richard Katz

Mark Wells, a naturopath, counselor and flower essence practitioner for over three decades, has teamed up with astrologer Annie Simon in their new book, The Cosmos in the Cauldron. The natal chart is examined as a guide to the challenges and opportunities we set up for our lives, with a detailed discussion of the effects of various aspects, nodes and houses, and correlations with suggested flower essences and tissue salts (as developed by Dr. Scheussler) to address each situation.

Yet, this book is far more than an astrological repertory of remedies. Annie Simon’s approach to astrology is at once deeply spiritual and full of practical psychological insight. If we understand, as did Dr. Bach, that the soul comes into incarnation from the cosmos with a particular life purpose and life lessons, then the orientation of the planets and stars at the time of our birth can guide our journey in this life.

Mark Wells adds much depth of insight into the therapeutic principles of natural healing to his clinical experience with flower essences and tissue salts. Dr. Wells explains how we are more than our physical bodies, and how we can use flower essences and tissue salts to awaken our life force. He understands that disease is an invitation to a journey of self-discovery, one that takes us through many levels of our being: physical, emotional, spiritual and karmic, each the subject of a chapter in the book.

...disease is an invitation to a journey of self-discovery, one that takes us through many levels of our being: physical, emotional, spiritual and karmic...

The chapter on emotional healing includes an in-depth case study of a highly sensitive five-year-old girl whose behavior changed before she was due to start school. She was biting her nails, urinating frequently, including wetting the bed, and she seemed to get distracted easily. This was puzzling to her parents, as up until then she had seemed healthy and at peace. An astrological analysis revealed that current aspects of the Moon with Neptune and Uranus in relation to her natal chart were enhancing her sensitivity to the disruption of her home life that school represented, exacerbating her fear of losing her sense of safety and security. Calc Phos and Mag Phos were used to support and calm the nervous system, while Walnut, Bottlebrush and Baby Blue Eyes flower essences were added to help with her sensitivity and ability to trust the transition she was making in starting school. Within a few days, she was “back to her old self,” without troubling behaviors and symptoms, and “attentive to what was happening around her.”

The chapter on spiritual healing uses the archetype of Chiron as the wounded healer to show how “your ‘wound’ becomes a source of deeper healing.” Both Mark and Annie share their own personal experiences of wounding and healing, demonstrating the profound wisdom and humility that these authors bring to this work.

...“your ‘wound’ becomes a source of deeper healing.”

If you are interested in further explorations of how the cosmic archetypes resound in the archetypes of the flower essences, please consider attending the FES special topics class this year, Stella and Flora, July 18-22, 2019. 

The Cosmos in the Cauldron is available here

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