Energy Psychology in Juvenile Shelters in Costa Rica


Energy Psychology Modalities in Conjunction with Flower Essence Therapy

used in the Costa Rica pilot program by Dr. Kristin Holthuis

Kristin Holthuis Dr. Kristin Holthuis

Dr. Holthuis applying the Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT)
photo by Diana Badilla Solorzano

In a ground-breaking pilot program using flower essences with juveniles in government shelters in Costa Rica, Dr. Kristin Holthuis found that the combination of Energy Psychology and flower essence therapy greatly facilitates the therapeutic processes.

Energy Psychology (EP) is a family of therapeutic modalities that are based on the "body-mind" relationship, and that focuses on balancing the bio-energetic system (meridians, chakras, biofield) as part of the intervention, to achieve desired positive changes in emotions, beliefs and behaviors. It balances specifically and directly the subtle energy of the body.

In the clinical world, EP models have been beneficially applied to assessment and treatment of trauma, anxiety, depression, pain, stress, psychophysiological issues, and self-sabotaging behaviors by a broad range of healthcare providers, to regulate affect and promote emotional and physical health. Treatment results have been shown to be enduring and relatively rapid. There are currently over 100 research studies, including multiple randomized controlled trials (RCT), published in professional and refereed journals, supporting the treatment value of EP. Taken as a body of knowledge, these findings suggest that EP meets the criteria for evidenced-based treatment.

care-givers energy  exercises eft for caregivers

Caregivers doing Energy Exercises and applying EFT in pilot project.
Photos: Diana Badilla Solórzano

Energy Psychology builds on the premise that all illnesses and emotional problems have a counterpart in the energy system and are the result of an interference in the free flow of subtle energies. These interferences can be addressed through interventions that balance components of the body's energy system. In this way the Vital Energy (the healing power of nature) can enhance healing, just as is the case with the use of Flower Essences.

Energy psychology includes therapies such as:
• TFT (Thought Field Therapy)
• EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
• TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique)
• TTT (Trauma Tapping Technique)

They all can be applied by oneself at the time of crisis or discomfort, with others in a dyad or in a group session.

In the pilot project two “tapping techniques” from the field of Energy Psychology were included: EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and TTT (Trauma Tapping Technique).

Boy applying TTT

Boy applying TTT on himself
Photo: Elisa López Aguilar

Energy Exercises

Participants in the project are also provided with a support booklet with energy exercises that help manage anxiety, stress and other emotional states for daily preventive use in the shelters.

How to manage emotions you are important
How can you manage your emotions?
10 exercises that can help you.
You are important
and you can move ahead!



energy exercises

Practice of Energy Exercises during the pilot project
Photo: Diana Badilla Solórzano

Self-care strategies for caregivers and therapists

During the project, different self-care strategies were taught. This included the access to the Emergency Flower Essence formula, the regular application of EFT and TTT and various Energy Exercises (mostly from Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Medicine routine), along with some basic life style activities (such as physical exercises).

All of the measured aspects of wellbeing improved during the project, based on monthly evaluations with participants. Results were measured with the ProQOL (Professional Quality of Life, a self-evaluation instrument, which measures Compassion, Satisfaction, Burnout and Secondary Traumatic Stress).
Also, a specially designed evaluation form was used: The Flower of Self-Care, designed by Dr. Holthuis. This instrument measures Self-perception of Physical Health, Work Satisfaction, Energy and Resilience to Affront Challenges, Quality of Interpersonal Relationships and Inner Emotional Balance.

TTT fpr caregivers

Application of TTT for emotional balance and self-care
for therapists and caregivers.
Photo: Kristin Holthuis

If you’d like more information about the pilot project, ongoing treatment in the shelters, or to donate to help make future projects possible, please contact Dr. Kristin Holthuis by email:

Kristin Holthuis, MD, is a Dutch Family Physician who has lived and worked in Costa Rica for over 20 years. She has integrated Flower Essences and Energy Psychology for her holistic medical practice. As a trainer in various Energy Psychology modalities (See ACEP Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology). She loves to inspire health care professionals to make healthcare more human, sacred, personalized and efficient by integrating complementary and integrative treatments. She is the founding Director of the IIPE: International Institute for Energy Psychology..

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