Name: Dr. Sally Dawson
Address: 42 Waimea Rd.
City: Nelson
Country: New Zealand
Telephone: 9 03 5481 1191
Fax: 03 548 1191

Affiliation: Chiropractor

Source: Through a psychologist

Please tell use your story:
This is about a 53-year old female patient, who slipped on ice in June 2001 and consequently had left shoulder pain and stiffness. With chronic low back pain for years. She had been attending a Feldenkras practitioner and had experienced some sciatica relief. When I checked her spine it was quite rigid, and was not surprised at all that symptoms were present. It fully felt like the body had accustomed itself to chronic stiffness and pain. By the 5th visit she was much relieved, with decreased pain and increased movement throughout her body. But the degree of pain still experienced did not match the muscular palpation. So I asked her if she felt she was carrying much emotionally, she burst into tears and said she felt like she never caught up with her chores, that she had a lot of repetitive thoughts, she felt let down by her family, and a rift had occurred between herself and a brother-in-law which was very awkward in social situations. She had difficulty letting go and trusting.

What essences were used ?
Red Chestnut for calm, peace, inner trust
Elm for the sense of overwhelm
Pink Yarrow to protect her a little more, to create more appropriate social boundaries
Love Lies Bleeding again to create a more healthy closure and boundary with others
Dandelion to ease her physical self

How were there particular essences chosen?
By listening carefully to the words that the patient used to describe how she felt, and also the remedies seem to be quite insistent when I am choosing them so I tend to follow my intuition as well as intellectually leaning towards certain ones.

How were the essences administered?
approximately 4 drops 4 times a day. I usually say just squirt into your mouth, otherwise people get too concerned with drop number.........
for this patient for about 3 weeks.

Were there any other modalities used?
I had put her onto adrenal glandulars from the first visit as she was quite tired from chronic pain, and broken sleep from her shoulder discomfort.
Acupuncture to speed up the healing process. Chiropractic.

What effects did you notice?
3 days later she reported that the spasms she had been having at times had stopped. Usually minerals stop this but did not with her, so I think the remedy helped ease her muscular system to relax and let go. The ‘brick' in her tummy had gone. On her next visit 6 days later, she reported her body felt a lot better, that she emotionally felt more motivated and felt she was able to accomplish a lot more. The interesting thing for me was the difference in her muscular system which was quite marked. There was a discernible difference in her body, feeling like it had relaxed more on a deeper level.

When did you first notice these effects?
The patient could feel the difference. I suggested she start yoga, she had tried it about a month before with a terrible aftermath of feeling a lot worse, intensifying pain and stiffness. But this time it went well, she spent 3 days in the garden with no ill effects. Which would have been impossible about a month previously.

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