Sunny case study


An FES Certification Program case study presented by practitioner Faun Fenderson

Editor’s note: This narrative has been edited for web presentation.

Adopted as kitten, revived from coma, debating whether to leave physical body


A large family of cats, a rebel nature and a capable caretaker


Goals: reintegration into the physical post-coma;
severe ear trauma (hearing loss, balance issues)


Biting behavior alleviated with Snapdragon flower essence


Further integration with body, balance issues

This began as an animal communication consultation. There were numerous telepathic communications with Sunny before a decision was made to include flower essence therapy.

Sunny, a medium-sized (10-12 lbs.) neutered male orange tabby cat, was found lifeless under the couch one day, with no indication as to the cause. It has since been ascertained that he may have sustained an injury to his head and/or right ear - and/or contracted an infection – when he escaped from the back yard enclosure. He remained in a coma-like condition for several weeks.

His human caretaker, TL, took him to various animal and human medical/veterinary specialists and alternative healers who were unable to diagnose or improve his condition. Telepathic communication indicated that he was struggling with making a decision to transition.

He was then taken to the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine Clinic in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where extensive neurologic examinations were performed. From these tests, it was determined that he had middle ear disease and rupture of the tympanic membrane of his right ear. There was no indication of the cause, though several possibilities were mentioned in the Discharge Notes, none of which offered any "curative treatment." He was given antibiotics on discharge and was later given Antivert for dizziness.

Sunny spent 3-4 weeks recuperating in a baby bed, wearing diapers. Gradually as he gained strength, he had supervised time on a blanket or cat bed on the floor. He is now re-integrated with his (large) cat family, though often chooses to remain independent.

The scope of the flower essence therapy had been to first, assist Sunny in making a decision whether or not to leave the physical plane, and thereafter to aid him in healing the infection and injury and to assist him in more fully integrating into his physical body. Over the course of the flower essence therapy, Sunny has become more confident and more physically "present." He has nearly regained all of his former abilities though still is a bit awkward and unable to perform some tasks (e.g., descend a staircase).

Adopted as kitten, revived from coma, debating whether to leave physical body

Sunny, now approximately 2½ years old, was adopted by TL as a kitten with his 6 siblings as a rescue from the street. Sunny’s health prior to his illness was excellent. When first seen, Sunny’s coat and skin were normal. He was unable to sit, stand or walk, and was barely able to hold his head up. He had just come out of a 3 ½ week coma, and was lying in a baby bed wearing diapers. At that time he was unable to interact with the other cats in his household, but seemed to be aware of their presence and that of TL (and practitioner). He made no vocalizations - and no purring. He has hissed at TL when she attempted to give him physical therapy (so that his muscles wouldn’t deteriorate from non-use). Telepathic communication indicated that he was debating whether or not to transition from the physical. He was being fed kitten milk and canned cat food thinned with water by dropper. He was sleeping 95% of the time, but was awake and somewhat alert while the practitioner was present.

A large family of cats, a rebel nature and a capable caretaker

Sunny lives with TL and her husband in suburban New Orleans. Both TL and her husband are retired. Since her husband’s retirement TL has been an activist for feral cats, adopting and assisting in finding homes for cats on the street.

TL adopted another litter of kittens, about the same number and close in age to Sunny's litter. They all share the same living space: mostly indoors at TL’s large 2-story house with backyard garden. There is a sun porch (room with many widows onto the garden) with cat door-like access to the garden.

TL was reluctant to allow the cats outdoors, but installed a cat fence (a design that inhibits cats from climbing over due to the inward-angle of the fencing) and gave the cats access to the back yard. TL states that Sunny was always a rebel and did not associate with humans, only cats. Prior to his injury, Sunny had been very independent, didn't want to be touched, was very playful, very active, rambunctious, and was his own boss. He was one of the first cats to find a way out of the enclosure.

The cats all appear to work as a family: with occasional tiffs amongst them, but are generally supportive of one another - with the exception of the older cat (whom TL calls “the Bad Cat”) who keeps to herself and discourages fraternization.

TL is an observant and capable caretaker. When she is going to be away from her home for an extended period of time she plans for the care of the cats, either in her home or at the home of another.  She is quick to take a cat to the vet if she even suspects a health issue. She also gives Reiki treatments to the cats if she feels it is appropriate.

Goals: reintegration into the physical post-coma; severe ear trauma (hearing loss, balance issues)

Once it was clear that Sunny had decided to remain in the physical, the goal was to assist him in being more fully present in the physical and to heal the injuries. The first flower essence remedy administered to Sunny addressed these issues:

Arnica - for shock or trauma

 - for inner strength

 - to tap into health-giving forces

Shooting Star
 - for not feeling at home on earth

Star of Bethlehem
 - for unity with the deepest part of the Self

Wild Rose
 - for the will to live, joy and commitment to life

Sunny’s commitment to staying on the physical plane grew with application of the first remedy combination. Also, following neurologic examination by the Vet School and as his physical condition improved with antibiotics, the extent of his injury/trauma was more apparent and the goal for healing the injury became more focused. Additionally, telepathic communication indicated that he was very much interested in continuing his physical life with TL and the cat family. As a result, the second formula eliminated Shooting Star and Wild Rose. Lady’s Slipper was added to assist in further focusing his physical and four-body system on healing as a whole, to align his spiritual vision with his physical body/vital forces.

Biting behavior alleviated with Snapdragon flower essence

TL indicated that Sunny was biting her on a frequent basis. Snapdragon was then added to the combination remedy as a temporary measure and the third remedy combination then consisted of Arnica, Dogwood, Lady's Slipper, Penstemon, Self-Heal, Star of Bethlehem and Snapdragon. The biting phase lasted for a little over a month at the end of which the Snapdragon was eliminated from the remedy combination.

Further integration with body, balance issues

The remedy combination was altered to increase Sunny’s integration into his body and for balance issues. As a result of muscle testing, intuition and telepathic communication, Sunny’s fourth remedy became:

Fawn Lily - inability to experience physical warmth, tendency to develop highly articulated inner world, cut off from others

- to help to incarnate, to come more fully into the body

 - for inner strength.

About Faun Fenderson

Faun Fenderson is an animal communicator who incorporates flower essences and energy therapy in her work with both animals and humans. She lives in New Orleans with her long-time companion, Jim Gabour, and their feline friends surrounded by a lovely tropical garden. Faun became a Flower Essence Society certified practitioner in 2012. She may be contacted via email at

Photo of Faun by Cathy Weeks




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