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Stories of Healing—

From the Brink of Death: The Amazing Recovery of Gabriela Castillo Holley

Soul Healing Affects the Development of Intelligence

Coming to Terms with a Father's Suicide

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Announcing the publication of
The Hidden Geometry of Flowers

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Late summer verse from the Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner
Translation by John Fentress Gardner
Photo of Golden Yarrow by Richard Katz

Dear Friends,

Two themes emerged as we began assembling the pieces for this late summer/early autumn edition of the FES e-journal: first, we present you with three stories of healing, which demonstrate the dramatic role that flower essences play as catalysts for emotional and physical healing.

The second major theme focuses on the use of sound and music as they interact with flower essence therapy to initiate forces of healing. The four articles presented here demonstrate the creative and dynamic interplay between the two modalities.

As always, we are grateful to those who contributed their experiences and observations for presentation in the FES e-journal. The information enriches our ongoing collective knowledge of the vitality and viability of flower essence therapy.

Wishing you a fruitful and fulfilling autumnal season!

The FES Team

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Stories of Healing
From the Brink of Death: The Amazing Recovery of Gabriela Castillo Holley
and the Central Role of Flower Essences in Her Healing
Gabriela Castillo Holley experienced 26 surgeries and 6 epidsodes of "clinical death," resulting in the shattering of both her body and soul. She believes that flower essences saved her life. Read about the pivotal role of Rock Rose and Rosemary in her healing process.
Coming to Terms with a Father's Suicide;
Releasing Grief and Embracing True Feelings
Read this case study submitted by FES-certified practitioner, Humi Kobayshi for the FES Certification Program. It profiles the story of a young man moving from a life of addiction to his true goals in life.
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Practitioner Profile
Read about Dr. Gregory Weisswasser, N.D., and his recognition of the emotional component of wellness: “We are drugging our country to not feel anymore…it’s very dangerous. People are going to bottle everything up because they have no way of even feeling their emotions and in many peoples’ opinions, bottling emotions leads to disease states such as cancer and heart disease.”
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Music and Sound Healing
Using Sound Healing and Flower Essence Therapy
to Treat Autism Spectrum Disorders

Karyne Richardson-Meads is the Director of Education at The Institute for Sound Health & Integrative Medicine. She specializes in working with children who are described as having Autism Spectrum Disorder or some type of attention, learning or behavior difficulty. Children and their families achieve a level of healing seen by no other integrative methods. Read more here.

Flower Essence Therapy and its Effects for Musicians:
announcing a book written by Reina Maria Garcia Suarez, Cuba

Musicians are capable of receiving vibrations much more subtle than others; they can continue to hear a sound when it ceases to be perceptible to the average ear...these abilities make them particularly sensitive to flower essence therapy...we see results almost twice as fast than we see for patients who are not musicians.

Reina Maria Garcia Suarez has recently completed a book written in Spanish, entitled “In essence, and sounds.” Read an excerpt paraphrased from the first chapter of the original manuscript written in Spanish (the complete text in Spanish can be read here). 
Combining Flower Remedies with Sound Healing:
the music composed by Jill Mattson

“The effect of listening to the Healing Flower Symphonies is a wonderful blessing of the flower essences in a vibratory experience coupled with a complex musical composition – together resolving the emotional challenge involved and strengthening the desirable emotional health of the listener.” Learn more about Jill Mattson here.

The Effect of Music on Subtle Energies:
Al Harris, Bach Flower Music Composer

“Music affects subtle energies, only called subtle because we don't know how to measure them. These energies allow you to achieve goals and dreams – or not. These energies allow the spark of life to live in you, inspire you, and give you joy, so you can become an adventurous explorer, curious and in awe of the wonders of the universe. When you're consciously in touch with life energy within yourself, you have control of the valve that connects you to Spirit, and whether or not you have accidentally turned it off or on.” Read about Al Harris and his Bach flower music compositions.

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The Hidden Geometry of Flowers—

Keith Critchlow has created a masterpiece, which speaks not only through his inspired and informative text, but also through 560 color illustrations combining his superb flower photography with hand-drawn geometric patterns. The result is a celebration of the geometric lawfulness of flower forms that embody universal spiritual archetypes. Read more here.

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Announcing: 2012 FES Professional Course
at Terra Flora, Nevada City, California
Thursday evening, July 12 - Monday, July 16, 2012

See what some of our 2011 class participants had to say:
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