Name: Daniel Ledesma
Address: PO Box 867
City: Boyes Hot Springs
State: California
Postal Code: 95416
Telephone: 707-933-8681

Affiliation: CNA

Source: Through books, and pamphlets

Please tell us your story:
I have a cousin that had a lot of acne. He always kept spending a lot of money including the treatment of Proactive. He spent hundreds of dollars in different treatments and cream. One day I told him to start using flower essences and cream. I bought a book where it had a formula for acne. I encouraged him and prepared his formula.

What essences were used ?
First I started the treatment to open it with Rescue Remedy, then I added Crab Apple, Larch, and Walnut. I also gave him to apply to his face the Self-Heal Cream.

How were there particular essences chosen?
I used the book Advanced Bach Flower Therapy.

What issues were addressed?
Rescue Remedy I used for the opening of the treatment. Then the Crab Apple for blood purification, Larch for self-rejection, and Walnut to restore hormonal balance and develop his personality.

How were the essences administered?
The first two days I told him to take it the following way; take 7 drops under his tongue every hour.
Then after that take them 7 drops every 2 hours.
I used 4 drops of each essence in spring water in a dropper.
He's been taking it for a month now.
He applied the Self-Heal Cream twice a day.

Were there any other modalities used?
The other modality I told him to use was prayer and meditation.

What effects did you notice?
His face started to clear up within four days of the use. The other change that I noticed, and we talked about it, was that he was more confident; that he didn't need to depend a lot on others. The dependence refers to the fact that he moved here to the US one year ago, and he doesn't speak much English. He also had memories going back and forth of his friends and of his life in Argentina. Now he doesn't have those episodes again, he told me that he feels more at ease.

When did you first notice these effects?
I started to notice the change of his face within four days, and the change on him within 15 days.

Did others notice these effects?
Yes, his brother and his sister-in-law.

Have you noticed any trends?
I noticed the amazing force that they have acting over the soul. I also notice how people change within days of starting to take the essences.

What is your personal belief about flower essence therapy?
My belief is that it is amazing the power the essences have to help change the feeling of the soul when it is at an imbalance period.
I think their role in healing is very important because they have the power to ease the suffering or the state of imbalance the person is going through.

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