Sir Charles the Lion V


Certification Program case study presented by practitioner Faun Fenderson

Editor’s note: This narrative has been edited for web presentation.

Adopted as a kitten, survivor of Hurricane Katrina,

separation from family, digestive issues

Standoffish, multiple cat companions, comfortable home,
marking territory, busy active environment

Goals: resolving digestive issues, eliminate marking, reduce digestive difficulties

Narrative of Charles’ transition as he continued to have the flower essence formula—

Calmer, able to be indoors, though still disturbed by noise and activity

Flower essences and more attention help with attitude

Calm, happy and thriving on attention

About Faun Fenderson


This case was a combination of flower essence therapy and animal communication. Sir Charles the Lion V (“Charles”), a large, 15+ lbs, 8 or 9 year-old neutered male orange tabby cat, had been exhibiting what seemed to his person, JB, to be digestive disorders: vomiting, urinating and defecating in places other than the litter box. Following telepathic communication it was revealed that although Charles had some physical issues in the past, the cause of his inappropriate elimination was a desire and/or need for more of JB’s attention. It was further revealed that Charles was attempting to assist JB in her own desire to open her “vision;” to expand her psychic awareness, by inspiring her to focus more on the here and now. JB was also participating in flower essence therapy at the time. As a result of flower essence therapy, Charles and JB developed a closer, deeper relationship. Charles stopped the inappropriate elimination for the most part, and JB has begun to communicate with Charles on a different level.

Adopted as a kitten, survivor of Hurricane Katrina, separation from family, digestive issues

Charles was adopted as a kitten from the Louisiana SPCA with another kitten as a companion. (The other cat died a couple of years later.) No information is known about either of his parents. Charles had upper respiratory issues when adopted and was missing the whiskers on one side of his face. The SPCA advised not to adopt him (he was to be euthanized). For two weeks after adoption he was isolated in the bathroom where a humid environment was created for him with steam from the shower.

Charles’ first home was with JB and her male companion, C. They were all together 1-2 years prior to Hurricane Katrina (2005), after which the family was split up for a period of time and Charles then lived with C. alone with other cats. During the evacuation following the hurricane, Charles had been confined to a small space with four other cats and was kept either in a box or in one room. Charles lived with C. for approximately 1½ years in JB’s physical vicinity and was able to and did visit with JB on a regular basis. Due to issues with JB and C. and the split up cat family, Charles was moved to live with JB.

Charles has had known digestive problems for 4-5 years, beginning after the hurricane when he had blood in his fecal matter. At one time, he was given an anti-parasitic medicine. He also had digestive problems (vomiting and soft fecal matter) during a period when JB had a boyfriend with "erratic energy" (who “was not an animal person”). The issue cleared up after she broke up with him.  Charles had a bladder infection – peed on everything, and had blood in his urine. His bladder infection started just before she went out of town and after the digestive issues had gotten better. JB stated that his last digestive issue was that he vomited a couple of days prior to our first session.

JB admitted that Charles had never received a proper diagnosis. She does not take him to the vet, though she consults with a homeopathic vet on occasion. She tends to diagnose the issues herself and treat them intuitively.

Charles had been eating canned food until he lived with C., when his diet was changed to an all dry food diet. He is now eating Evo grain-free dry food (and at initial consultation, with cranberry powder added). JB indicated she thought he may be allergic to grain and she put cranberry powder on his food because of his prior bladder infection (which she thought to be from a high protein diet). Charles doesn’t like the taste of the cranberry powder (per telepathic communication) but eats it anyway. During the initial session, JB read the food package and discovered that there is already cranberry in the food and discontinued the cranberry powder addition. JB also stated that Charles tends to lose weight if he is not on an Evo diet. She related that when she gave the cats wet food “they got whiny around the food” and were not calm, thus she prefers to feed them the dry Evo.

Standoffish, multiple cat companions, comfortable home, marking territory, busy active environment

On initial consultation Charles was standoffish, though approachable.His coat appeared dry though healthy. He had no obvious lesions or dryness to his skin. He appeared to be in generally good health. Charles appeared to have a “grumpiness” about him – which he exhibited towards both felines and humans. He seemed to want to be left alone and gave the indication that he might become combative if not. He made no vocalizations of any kind. His eating and sleeping habits at this time seemed normal for a cat with an indoor-outdoor living arrangement. He was not particularly agitated, though there was the “grumpy” undercurrent. JB was concerned about his inappropriate urination and marking inside the apartment, and he was being barred from coming indoors without supervision as a result. JB related that Charles marks new things that are brought into the house: e.g., a new broom, or a room that he is denied access to. He also urinates in the house when there are too many people around; and he occasionally marks because of other cats.

Charles lives with JB and a younger female calico cat (“Cali”) in a studio apartment in New Orleans. The apartment is on the second floor of a circa 1900 house with a first-floor space used by JB as a professional massage treatment area. JB works partly in this space and partly for a spa, thus her time at home varies. There is an attached fenced wooden deck off of the upstairs living space which extends the living area and gives the cats a secure outdoor space. It is a cozy space: JB has a number of plants in containers on the deck as well as a variety of outdoor furniture.

JB stated that the cats get along fine and that if it’s cold they will snuggle with each other. JB also cares for two feral cats. Charles and Cali get along with these two and they all hang out on her deck. There appear to be additional feral cats who come onto the outside deck area from time to time and are chased off by one or the other of the cats. JB says Charles likes her current boyfriend, N., who takes care of Charles and Cali when JB is out of town.

JB stated that she puts Charles outside when he has digestive issues and when he marks, and he stays outside during the day while she is working. JB indicated that she doesn’t let Charles stay in the house if she’s gone (day or night) because she’s afraid he will pee; she creates a warm spot for him outside when it’s cold. Cali, the other cat, is left inside with access to all rooms, and Cali assists JB in her massage treatments by lying on the massage table and/or on the client during the treatments.

At the time of initial consultation, JB’s life was frenetic: lots of activity, coming and going. Work activity, and social and creative activity. Her mental life seemed to be as frantic as the physical; always busy. JB seemed for the most part to be very positive but busy. She seemed easily distracted and altered off course by the next interesting thing. In her flower essence therapy JB indicated a desire to connect more fully with other beings. As a result of JB’s busy-ness and Charles’ “banishment” to the outdoors, her interaction with Charles was somewhat limited.

Goals: resolving digestive issues, eliminate marking, reduce digestive difficulties

The flower essence therapy goals for Charles as stated by JB were to resolve digestive issues; to reduce and or eliminate his marking; and to reduce or eliminate his vomiting.

Following initial consultation and the first telepathic communication with Charles it was felt that Charles’ digestive issues were a result of his relationship with JB, her lifestyle and the intrusion of other cats and people into his life. There was also a hint of jealousy regarding Cali’s ability to stay indoors and assist with the healing treatments.

The remedy combination was chosen as follows: practitioner notes were transcribed; key words were highlighted and a list was made of the highlighted words, from which was developed a left-brain sense of the major underlying issues. The FES Repertory was then searched based on the key word list. Next a list of possible essence choices was derived from this search. Finally, intuition, muscle-testing and telepathic communication were used to ascertain which of those essences, if any, were appropriate for Charles.

The initial, and ongoing, formula was:

Baby Blue Eyes - Early rejection & lack of support hardened into mistrustful attitude

California Pitcher Plant - tendency to weak digestion; difficulty breaking down foreign elements in food; physical vigor and strength through harnessing instinctive forces

Chicory - Illness may be to get attention

Impatiens - Tendency to eat too fast

Self-Heal - Confidence in body's ability to digest and assimilate food; being nourished and energized by what one eats

Quaking Grass - Dysfunctional in group settings, inability to compromise, over-attachment to personal will and desire in social situations.

Even before telepathic communication with Charles it was fairly clear that there were issues between JB and Charles that needed addressing: a need for more attention, in particular. It was determined that one of the goals of the joint therapy was to assist Charles and JB to more effectively communicate with one another, which would lead to healing of the other issues. It was recommended to JB that she begin by speaking more (out loud) with Charles and tell him when she was leaving, where she was going and when she would return home; tell him the reason for his banishment at the time it happens; and in general to explain to him what was going on. A technique for communicating/connecting with him while away was also suggested. In the end, the times when JB administered the flower essences became a bonding period for Charles and JB.

Narrative of Charles’ transition as he continued to have the flower essence formula—


Calmer, able to be indoors, though still disturbed by noise and activity

Charles was curled up on the bed (across from where we were talking) during the entire meeting – flower essences were given to him upon arrival and again on departure, applied to his ears as he indicated in the telepathic conversation. He was very willing to receive them and “smiled” after the application.

Per JB, since beginning the flower essence therapy he has been calmer; he has been allowed to stay inside; she leaves him inside while she’s gone at night but not during the day while it’s sunny though cold. He did vomit on the new rug a couple of days prior to the session and also vomited in the bathtub the night before this session. (There had been lots of activity around the house – plants being moved in and out due to the weather changes, work being done in neighborhood nearby.)

JB was asked to notice what’s going on when he acts up (construction, etc) and how often she is giving him flower essences at the time. It was suggested that she  give him flower essences more often; put them in his water, in his bed, etc., and that flower essences will help move beyond surface issues; the surface issue being that noise and activity cause him to pee and vomit. She was also asked to pay special attention to the abandonment/loneliness issues identified in the telepathic communication.

JB related that his coat is soft now – and that other people comment on this. JB commented, “his external comfort is reflected in his coat.” JB also stated that Charles responds to her when she speaks (verbally) with him.

During the first flower essence period, JB had a dinner party with 6 people (she has a tiny apartment) and Charles slept on the guests’ coats on the bed (in the middle of the room) the entire time, as opposed to hiding - or urinating - as he might have done in the past.

Flower essences and more attention help with attitude

Charles looked “grumpy” at the beginning of the session but upon administration of flower essences and the attention shown by the photos above, his attitude changed. It appears that Charles is still reacting to excessive external stimuli (there has been a lot during this period) and somewhat to JB’s inattentive periods. However, his inappropriate elimination in response to these issues has lessened.

Except for Mardi Gras and JB being gone for five days, things have been stable. Charles was allowed to be inside; then the weather was nice, and he was able to go outside. Additionally, it has been quiet in the neighborhood: there is no construction nearby, i.e. no external noise to bother him. The restaurant/store next door has live music at night and Charles is not affected by it. JB has been talking to him more, “connecting.” JB has been staying at home more. Charles doesn’t attack Cali as much (he used to do it when he was frustrated); they can share space together, or be in the same place; they cuddled in the cold weather.

JB has given Charles the flower essences “as much as she sees him” – at night and a couple of times during the day. N., the boyfriend, gives them to him too. JB said she tries to give the flower essences to Charles 4 times a day. “Charles loves the flower essences.”  JB puts them on his ears, head, face, neck, down his back, onto his tail. She demonstrated the technique. They ran out of flower essences 3 to 6 days prior to this session. Charles vomited and also peed on the stove during the period when they had none.

When asked “How has he been acting ?” JB stated, “His fur is soft; he was sitting on the counter (breakfast bar) prior to the session; he eats slower and hangs out on the porch/deck with the other (feral) cats.” JB also stated that Charles is still calm with other people around.

JB was advised to give him Animal Relief Formula or Five-Flower Formula during times of stressful activity, in addition to his combination remedy. Following discussion with JB (and Charles) it was determined that the initial remedy was still appropriate for Charles at this time.

Additional telepathic communication with Charles seemed to indicate that he was delighted with the attention that the flower essences were bringing.

Calm, happy and thriving on attention

Telepathic communications with both Charles and Cali indicated that Charles felt calmer and was recognizing his role in JB’s development.

JB has had a calmer life style and has been at home most of the time. She has taken no vacations nor been away from the apartment for extended periods. She has been working from home more. Charles has not been inappropriately urinating in the house nor has he been vomiting. He eats more slowly and is calm and happy. JB states that he “loves the flower essences,” that he asks for them and she gives them to him as often as he asks for them, which is 3 or more times per day.

Charles was lying on the counter where the session was taking place, with his stomach exposed, purring, tail wagging throughout the session, clearly enjoying the attention of two humans.

JB had been out of town for a week; someone came twice a day to feed the cats and let them outside. Charles was happy on her return and showed no signs of lack of attention. She also stated that he has not been vomiting nor inappropriately eliminating inside the house. He is “very balanced, centered, happy, in control of his environment and it’s his in a non-forceful way.” This is in direct relation to JB’s development as well, which is much more focused and calm.

There still seem to be instances where Charles is aggravated with JB’s inattention to him: Charles peed outside in a potted plant when she was sitting outside with a friend; JB had just come home from work and the friend arrived earlier than expected (i.e., no time to acclimate with the cats). JB indicated that Charles has been biting Cali’s neck lately. (Telepathic communication indicated that “they are cats” and have occasional cat issues with each other.)

JB gives him the flower essences 1 to 2 times a day whenever he comes to her and wants to be petted. JB says she knows when he wants the flower essences, and she is communicating with him but not having lengthy conversations. Communication with Charles indicated a very upbeat attitude and a dedication and intention to work with JB as long as needed. It also demonstrated a feeling of family among JB and the two cats.

About Faun Fenderson

Faun Fenderson is an animal communicator who incorporates flower essences and energy therapy in her work with both animals and humans. She lives in New Orleans with her long-time companion, Jim Gabour, and their feline friends surrounded by a lovely tropical garden. Faun became a Flower Essence Society certified practitioner in 2012. She may be contacted via email at

Photo of Faun by Cathy Weeks


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