Announcing New Updated Publications by Esteemed Practitioner Gudrun Penselin


Gudrun Penselin has been a long-time Bach flower practitioner who since 1998 has developed beautiful materials to accompany the use of Bach flower remedies.

She says of the new revised materials and cards:

“As the vibrational frequencies of the Earth have been increasing steadily, bringing life to a dimension of enlightened awareness, the need once again arises to adjust the information brought forth by the Bach Flowers. The revised information ensures that the Bach Flowers continue to serve all life forms on the planet in moving forward and living a life in accordance with their Soul purpose.”

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Healing with Bach Flower Mandalas: Coloring Book

The system of healing developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s, known today as the Bach Flowers, is comprised of 38 flower essences plus the Rescue Remedy. The ultimate goal of this healing method is to assist us in freeing ourselves from limiting beliefs and emotions that hold us back from living our life to our full potential. "Healing with Bach Flower Mandalas: Coloring Book" features all the Bach Flowers including the Rescue Remedy in the form of mandalas. This combination provides vast potential and opportunity for healing, movement and transformation.

Healing with Bach Flower Mandalas: Coloring Book is a fun tool for working with Bach Flowers. Designing and coloring the Bach Flower mandalas can be enjoyed by anyone.

This valuable coloring book includes: Introduction to Edward Bach and the Bach Flowers; General information about mandalas; Suggestions for how to work with Bach Flower mandalas; Quotes from Edward Bach interwoven throughout; Messages from each of the Bach Flowers; A mandala for each flower as well as a blank page for reflections.

— Midwest Book Review

Healing Spirituality

Healing Spirituality by Gudrun Penselin (Clinical Herbal Therapist, Bach Flower Practitioner, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Iridologist/Sclerologist, Light/Colour therapist) serves as a practical guide and working tool for the implementation of Bach Flowers into a person's daily life. Edward Bach's original work has been carefully preserved, but the increase in the vibrational frequencies of the Earth affects the information and healing potential brought forth by the Bach Flowers. Therefore, the information has been adjusted to the changes occurring on the planet at this time.

Healing Spirituality includes: A detailed explanation of the Bach Flowers system; Bach Flowers and vibrational healing; Edward Bach's life, beliefs and philosophy of life and healing; Detailed description of all Bach Flowers; A working guide and practical information on how to integrate Bach Flowers into your daily lifestyle; Instructions for creating your own Bach Flower essences; and so much more!

Helen Dumont, Midwest Book Review

Bach Flowers Unfolding

Bach Flowers Unfolding Card Deck is a unique and practical tool for working with the Bach Flowers. It reveals new levels of information about the Bach Flower essences discovered and developed by Dr. Edward Bach. The information provided within this card deck has been channeled by the author while the essence of Edward Bach’s original work has been carefully preserved.
Each card includes exquisite full colour illustrations and details including a message from each respective flower and the primary focus. The companion book enhances this information with detailed descriptions about the present state of mind of a person and the potentially transformed state. The book provides suggestions on how to work with the cards, alphabetical lists and an explanation for the use of the actual remedies.
BACH FLOWERS UNFOLDING is easy and practical to use. It can be used alone or in addition to any healing modalities including Bach Flower therapy.

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About Gudrun Penselin

Gudrun Penselin holds master’s degrees in education and physical education. She is a Clinical Herbal Therapist, certified reflexologist, Bach Flower practitioner, certified iridologist, sclerologist, and light/colour therapist. She maintains a successful clinical practice in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, facilitates workshops both at home and internationally and is a featured guest on international radio shows.

She is the author of award winning books, Healing Spirituality - A Practical Guide to Understanding and Working with Bach Flowers and Healing with Bach Flower Mandalas. She is the creator of Bach Flowers Unfolding (card deck) and the executive producer of the instructional DVD, Herbal Pharmacy for Everyone.

Gudrun's joy and passion are to encourage others on their healing journey.

Gudrun Penselin, M.Ed., M.Phys.Ed.
Clinical Herbal Therapist
Certified Reflexologist - Certified Iridologist/Sclerologist - Bach Flower Practitioner - Light-/Colour Therapist
780.532.2464 - -

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