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Dear Friends,

Here at Terra Flora, we await the re-emergence of the energy of the plant world from the seasonal rest and residence in the depths of the earth. Within our own hearts and souls as well, we have honored the impulse to go within and be in quietude for the winter months.

We are pleased to invite you to read this current e-journal celebrating and presenting the work and energy of dedicated practitioners. Their labors have born the fruit which nourishes the work in the field of flower essence therapy.

May you and yours be well this season!

The FES Team

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Social Service Project

Bringing Flower Essences to Nepal

"In Nepal, many women I worked with live with a great deal of stress they are often unaware of. They carry emotional and physical stress from living a hard life of farm work, limited access to healthcare and unequal treatment, often abuse. I witnessed many women experience greater ease in life after flower essence therapy.

Dr. Brooke Bodeen was a volunteer naturopathic doctor with the non-profit, Mindful Medicine Worldwide. For five months, she saw patients at Thrangu Tashi Choeling Free Clinic, an integrative clinic serving over 7, 000 patients at a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Namobuddha, Nepal, just outside the Kathmandu Valley. Read more of Dr. Bodeen's outstanding report here.


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Research Study
Using Personalized Bach Flower Therapy for Diabetic Patients with Dyslipidemia

Miriam Mahia Vilas and her colleagues found in their scientific study that treatment with personalized Bach flower therapy applied with the conventional treatment for metabolic control of diabetes and lipid levels for 8 weeks was associated with decreased levels of pathological blood glucose, total cholesterol and triglycerides. Read the study in English or the original article in Spanish.

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Practitioner Profiles & Reports

Helping Children Cope with Neurological Impairments

Amidst the intense, sensory-rich, and stimulating energy of one of the most populated metropolitan areas of the world (over 20 million people), Aryanish Patel conducts her practice helping children with neurological impairments. Read about her work with children in Mumbai, India.

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Flower Essence Therapy for Animal Allergies & Leading Essences Used
in the Holistic Veterinary Practice of Dr. Laura Cutullo
It is a miracle that animals live domestically with humans! This is only possible because the animal has chosen to accept a reality totally divorced from its natural habitat; and the animals choose this human-based reality out of Love.Read an article about the work of Dr. Laura Cutullo, which features practical holistic information for people and animals.
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Enlivening the Theater of the Soul; Dreams & Flower Essences

Tatjiana Sesum
When clients relate a dream, Tatjiana Sesum tries to determine the connection between the feelings illustrated in the dream and their real lives. If there is a match or similar emotions occur both in their awake and dream states, she addresses those emotions. She says, “The conscious and unconscious parts of the brain are trying to resolve the same emotional knot which prevents their life from being as rich as it can be.” Read about Tatjiana's case work and discussion of dreams as related to flower essence therapy.
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How the Flower Essences Support Soul Process:
Three Healing Stories

Kim Uildriks is a registered psychologist in Australia who utilizes a strongly intuitive approach to therapy. While specializing in trauma, Kim also provides assistance to clients with a wide range of emotional challenges. Read three heartfelt stories involving Gorse, Five-Flower Formula and Star of Bethlehem flower essences.

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Book Reviews

Julia Graves Introduces Her New Book The Language of Plants

Julia Graves is a life-long student, practitioner and teacher of herbalism. Read about her phenomenal experiences, and the inception and publication of her recent book, The Language of Plants. “My hope is that this book will spark a renaissance of true holistic relationships to plants, embracing nature as meaningful and alive. When a healer thus trained in reading nature finds the healing plant that is the exact energetic match to the energetic distortion of the ailing person, true holistic healing takes place in quantum leaps,” remarks Julia.
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Richard Katz Reviews Thinking Like a Plant

“This is much more than a book about plants, although it has much to say about how we can develop the faculties for a much deeper appreciation of the living beings we call plants. If we are receptive and awake to what a plant is, how it lives and grows, there are profound implications for the environmental movement, the philosophy of science, and for education at all levels.” Read more written by Richard Katz in regard to Thinking Like a Plant, a book by Craig Holdredge.

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New Presentations in Portuguese

Estudo Arquetípico - Echinacea: a força de Madonna por Anete B. E. Effting

"Mr. Redwood " – um caso ilustrativo por Rosana S. Vieira

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Course Announcements

Save the dates!

FES Professional Course with Spanish translation
(limited to practitioners whose first language is Spanish)

June 12-16, 2014
This course is the prerequisite course for the optional FES Certification Program. Details here.

FES Professional Course
July 10-14, 2014

This is the prerequisite course for the optional FES Certification Program. Details here.

Aroma and Flowers:
Rousing the Senses and Renewing the Soul

July 31-August 3, 2014
Aa exceptional seminar with Patricia Kaminski and guest presenter, Kathi Keville, exploring the marriage of two powerfully synchronistic healing modalities:
flower essence therapy and aromatherapy.
Details can be found here.

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