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Practitioner Kevin Zucker developed a game that uses the Affirm a Flower affirmation cards to help develop familiarity with the different FES and English flower essences, and practice in prescribing them.


The Flower Essence Game™
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How to play
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Solitaire version

Advanced version

About Kevin Zucker


I have a set of the Affirm a Flower affirmation cards which I had been using and I was working on another game when the idea for The Flower Essence Game™ just struck me. “Adjectives” were necessary for my game idea and I started collecting song verses from the radio, bits of poetry and scraps of overheard conversation. Then, I remembered the "Green" deck of cards that are part of the popular Apples to Apples® game (APPLES TO APPLES is a registered trademark of Mattel, Inc. © 2008 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

that has all the necessary adjectives. The only adjectives the deck contains that seem somewhat inappropriate are the cards that describe a person's wealth (I've never heard of using flower essences to treat wealth issues but perhaps it’s a possibility).

It took some time to settle on the correct number of adjective cards to use. If more than three Green cards are used at one time, it becomes very difficult. I discovered in playing the game the first time through, that it really helps to have a particular person in mind when one devises a flower essence combination. At first, the game was designed with each player looking at their own cards, but I realized that by seeing only the picture, it would give one's intuition a chance to develop in selecting the right flower essences.

I have found that this game is a great tool for learning the names and properties of the flower essences, just as flash cards help in learning a foreign language. Looking at a picture is much better than looking at the written word; it involves ten times as much of your brain's wiring. The game also provides useful case experience for a beginning flower essence practitioner.


The Flower Essence Game™

Items required

• One deck of Affirm a Flower affirmation cards (published by FES)

• One deck of Green Apple cards from the game Apples to Apples®

How to play

  1. 7 flower cards are dealt to each player, dealing the cards one at a time, picture side up, so that all the cards can be seen at the same time.
  2. 3 symptom (green) cards are laid out in the center of the playing area. Place them with the text side up, again, all cards visible.
  3. Read aloud the words on the symptom cards. This is the “Patient Profile.”
  4. The players agree on a well-known person who fits the Patient Profile, past or present, such as a movie star, politician, or even a mutual friend of all the players. Famous fictional persons are alright to consider as well.
  5. Players scan their eyes over the flower cards and turn over 1, 2, or 3 cards that their eyes land on first. Each player turns over his or her own cards. Separate those cards from the others.
  6. Now read the separate cards and pick one that relates to the symptom(s), if any, explaining to the other players how this addresses the symptom.
  7. Each player in turn plays one flower card that best addresses the symptom(s), explaining how this applies.
  8. Players scan over the remaining cards in front of them and pick those they wish to turn over.
  9. Repeat Steps 6 and 7 until all the cards that each player wants to introduce have been played.
  10. Discuss which of the flower essence cards introduced into play by the players best fit the symptoms. Refer to the Flower Essence Repertory (Kaminski and Katz) as needed. There may be more than one right answer. The goal is to agree on up to 5 essences for the perfect blend to fit the patient's symptoms.

Example of play

Patient Profile was: Boring, Luscious and Important

In discussion, Marilyn Monroe was thought of as the patient, with the way she was molded by the powerful forces in her life. As the problems of her life were discussed, the flower cards were examined.

The first player played Pretty Face as the first flower. It says—

“I accept all parts of my self. Light shines through darkness and pain. My whole self is my beautiful self. I am this Shining Star.”

This seemed to fit almost perfectly.

Then, the second player played Dogwood—

“My body is healed by flowing grace. I release what has become hardened. This gentle purity fills body and soul. I feel the blessing of grace-filled life.”

The full description of Dogwood in the Flower Essence Repertory was read—

“...If there is repeated violation of the body—either through physical or sexual abuse, or by very harsh physical living circumstances—the etheric body shrinks, and consequently the physical body hardens. ... ”

After reading this, it was felt that either flower card introduced would help address the life challenges of Marilyn Monroe; both players had right answers.

Solitaire version

Pull one card from the symptom deck and one from the flower deck. You can pick from anywhere in either deck. Determine whether the flower essence would be helpful and to what degree.

Advanced version

An “advanced” set of symptom cards could be created, drawing on short quotations from autobiographies, short stories, novels, poems, and song lyrics from many different artists. The players would have to first determine how to characterize the symptoms revealed in the artists’ words.

About Kevin Zucker

Kevin Zucker is a flower essence practitioner, musician and game designer, who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. He can be contacted at (410) 367-4004. Visit his website at


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