Healing Post-Partum Birth Trauma


By Rosana Souto Sobral Vieira
FES Certified Flower Essence Practitioner

I would like to report a remarkable case with the research essence of Glassy Hyacinth. This case involves a woman in her middle thirties who had been suffering from depression for at least five years. She experienced severe post partum depression after the birth of her first child. Since that time she used 
strong allopathic drugs for depression.

About three years ago, she became pregnant again and had to stop using the pharmaceutical drugs. My client had a very difficult pregnancy with many suicidal thoughts. Her medical doctors were concerned about the baby's health. The medical team made the decision to deliver her baby by Cesarean section. During the birth process, the doctors saw clearly that her child was born with Down Syndrome. With no forethought or tact, they announced this news right in the delivery room.

My client was extremely shocked by this news. It was so traumatic for her that she could not regain equilibrium. She entered a state of deep depression again. This episode was much more intense because she now had to grapple with all the special care and circumstances her new baby would need.

A medical nurse by profession, my client was unable to forgive the doctors for the insensitive manner in which they gave the news, during the most vulnerable point of her delivery. She originally came to me because she hoped to reduce her pharmaceutical medications for depression. All she wanted to do was to sleep and cry.

From an emotional level, I noted the profound feeling of anger inside her, which registered even at the spiritual level as a resentment against God for her fate. Her flower essence therapy included a number of key remedies, including Love-Lies-Bleeding, Holly, Willow, Star of Bethlehem and  Agrimony, along with time for counseling.

She improved during her initial therapy and was able to reduce the dosage of some of the pharmaceutical medicines for depression. She became more alert and responsive to her baby daughter and her special needs. 

Nevertheless, she experienced setbacks and her healing was still not at the deepest level. Using radiesthesia testing, I discovered that Glassy Hyacinth was strongly indicated. This gave me the insight that her pain from the original trauma was still quite deep. We talked about this and the healing qualities of this flower remedy. She described a scar at the surface of her soul, but inside she still experienced an open wound that exuded much pain.

Using Glassy Hyacinth in her formula created a real turning point in her case. She reported that the sensation of deep pain was being healed. As her soul dealt with the pain, she came to a deeper understanding of her child. She came to realize that her daughter is a gift from heaven for her spiritual development and learning. She now understands that her spiritual evolution will come through mothering her special needs child.

As she shared these most touching insights, I could hardly believe what I was hearing. It is such a blessing to witness the healing in her soul! While there are still many healing threads to weave together, Glassy Hyacinth has truly opened the door to her cure.

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Rosana Souto Sobral Vieira is a FES Certified Flower Essence  Practitioner, Flower Essence Society and Bach Healingherbs authorized teacher. She is director of Instituto Cosmos de Terapia Floral, Campinas, SP, Brazil.

Contact: www.cosmosinstituto.com.br
tel/fax: + 55 19 3233 4861


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