Ongoing Relief Aid Efforts in Haiti


Relieving the ongoing feelings of fear and grief


A powerful combination for PTSD


Recovering from post-trauma experienced while in utero

The following is a report by practitioner Julia Graves about a third free community health care clinic in Haiti, which was held in October, 2011. People served by the clinic continue to experience remarkable healing results using the Flourish formulas, Five-Flower Formula and Benediction oil for trauma and grief.

“This is my third time with the clinic, and people are coming like rainfall, and we can't finish the line and keep on treating people up to the moment we go to the car. It is at the end of the long day when I am supposed to be exhausted that the joy of helping others really kicks in, and I feel that at that time I am not just one person, but one with the team, and that everyone who is working is feeling it. At that time I wish that everyone could feel this feeling at least once in their lives, no matter where or how, because this type of experience helps us break down the boundaries between suffering and joy. The person is suffering, and you feel joy giving them the medicine, and as you hand it to them, you transmit that joy to them. My strongest wish is to keep that experience until I die.”
— Jinpa

We arise from bed at 5 am, are out of the door at 6, start the clinic at 7 am on site, and return around 5 pm to finally eat. Then we spend the rest of the evening restocking and filling – vials with sugar pills for homeopathics, bottles with oil and alcohol for essential oil blends and flower essences etc. We’re so tired; we sleep like corpses...

A 28 year old woman who had a still birth (the baby was in the first trimester in utero at the time of the earthquake and although carried to term died at birth) was devastated from the loss, the double trauma. A year ago, we gave her Benediction oil, Grief Relief and Post Trauma Stabilizer. She reported that it helped her greatly, and that she was able to sleep well again. She is still afraid of becoming pregnant again, though we did not treat her for mothering issues at the time, but for the double trauma that she had experience.

We had another series of children who were buried under rubble for different amounts of time during the earthquake. If I compare them to children who had walls fall on them or receive a blow in the head from falling debris, it seems that psychologically, being trapped under rubble is the worst. All of these children have racing, pounding hearts that beat wildly through their tiny chest walls. They LOVE the Fear-Less spray, and their hearts appreciate the Benediction oil.

Relieving the ongoing feelings of fear and grief

In general, most children and grown ups are still afraid of another earthquake and startle from noise. The noise of a major earthquake is a distinctive growl. Those with that fear and nightmares as the main symptom, preferred Fear-Less more than any of the other formulas (although we still spray two or three over them, and let them choose which one feels best). Those whose family members died prefer Grief Relief. Some children become downcast and depressed from poverty, disaster, national chaos and starvation. They loved Illumine or Grief Relief, also. Many have just lost heart over so much hardship. Some still prefer Post-Trauma Stabilizer, although that seems to be of more general use.

A powerful combination for PTSD

Post-Trauma Stabilizer and the Five-Flower Formula still have a huge effect on most people. They report that the nightmares, sleeplessness and heart palpitations are healed. Those formulas are specific for those particular PTSD symptoms. We can’t trace what formulas were used in some cases, but many many people said "The spray you gave me last time cured my heart palpitations and sleep disturbances. Can you please give me one for my family member / friend etc.? We tried to assess how permanent this healing was, and for the most part overwhelmingly so—only two people out of the hundreds we saw wanted a refill for themselves, and even that might have been a lie (them really asking for someone else). However, we mostly gave either Five-Flower Formula or Post-Trauma Stabilizer, so I would say in all fairness this great success must come from a combination of those two.

Our cases as well as those Haitians with whom we left a bottle, shared the same conclusion regarding Benediction oil: it heals post-traumatic heart palpitations and insomnia.

Recovering from post-trauma experienced while in utero

The children who experienced the national catastrophe in utero are now young toddlers. Unlike those conceived after the earthquake time, they startle easily and still all tremble like aspen, often every evening, as the mothers report. The cut off line seems to be toddlers of about two years—in other words, it seems that babies who were six months old and not individually traumatized in the event do not shake, while those younger or unborn do. We gave Post-Trauma Stabilizer with Aspen and Evening Primrose as before. They also seemed to majorly respond to Five-Flower Formula with Red Clover added to it. The shiatsu practitioner has seen that Five-Flower Formula used on amputation scars really opens the areas up and moves chi.

Read further here about the experiences at the clinic, the general health situation of people in Haiti, and the state of the country.

Some of the team of workers at the third clinic


Editor's note: more information about the Flourish Formulas can be found here. Read more about Benediction oil here.


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