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Dear Friends,

We greet you at this time when the plants and trees here at Terra Flora have turned their forces inward toward the warmth of the Earth, just as we are also experiencing the inner rejuvenation process inherent in the winter season.

In this e-journal, we honor and celebrate just some of the many practitioners with whom we’ve been in contact over the last months who are doing heartfelt loving work with flower essences. Here you will read about how flower essences have been critical for healing, helping people in need, and how they have vastly improved the quality of life for children and animals.

May you enjoy a soul-full season!

The FES Team

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Social Service Project
Cambodia Acupuncture Project:
Introducing acupuncture and flower essences to a country
recovering from civil war and genocide

Read a preliminary report sent to FES by Michael Wenz, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and his wife, Alexandra Beland-Wenz N.D, regarding their volunteer work with the Cambodia Acupuncture Project in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Cambodia is a country recovering from 30 years of civil war and genocide.


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Practitioner Profiles
The Work of Mark Wells:
Leading Flower Essence Practitioner and Educator in Australia

Mark Wells has played a leading role in Australia educating others in flower essence therapy. Now, over a quarter of a century later, and with four other books published in the natural therapies field, he is poised to publish a book exclusively dedicated to flower essences entitled The Essential Flower Essence Book – flower essences for living, healing, personal growth and transformation. Read more about his work and practice here.

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Opening up a home opens the psyche:
the use of flower essences in the home remodeling process
The process of remodeling or building a home has often been cited as one of the causes for a couple to undergo divorce. Due to the high stress, necessity for communication and making decisions, and the high level of disruption inherent in any remodeling process, concurrent therapeutic attention for a couple and family has great value. Read an article written by Nicholas Borrell which outlines the development of his incorporation of flower essence therapy into his construction business.
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Addressing the Emotional Basis for Healing

Dr. Lorina Shinsato has a special interest in the emotional basis of illness. “The emotional component exists before it manifests as a physical problem. When a person does not listen to their body’s signals, their physical symptoms then show up in stronger ways. Sometimes pain is just pain from an injury. But often when someone comes in for pain, other issues unravel with it. I then begin dealing with the emotional component and holding patterns they exhibit.”

Addressing the Emotional Basis for Healing: the Naturopathic Practice of Dr. Lorena Shinsato

Lead essences that Lorina uses

Becoming aware of personal boundaries

Easing up on anxiety and fear leading toward more confidence

Clearing physical toxicity and toxic emotions


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Supporting the Healing Process with Flower Essences

Dr. Leslie Batten has seen that when a part of the body hurts or somehow is bothering patients physically, it almost always revolves around deep-seated emotional issues stemming from a long time in the past; the emotions have been suppressed, and are now bubbling to the surface. These past issues are particularly childhood related and often involve some type of abuse. These issues seemingly are secret, being kept from oneself, until they come out.

Supporting the Healing Process with Flower Essences: the work of Dr. Leslie Batten

Freeing from depression a sun-radiant personality

Lack of direction transforms to a calmer outlook on life

Easing the effects of trauma and supporting inner strength

Releasing anxiety brought about by childhood abuse


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Pulse Testing: a body-based approach to selecting flower essences

Debbie Engelmann utilizes pulse testing, a non-subjective method, based on traditional Chinese medicine to determine which flower essences, vitamins, supplements, or herbs are needed in each case. When the various pulse points are out of balance by varying degrees, such as a pulse point “pounding away” or if one is suppressed, the correct essence placed in a patient’s hand will restore balance...

Pulse Testing: a body-based approach to selecting flower essences utilized by practitioner Debbie Engelmann

Lead essences for Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Down Syndrome

Flower essences for rape crises healing

Clearing the need for anti-depressant medication

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Grief: A core issue for this time

Dr. Sherri Zysk found that the flower essences had a significant impact in helping her to cope with life as she moved through her grief: With grief, you can’t go away from it, you have to go through it, there is no way out. There are many ways through it and flower essences helped me to be able to truly mourn instead of just feeling the desolation.

Grief: A core issue for this time; The work of Dr. Sherri Zysk

Key essences for the grief process

Transforming fear into confidence

Healing the loss of relationship with a daughter

Grieving and accepting the loss of sexuality


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Healing the Emotional Life of Animals

Nedda Wittel believes that animals are sentient beings – intelligent and self-aware – with their own unique perspective and life purposes. This understanding is the basis of her professional work in animal communication today. Nedda finds that flower essences are a powerful tool in resolving issues related to the emotions of animals.

Healing the Emotional Life of Animals;
The Power of Animal Communication Combined with Flower Essences

”I really could feel the effects; emotional issues were released and cleared…I was fascinated.”

Using flower essences for caretaker and animal

Recognizing that animals have feelings

An animal communication session with Nedda

Establishing healthy boundaries and easing anxiety

From abandonment and emotional pain to a whole new life


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Animal Case Studies

Healing Man’s Best Friend:
Transforming the Lives of Three Dogs with Flower Essences
Case Studies by Animal Practitioner Kamrin MacKnight

This is a most intriguing case, showing how the hyper energetic behavior of this Golden Retriever is embedded within a whole constellation of other simultaneous family issues involving the caretaker, the loss of her mother, the loss of another dog, Sophia, and the involvement of three other cats.

Darby: Establishing authentic identity and becoming more centered and focused

This a good case showing the archetypal use of Penstemon and also Self-Heal, for helping Toby recover from a devastating injury and perform as a track dog. An injury to the mouth and nasal area is far more devastating to a dog as their sense of smell is their key orientation, and all the more so if they are to perform as a track animal.

Toby: overcoming physical injury and gaining confidence

This is an important case showing how fearful, tense, hyper-vigilant behavior can be transformed in a dog. The kinds of behavioral traits Spryte exhibited are especially predominant in dogs who have not developed good bonding and trust issues in puppyhood and early adulthood – this is likely the case with Spryte who was adopted at five months of age.

Spryte: transforming fear and hyper-vigilant behavior into an improved quality of life

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Physical Conditions of Cats Improved as a Result of
Flower Essence Therapy
Case Studies by Animal Practitioner Faun Fenderson

This is an interesting report about Charles, a cat, whose inappropriate behavior and digestive difficulties manifested because of his need for more attention from his person.

Sir Charles Lion V: Reactiviity to the environment transformed by flower essences and attention

Sunny was found lifeless under the couch one day, with no indication as to the cause. He remained in a coma-like condition for several weeks. Over the course of the flower essence therapy, Sunny became more confident and more physically "present."

Sunny: Healing Physical Damage to the Body at the Soul Level

Nila: Extreme Sensitivity Healed
by Practitioner Jaime Stover Schmitt

I was struck in this case study by how clearly the flower essences worked, how straightforward their effects were notable in an animal. Certainly, a cat is a sentient being of great complexity. Perhaps it is due to my human inability to understand the great levels of communication and sensitivity of felines, but in this study, I was not diverted into ponderings of human defenses and confusion. Nila’s true transformation was a straight path, unadulterated by numerous unaccountable variables.

Nila: using flower essences to overcome the dramatic effects of life changes

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Archetypal Character Studies
Archetypes are universal forces originating at the highest levels of creation to shape the physical world of Nature as well as the human soul. Larger than a single “thing,” they are the prototypes or patterns that emanate from the spiritual world and are revealed in symbols, images, gestures, energetic patterns and qualities in both nature and human culture. The ability to become articulate in this language is a fundamental practitioner skill in flower essence therapy. Presented are two archetypal character studies written by students as part of their requirements for the FES Certification Program.


“The King's Speech” – Prince Albert, the Duke of York as the Larch Flower Essence Archetype by Mary Sheehan-Harris


When a Bee Hovers: Mata Amritanandamayi, the Splendid Mariposa Lily by Jaime Stover Schmitt
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I have been working on identifying major archetypes in my family. Can you recommend flower essences that would deal with "victimhood" as an archetype? I have hesitated using essences for "symptoms" preferring to address their underlying causes.

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FES Professional Course
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FES Professional Course with Spanish translation
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June 12-17, 2014

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