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Spring and early summer: Images of Terra Flora

Social Service Work

Helping the People of Haiti: Using Flower Essences for Earthquake Relief Aid

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La floriterapia nella rieducazione visiva/Educaciòn visual y Terapia Floral

Archetypal Character Study—

Forget-Me-Not and Chico Xavier

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2011 Class with Spanish translation

A Tipping Point For Homeopathy?
And a bridge to using other vibrational medicines?

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Baby Blue Eyes photo by Richard Katz

Dear Friends,

We are celebrating the beginning of summer with exuberance. Abundant winter and spring rains have created splendid floral magic everywhere, in the forest, riverways, valleys and in our garden sanctuary here at Terra Flora.

At the same time, the Flower Essence Society garden of world wide flower essence healing and research continues to blossom. We highlight for you in this newsletter some of the important new developments.

We appreciate the in-depth work by the practitioners featured in this newsletter, and their dedication to share their case studies, articles, reports and translations. Our gratitude, also, to the countless others who are working diligently to support the growth of flower essence therapy throughout the world as a powerful form of healing.

May summer bring astonishment for the great gift of Creation as it unfolds around us!

The FES Team


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Spring and early summer: Images of Terra Flora
We have been blessed this spring and early summer with much new life and vitality here at Terra Flora: we have four new lambs, the birds are nesting all about us, and beautiful butterflies are helping to pollinate the flowers, which are in great abundance and beauty. See images of some of these delights here.
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Social Service Work
Helping the People of Haiti:
Using Flower Essences for Earthquake Relief Aid
Venerable Thupten Jinpa traveled to Haiti hoping to evacuate his 85-year-old father, who survived the earthquake with few injuries but severe emotional trauma. In the meantime, he ran a clinic and offered free community meals to the neighborhood. A large amount of essential oils for prevention of epidemics, homeopathic remedies, flower essences and some food money had been collected and organized by Julia Graves. The clinic was set up in his father's backyard under tarps for shelter. People from near and far lined up for treatment—approximately 4,000 were treated in all. Read a report about this marvelous humanitarian effort.
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Practitioner Case Presentations
Healing Family Bonds:
A case showing soul levels of healing with Baby Blue Eyes


This is an FES certification case study as submitted by Rosângela Teixeira upon her completion of study at Instituto Cosmos de Terapia Floral, Campinas, Brazil. Deep analysis on the part of the practitioner is required for case studies submitted for FES certification and this case is one such example. The lead flower essence of this therapeutic process was Baby Blue Eyes, which Rosângela now considers to be a fundamental flower essence in almost all of her formulations.

Read this case in Portuguese.

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Combining Several Modalities for Deep Healing

Read about the in-depth healing practice of Iolanda Sarri, and two of her case studies which were submitted for the FES certification program as administered by the GAIA centre in Barcelona, Spain. Iolanda provides her patients with tools for transformation and empowerment.

Animal Case Studies

Practitioner Mary Szczurek submitted two remarkable animal case studies as part of the FES Certification Program. The quality of life for these animals was vastly improved through the use of flower essences. Read about Maize, who developed self-composure and self-confidence, and Lucky, who regained her vitality and began to relax in her surroundings after the introduction of a new family member.

Creating Harmonius Relationships with Quaking Grass Flower Essence

Regina de Freitas, FES certified practitioner, shares her insights on the use of Quaking Grass flower essence as a key essence for developing consensus and cohesion in group relationships.

Read these insights in Portuguese.

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Plant Study

Learning to Read the Book of Nature:
Madia: A Flower Essence Plant Study

“We…recognized that as creators of plant medicines, we have a special moral responsibility for accuracy and precision in describing their qualities. This requires clarity and objectivity in our plant studies, as well as thorough corroboration of our insights by the evidence of clinical experience with the actual flower essence.

“Such a responsibility is also an opportunity, for our flower essence plant studies can lead us to a meditative path…that, rather than withdrawing from the world, challenges us to imbue our sense perception with awakened consciousness. In this way the dichotomy of science and spirit can be bridged.” Read a plant study of Madia written by Richard Katz that illustrates this method of plant study.

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La floriterapia nella rieducazione visiva/
Educaciòn visual y Terapia Floral

Flower essence therapy addresses soul issues and helps people recognize their inner beauty, allowing the eyes to see reality more clearly. Read an article written in Spanish and Italian by Lola Perez, which deals with difficulties of the eyes and vision.

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Archetypal Character Study
Forget-Me-Not and Chico Xavier


On April 2nd, 2010, Chico Xavier, Brazil’s most famous spiritualist, would have been 100 years old if he were still alive. His birthday was celebrated all over Brazil in many ways. This celebration of Chico Xavier was an appropriate occasion to post the archetypal character study written by Cássia Regina Ferreira dos Santos about Forget-Me-Not and Chico Xavier.

Read this study in Portuguese.

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A Tipping Point For Homeopathy?
And a bridge to using other vibrational medicines?

A landmark paper on homeopathy and cancer appeared in the February 2010 issue of the International Journal of Oncology. Scientists at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (MDA), led by Moshe Frenkel, MD, have confirmed the ability of four homeopathic remedies to induce apoptosis (programmed cell death) in breast cancer cell lines in the laboratory. Two of the remedies investigated in this study, Carcinosin and Phytolacca, appeared similar to the activity of paclitaxel (Taxol), the most commonly used chemotherapeutic drug for breast cancer, when it was tested in the same two adenocarcinoma cell lines investigated in this study. This study may well support the bridge to the use of other vibrational medicines for the treatment of cancer. Read more here.

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La floriterapia nella rieducazione visiva


Criando relacionamentos harmoniosos com a Essência Floral Quaking Grass

Curando vínculos familiares

Forget-Me-Not e Chico Xavier


Educaciòn visual y Terapia Floral

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