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Os Benefícios das essências Florais de Bach no Alzheimer

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Dear Friends,

Our hearts are filled with gladness for the hawthorn-time here at Terra Flora. Do enjoy this brief video of the flowering Hawthorn that grows along Heart Pond. We are blessed with a colorful profusion of flowers which scent the air, a symphony of bird songs surround us, and we’re delighted with nine new baby lambs!

We are pleased to report to you on healing work from all around the world including Japan, Brazil, Haiti, France, Mexico, Serbia and many places throughout the United States. We feel much gratitude and appreciation for the heartfelt work of our friends and colleagues.

Spring-time good cheer to you all!

The FES Team

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Worldwide Social Service Projects
After the Japanese Earthquake

“One year has already elapsed since a major earthquake struck the northern part of Japan on March 11, 2011. For us Japanese people, the past year has been a tremendous challenge—the biggest since the end of World War II. Under these circumstances, the Association for Flower Essence Education, Japan (AFEEJ), has continued to this day to assist volunteer relief aid work by dedicated flower essence practitioners.”

Relief Aid Volunteers Use Flower Essences in the Devastated Areas of Eastern Japan by Mitose Komura

Experiencing the Great East Japan Earthquake
by Kumi Tamagawa

A Ray of Hope: A practitioner's firsthand report on volunteer disaster aid in Japan by Chie Itoya

Hands of Love: Volunteer aid workers use flower essences and herbal oils in the aftermath of disaster by Kaori Nagata


The ACESA Project in Capuava Brazil
the remarkable benefits of flower essence therapy
for individuals with disabilities and their community

Flower essence therapy at ACESA Capuava - BRAZIL was implemented two years ago by flower essence therapist Vania De Grande, with the donation of FES and Healingherbs flower essences. Vania believed that flower essence therapy would be helpful for people with disabilities, their families, and the professionals who care for such children at the facility.

Flower Essence Therapy and People with Disabilities

On the Road to Independence: Ricardo

Recovering from the Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury: Odair


Ongoing Relief Aid Efforts in Haiti
Read a report by practitioner Julia Graves about a third free community health care clinic in Haiti, which was held in October, 2011. People served by the clinic continue to experience remarkable healing results using the Flourish formulas, Five-Flower Formula and Benediction oil for trauma and grief.
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Practitioner Profiles
Combining Osteopathy and Flower Essence Therapy
Lucas Vergnettes has found that osteopathy provides answers to physical problems that are difficult to resolve.

“This is profound work that would be tiring if it were just body work. With flower essences, the energy is moving inside as it moves outside…it seems like a natural effort.”

Combining Osteopathy and Flower Essence Therapy

Flower essences help a mother and child to become confident and bond with each other

Psychosomatic vertigo healed after establishing renewed interest in life

Clearing physical post trauma and finding true purpose in life


Healing Touch for Animals® Combined with Flower Essence Therapy

“Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) is a hands-on healing method in which the practitioner uses her hands to clear, energize and balance the energy field around an animal's body so that relaxation and healing can take place. In the healing touch process, the animal relaxes, allowing endorphins to be released, muscles to relax, circulation to be increased, hormones to be regulated, toxins to be released and the immune system to be regulated – all these factors help to create healing.”

Mary Sue Comstock weds her love for both plants and animals in a practice combining flower essence therapy with Healing Touch for Animals®.

Healing Touch for Animals® Combined with Flower Essence Therapy

BooBoo: a cat who made a remarkable recovery from seizures and partial paralysis

Prophet: a dog whose grief and anxiety resolved into well-being

Riley: a cat who developed confidence to stand her own ground

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Practitioner Reports
Working as a Childbirth Educator in Mexico

Alison Bastien is a Certified Childbirth Educator and Certified Professional Midwife who has lived and worked in Mexico since 1982. Read a report from her in regard to her experiences working with flower essences in her practice.

The Development of Flower Essence Therapy in Serbia

During Tatjiana Sesum’s homeopathic education, she was introduced to the Bach remedies and has been using them since beginning her practice as a homeopath. Later, she discovered that there were many different kinds of flower essences all over the world. With the availability of the Flower Essence Repertory as a reference, she was able to begin to include them in her practice as well.

The Development of Flower Essence Therapy in Serbia

Lack of self esteem after a divorce transforms to a positive transition to a new life
Case report by Ruzica Bogicevic

Becoming aware of the father influence and healing relationships with men
Case report by Jelena Ivanovic

From anger, fear and insecurity to renewed energy and focus
Case report by Snezana Negic

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Stories of Healing
Returning to the Self:
A Mother and Daughter's Journey to Heal Epilepsy with Flower Essences

Dr. Jaime Stover Schmitt has trained and worked in natural healing methods for over 40 years, though she never imagined she would call upon this experience to help heal her own daughter. When Jaime’s perfectly healthy daughter, Sarah, experienced her first grand-mal seizure and was later diagnosed with epilepsy, she was determined to understand Sarah’s diagnosis from a natural perspective. With flower essence therapy as their road map, read how Jaime and Sarah set out on a journey of healing and deeper Self-understanding.


Two Powerful Remedies—
Walnut for All Times and Seasons &
Healing our Relation to Food with Manzanita

Practitioner Linda Cohen shares her insights into the use of Walnut and Manzanita flower essences:

“In my work as a flower essence therapist, the essence I most recommend to almost everyone these days is Walnut. There are so many important applications for this time-honored essence, that I am hard-pressed to see where Walnut doesn’t fit into a formula.”

“It's like peeling an onion; uncovering the reasons, trauma, and internal negative emotional energies which impel self-medication with food. There are many essences that helped me. One in particular, though, Manzanita, has helped me for many years to view ‘the body as the temple of the Spirit.’


Magical Mugwort:
a balm for insomnia and other flower essences for related soul trauma

Mugwort flower essence has profoundly helped M.F. to recover the ability to sleep well, and begin to heal years of chronic insomnia resulting in severe exhaustion and depletion. Read this astute personal study and use of Mugwort.

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Archetypal Character Studies
Archetypes are universal forces originating at the highest levels of creation to shape the physical world of Nature as well as the human soul. Larger than a single “thing,” they are the prototypes or patterns that emanate from the spiritual world and are revealed in symbols, images, gestures, energetic patterns and qualities in both nature and human culture. The ability to become articulate in this language is a fundamental practitioner skill in flower essence therapy. Presented are two archetypal character studies written by students as part of their requirements for the FES Certification Program.

Dr. Gregory House, M.D.; A Caricature of Hound's Tongue by Lindsay Fauntleroy


An Archetypal Study of Jacques Lusseyran and Mountain Pride by Theresa Roach Melia
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Announcing: Books of Interest
Bach Flower Remedies - The Essence Within by Julian Barnard, details the way that the flower remedies are used, and gives instructions for the way they are made. Richly illustrated, this book is both a work of reference, and a practical guide for those who wish to help themselves with this natural, safe and effective form of healing. The authoritative text is the result of more than 30 years of work with Bach essences. A beautiful celebration of the herbs of the field placed here for our healing.

Dr. Claudia Stern has worked for more than two decades to develop a way of understanding the soul language of client drawings. Over the years, she has been able to correlate them with particular flower essences; she has discovered remarkable indications for the types of drawings and the flower essences indicated. This book, written in Spanish, represents her seminal work and presents this particular technique for working with clients.

Rosangela Vecchi Bittar is an accomplished practitioner in Brazil. We are pleased to let you know that her research using Bach remedies for people with Alzheimer's disease is featured in a new book written in Portuguese. This research was first presented at the VII Brazilian Congress of Alzheimer's Disease in 2011. For more information and/or to purchase the book, please contact Rosangela.
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