Flower Essences for Humanitarian Relief

Dear Friends of the Flower Essence Society,

No matter where we live, we surely feel compassion and concern for all those affected by the catastrophic Hurricane Katrina.

As healers, it is in our hearts to want to help. We know that many of you are already engaged in humanitarian outreach. While the devastation is physical, it is also deeply searing to the soul. Many flower essences — alone or in formulas — will be immensely beneficial in helping to deal with pain, stress, grief, despair, depression and hopelessness.

In the past week we have received inquiries from practitioners who have requested recommendations for the most important flower essences to consider for such a humanitarian service.

We are sending this mailing to members of the Flower Essence Society who are able to help victims of Hurricane Katrina and also to our wider list of membership throughout the world. 

Our planet and her peoples are facing many birth pangs in this New Millennium. Please save this list for reference, as we are sure that it will be helpful to you in your healing work wherever you live. We also look forward to your reports and research regarding flower essence therapy and humanitarian relief work — this is an enormously important way we can all help each other serve and give at the highest level.

Please also remember that the Flower Essence Society is strongly committed to humanitarian aid. Through our programs, the flower essences have been a vital component of relief work throughout the world for over two decades. If you are involved in humanitarian service for Hurricane Katrina and would like to request a flower essence donation, please let us know. You can call 800-736-9222 or e-mail to mail@flowersociety.org.

Part 1
Key Flower Essence Formulas
for Humanitarian Relief

Part 2
Specific Flower Essences for Relief and Recovery

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