Name: Dr. Sally Dawson
Address: 42 Waimea Rd.
City: Nelson
Country: New Zealand
Telephone: 9 03 5481 1191
Fax: 03 548 1191

Affiliation: Chiropractor

Source: Through a psychologist

Please tell use your story:
This is about a 10-year old girl, who had no friends. Her mother could not understand why. But the child had a number of issues occurring over a period of time which I believe created this situation. The father left during the pregnancy, the mother has since been a solo mother with very little contact from the father due to a very jealous wife. The child has been treated in an adult way from very young, and is believed by the mother to have ADD. When the child enters the room no one present is left in any doubt that she has entered, she has a very large presence which is quite invasive. She is noncompromising with other children, demanding to always have her own way, and segregating a single child away from other children to have as her ‘own'. Sometimes she gets uncontrollable surges of anger which are socially inappropriate and does things like scream in a child's face, and can be quite hurtful with her choice of words, hence not winning her friends. I perceived a deep insecurity created, probably from the abandonment by her father.

What essences were used ?
1st bottle; Holly, Beech, Buttercup, Baby Blue Eyes, Vine
2nd bottle; Sunflower, Tiger Lily, Yellow Star Tulip, Chicory, Impatiens

How were there particular essences chosen?
To try and ease sense of insecurity and jealously, from feeling lack of love and support from the father. To ease domineering unsociable invasive behavior.

What issues were addressed?
Whoops, above.

How were the essences administered?
She took the first bottle, usually 4 doses a day, then went on to the second bottle. Usually in the mouth, or in a drink.

Were there any other modalities used?

What effects did you notice?
When the child walked into the room, she stopped taking up so much ‘space'. She no longer immediately demanded attention with her words or body language, her surrounding energy felt a lot quieter and calmer, so much easier to be around.

The most interesting feedback was from my daughter who was unaware that she had been taking flower essences, she came home one day and exclaimed how she couldn't believe how this child had changed, and that she was actually nice now and that other children even liked her and that she was starting to have friends now. All this was said with big eyes and in an incredulous tone.

When did you first notice these effects?
Soon after the second bottle was completed.

Did others notice these effects?
The mother noticed, but felt that she had been trying different strategies at home that had helped. But after observing this child for the past 10 years with consistent traits I feel the flower essences helped her soul find more peace, and that is such an important thing so that her life is not such an intense battle. She is moving with her life now instead of waging battle constantly, and feeling and being repelled by others.

Have you noticed any trends?
I cannot speak highly enough of the flower essences. I find if I listen with my heart and my soul in a loving way that patients always know what their issues are, and are so relieved to list them and be encouraged that there is hope. From what I have observed they gently unlock deeply ingrained patterns in the psyche which even counseling, affirmations and positive thinking sometimes are unable to shift. It is like the pattern has taken hold in the etheric/soul level and with this gift from God, we can gently assist the patient to move on. I have observed so many beautiful changes, I am often moved to tears because when the patient returns, they visibly look released, and are excited to share the changes that have occurred. Then they can move on physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If they choose. I often will suggest supplements to boost the system if it is fatigued, and I feel this is very important and makes also for a speedy recovery as the body physiologically has the nuts and bolts to proceed.

What is your personal belief about flower essence therapy?
Whoops I am ahead of myself again.............

Additional comments or questions:
Thank you all so much. You are bringing great blessings to people. I know you have pure intent, as I have tried other flower essences and felt dreadful, and know their vibration rate is much lower. I think the people or organization who make up the flower essence is quite powerful in its imprint upon the essences themselves.
If you would ever like me to trial and report back on any research remedies I would be happy to.

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