Excerpt from Flowers that Heal—How to Use Flower Essences

By Patricia Kaminski

MetaFlora Level Seven —
Cultivating the Spiritual Self: Transpersonal Awareness

This seventh MetaFlora level is located at the centre of the Soul Wheel. Like the eye of the Sun which gives light to us, so the seventh MetaFlora level is about the human “I”, the spiritual light which gives our true “I-dentity.” This “I” is the core self-identity that we have; the expression of the self in a healthy and balanced manner. In this MetaFlora level, the soul finds its connection with spiritual purpose and meaning.  This may mean a new exploration of spiritual philosophy or religion. It may also involve healing cultural biases or limitations which have been placed on our spiritual identity, either through over-heated religious fanaticism or soul-chilling agnosticism and materialism. This MetaFlora level also addresses spiritual pride and over-inflation of the ego, or distortion of the true spiritual identity by the personality.


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