by Cássia Regina Ferreira dos Santos
edited by Rosana Souto – FES authorized teacher

FES note: On April 2nd, Chico Xavier, Brazil’s most famous spiritualist, would have been 100 years old if he were still alive.

His birthday was and is being celebrated all over Brazil in many ways – a biographical film was launched with great anticipation and the media is exploring his life with special programs and discussions about his spiritual gifts.

This celebration of Chico Xavier is an appropriate occasion to post the archetypal character study written by Cássia Regina Ferreira dos Santos about Forget-Me-Not and Chico Xavier. This piece was presented by Cassia as part of the requirements of the FES certification program under the direction of Rosana Souto of Instituto Cosmos de Terapia Floral, Campinas, Brazil.

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Chico XavierChico Xavier (1910-2002) lost his mother at the age of 5. He had been in contact with the spiritual world, that is the world of the dead, since he was 4 years old. After her death, he was advised by his mother, Maria João de Deus, and he followed the advice which he received. He suffered a lot during the years he lived with his stepmother; she beat him severely and he prayed to endure it without complaining, always finding support from his mother’s spirit.

Serving as a bridge to the spirit world

From an early age, he served as an instrument of communication with the dead by passing the messages received from them over to their dear relatives everywhere – from the church confessionary to the school.

He was constantly ridiculed and viewed as a madman. In 1927, at the age of 17, already in a spiritual center, he started receiving messages signed by Maria João de Deus, his mother, with the orientation of a spiritual friend, Emmanuel.

Soon, the spirits of famous authors started manifesting through him and this brought great controversy to his work.

Chico worked during the day as a cashier at a small market and at night, he acted as a medium and did “automatic writing” from deceased Brazilian authors such as Humberto de Campos and Augusto dos Anjos, among others. All the money raised from his work was donated to the Brazilian Spirit Federation and to other associated entities. Chico was a humble man and was not at all ambitious in the negative sense of the word.

From 1940 on, as a medium, he wrote deceased people’s letters to soothe the hearts of their dearest relatives. In 1967, he began to do this work publicly.

A prolific “automatic writer”

In 1943, he wrote Nosso Lar “Our Home”, as a medium for the spirit of André Luiz, which up until today is one of his most famous works. In this book, the world of the dead is described in detail and the importance of dedication and charity to the spiritual evolution is emphasized. The book also provides relevant information about the continuous work done by beings in the spiritual world.

At that time also, Chico worked as a scribe and one of his eyes was already severely compromised – “He read and wrote books, studied, assisted the sick, visited families, and had no rest. He lived to be the bridge for the other world to communicate for charity.”¹ (Souto Maior, M)

My ideal is to live the gospel according to the Lord Jesus Christ and to humbly serve man.

— Chico Xavier

In 1949, Chico Xavier had already had 30 books published. He was sensitive, saw and heard dead people, materialized rose petals and, many times, he left a scent of roses where he passed by. He healed people from physical maladies – always asking for secrecy and discretion, and he alleviated the sorrow from desperate hearts.

He was adored and/or criticized, ridiculed and, at many times, betrayed by relatives that used his name for profit and advantage. Chico always responded to this with silence or by dignifying one of that person’s qualities.

In 1959, he moved to Uberaba, Minas Gerais, and started to share the automatic writing work with the psychic Waldo Oliveira – one would write the odd pages and the other the even ones. Chico had an intense routine: he had spiritual meetings on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays, other jobs of spiritual assistance on Wednesdays, and every afternoon, he helped to distribute soup to the poor. On Saturdays, he visited outlaying neighborhoods and, on Sundays, he liked to speak about the gospel under an avocado tree.

Gradually, the initial endeavors grew and he helped to start offering medical and dental treatment for the needy, a bookstore, a shelter for the elderly, a sewing room for the donation of warm clothes, a library, and a big room for the distribution of 700 to 1000 bowls of soup a day.

Self-less service and esteemed elder

In 1980, at the age of 70, Chico had been the medium for 183 books. At the age of 84, there were 375 books with 8 million copies published in 15 languages. At that time, he had also written 10,000 “letters” from the dead to their families and given 360,000 autographs. All together, Chico Xavier left a collection of 412 books written in his role as a medium.

His house was constantly surrounded by hundreds of people who wanted to get a word, a glimpse, some tenderness from that short and almost blind man that received them, nearly til dawn, always with a smile, patience and love.

Even at the end of his life, with his body already very fragile, Chico Xavier made the effort to be present at spiritist meetings in order to receive some message that could diminish the sorrow in the heart of a person who was there.

Forget-Me-Not: a bridge between two dimensions

Forget-Me-Not (Myosotis silvatica) belongs to the Boraginaceae family, a botanical family whose subtle qualities include working with sorrow, the relief from the weight of the earthly incarnation and the deeply internalized sadness in the heart, through the development of our spiritual conscience. It’s an annual blue flower, which can grow up to 10 cm and that returns through the propagation of its light-filled seeds through the wind. It’s a spiritual flower that makes us feel the connection between earth and sky; it is a bridge between these two dimensions.

Chico Xavier softened the pain from the separation of these two worlds by taking this feeling of loneliness from us and enhancing our perception for the connection with the members of our true human family. He was our great comforter by bringing us awareness of our spirit’s immortality and knowledge that we are never alone. The same way as Forget-Me-Not, Chico Xavier was the living example to guide us “towards a greater love for the human family and towards a greater conscious perception of the unbelievable deepness, beauty and the possibility of relationships between souls.” (Kaminski P. & Katz R.) 


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Forget-Me-Not photos by Richard Katz

Cássia Regina Ferreira dos Santos has vast training in flower essence therapy having participated in various courses with producers and researchers of different flower essence systems in Brazil and abroad.
She graduated in Physical Education at UNESP/Rio Claro and is a Specialist in Body Techniques by Sportzentrum der Technischen Universität München – Germany. She is also a Reiki and massage therapist, and uses applied kinesiology in her therapeutic approach.

Cássia was a 2003 student of the FES Practitioner Training held in conjunction with Instituto Cosmos de Terapia Floral in Campinas, SP. In December 2007, she concluded the FES Certification Program successfully becoming a FES Certified Practititioner.  At present she is both a Healingherbs and FES authorized teacher in Rio Claro, SP. Contact Cássia:


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