Pulse Testing and flower essences


By Jann Garitty

Lead essences for Alzheimer’s disease,
Parkinson’s disease and Down Syndrome


Flower essences for rape crises healing


Clearing the need for anti-depressant medication

About Debbie Engelmann

Flower essences are so far-reaching for healing potential, and in conjunction with herbs, they are extremely effective in healing the body and mind—they are fantastic for setting up the platform for people to know that they can heal.

Debbie Engelmann works from a naturopathic perspective to treat her patients holistically, rather than merely focusing on the symptoms for which they come to see her. She utilizes pulse testing, a non-subjective method, based on traditional Chinese medicine to determine which flower essences, vitamins, supplements, or herbs are needed in each case. When the various pulse points are out of balance by varying degrees, such as a pulse point “pounding away” or if one is suppressed, the correct essence placed in a patient’s hand will restore balance; Debbie can feel the pulses level out and the body is calmed.

Though clients have answered and completed a questionnaire form prior to their first visit with Debbie, she asks further questions and asks them to tell their stories so that she is able to “hear” what was not written on the form. There are always emotional components, which she can sense, feel, and hear in the verbal description of their symptoms. With the ability to pulse test, she may hear one story verbally from a client but the testing result can be very different. Generally, the first story she hears told by a person is from the conscious or logical mind, but then further into discussion, the subconscious mind kicks in and that of which one is not conscious or doesn’t want to speak about begins to surface.

Based on physical symptoms, Debbie first pulse tests for herbs, then for flower essences, which are used with all clients. She has follow up sessions with them every 4 weeks, then 6-8 weeks, and sees most clients for a year or more.

Often Debbie at first will use Agrimony herb and the flower essence with a client: “It’s especially helpful for those not knowing how to speak their truth. The two in conjunction work on multiple levels.” If Debbie suspects that someone is not engaged in their own healing, she will pulse test for Self Heal flower essence, so she can “figure out whether or not they’re telling the truth.” Debbie also has discovered when further along into the healing process, after the first layers are addressed and one gets deeper into what has cleared, that Yerba Santa “comes on board” for nearly everyone.

Lead essences for Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Down Syndrome

Because fear is a common symptom, Debbie uses Aspen for her clients in various stages of Alzheimer’s disease. “They know that they’re fearful but don’t know of what or why.” She also uses Chamomile herb and flower essence in combination for the attention deficit-like symptoms; people become less nervous and shaky.

Children with Down Syndrome are similar to people with Alzheimer’s Disease, and Debbie uses Aspen with them as well because there is always some type of fear at some level. For clinginess, Chamomile and Mimulus flower essences are helpful.

Debbie has worked with people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease who are in their 40s and 50s, and are naturally fearful of how the disease will affect them, what will happen, and whether or not they will die from it. “They simply didn’t know how to adjust to it. Angelica was helpful for them and later they had more hope and were more actively engaged in their healing.”

Flower essences for rape crises healing

Following are flower essences that Debbie typically uses for rape crises:

Star of Bethlehem – for the shock and trauma

Olive – for the mental fatigue and physical stress from not releasing the trauma

Calendula – clients begin to see the world as physically brighter

Milkweed – for any co-dependency issues, such as covering up for the perpetrator

Borage – for the grief, disappointment or other such emotions associated with the experience

Aspen and Larch – for not feeling valued

Star of Bethlehem and White Chestnut – used in the beginning, for “chattering minds”

California Wild Rose – for apathy, depression

Olive is used for the mental fatigue and physical stress
from not releasing the trauma

Clearing the need for anti-depressant medication

B was a woman who for years had been taking the anti-depressant Cymbalta for the heavy stress she experienced due to extreme legal issues she inherited within her family when her mother and father passed away. She had bleeding ulcers among other conditions. She was a very controlling person, though this trait served her well for fully engaging in her healing process.

Flower essences used with B:

Vervain – for control issues

St. John's Wort – for melancholy


White Chestnut

Snapdragon – because B could be quite verbal

She also began a detox diet and used herbs for the bleeding ulcers.

Within about 6 months, abruptly everything was cleared; B on her own without consulting with Debbie, had stopped taking Cymbalta, and her body had cleared out as well.

She continued to use Vervain and Oak for strength, and for a period of time Sweet Chestnut.

B went to see Debbie during an especially difficult period of time and was considering taking Cymbalta again. Instead she used Rescue Remedy for a few days and then was just fine.

About Debbie Engelmann

Debbie holds a Doctoral Degree in Natural Health and is working on her Master Herbalist Certification. She received training as a Licensed Practical Nurse and worked in the medical field for over 20 years.

Debbie is certified by the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy in the use of essential oils and aromatherapy. She specifically focuses on the therapeutic healing properties of flower essences and their ability to enhance the physical healing processes ranging from simply getting healthy to dealing with cancer and/or situations of extreme stress. She is an active member of the American Botanical Council, American Herbalist Guild, Flower Essence Society, the Coalition for Natural Health, and the American Holistic Health Association.

Visit Debbie’s website.


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