Clinical Uses of the FloraFusions, Self-Heal Creme and Self-Heal Flower Essence


Helga Suntinger has worked with the FloraFusions (Seasons of the Soul oils) and Self-Heal Crème since 1997. She has used extensively the Crème and oils in her practice and knows well their healing properties and potentials. Following is a report with her observations regarding the therapeutic properties of the FloraFusions, Self-Heal flower essence and Self-Heal Crème. FES is grateful for the assistance of Helga’s daughter, Corina Suntinger, who translated the information from German into English.

The relationship between the skin and spirit

The body-soul-spirit-relationship

Typical uses for Self-Heal Crème

Examples of healing with Self-Heal Crème

Situations in which Self-Heal flower essence is used

The FloraFusions (Seasons of the Soul oils)

Case examples using the FloraFusions

About Helga Suntinger

The relationship between the skin and spirit

The relationship between the skin and spirit is a big part of my coaching. In the German language, you find many expressions regarding emotions and the skin. For example you say: “aus der Haut fahren” (translated word by word it means basically: “to go out of your skin” which means: to go through the roof). If you feel quite good and confident you say “sich in seiner Haut wohl fühlen,” which means to feel comfortable (in your skin). So there exist definite references in the German language to the relationship between skin and emotions. My personal experience counseling/coaching people in the past 23 years clearly has shown there is a big relationship between skin and emotions/spirit.

This concept is multidisciplinary in approach based on my knowledge, experience and education with the following:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine and Meridian-stream on the skin
  • The skin-spirit-zones from Dietmar Krämer, which refers primarily to the English Bach remedies, which I sometimes add to Self-Heal Crème
  • Face Analysis (Antlitzanalyse) from Dr. Kurt Hickethier, which refers primarily to Schüssler Salts/Schüssler-Salzen
  • The experience over the last 23 years showed that emotional problems often manifest in physical problems. In most cases, you find that there is an effect on the skin, e.g. different kinds of allergies, neurodermitis, acne, a particular sensibility, etc.

The combination of these theories allows me to see symptoms and combine FES products, Healingherbs Bach remedies, and Schüssler-Salze very specifically, which leads to very successful outcomes for patients.

The body-soul-spirit relationship

In individual counseling sessions, I talk with my clients (men, woman and children) about their particular issues, such as sleeping, concentration, sexual problems, depressive moods, scar-care, support in very sensitive times of life, such as pregnancy, etc. My guidance is in addition to classical medical or psychological treatment and refers to the body-soul-spirit-relationship.

Also, in small seminars I impart to other practitioners my experience and knowledge in regard to the FloraFusion oils and Self-Heal Crème. I demonstrate to the participants how to use these great products and for what, so they can achieve good outcomes with their clients.

Typical uses for Self-Heal Crème

I often use the Self-Heal Crème for these types of issues:

• Babies who chronically scream and cry
• Skin care (shaving problems etc.)
• Scar care
• After injuries
• General skin problems
• Self-confidence issues
• As additional support to a clinical treatment, such as when somebody receives a cancer diagnosis (especially breast cancer)

In most cases, I add FloraFusions, FES flower essences, Schüssler Cremes or Healingherbs remedies to the Self-Heal Crème.

Examples of healing with Self-Heal Crème

An example of healing which occurred very quickly: a person had extremely bad blisters, which healed almost “overnight” with the Crème.

Another example, but a healing effect which took a longer period of time, was a person who had a very bad tennis elbow. After daily use of the crème, in combination with arnica and Dandelion Dynamo oil, there was great improvement in about 6 months.

I have seen many people who suffer from neurodermatitis and allergies. If they use the Self-Heal Crème regularly, the symptoms usually heal well.

Situations in which Self-Heal flower essence is used


• Stabilization of blood circulation
• As support during a fasting cure
• During and after a family constellations consultation (according to Bert Hellinger)
• To support the immune system
• As a basic trauma essence in special circumstances and if the use of the Self-Heal Crème is not possible because of medical issues

I use it as trauma treatment (support in difficult situations such during medical cancer treatment, etc.)

I use it also as a spray. It also works well for small injuries such as when one pinches a finger, etc.
Self-Heal is used alone as a flower essence as well as being the active flower essence in the world-renowned Self-Heal Crème.  

The FloraFusions (Seasons of the Soul oils)

I have many good outcomes with these oils, and especially adding the oils to the Self Heal Crème, adapted for the individual needs of a person.

The most important uses are:

Arnica Allay: sports injuries, mental-emotional-psychical connection, for seasonal affective disorder/lack of light depression

Benediction: terminal care, very hard decision processes, emotional and physical abuse

Calendula Caress: suncare for sensitive skin (if one starts with regular treatment, one barely needs sunscreen in the summer), general skin care (despite some allergies)

Dandelion Dynamo: massage, if the skin or muscles are hardening, for burn-out, menstrual problems

Mugwort Moon Magic: female issues, to strengthen inspiration, to open-up intuition, vein issues

St. John’s Shield: for lack of light depression, “to bring light into your life,” bedwetting, sleep issues, neuralgia

St. John's Wort
Click on each flower to view a larger image

Case examples using the FloraFusions

Arnica Allay - a powerful oil for release: I had one case in which Arnica oil, used over 2 months or more, triggered the body to expel a subdermal implant. If somebody does have any kind of implant, I use this oil very carefully. I don’t have experience with breast or tooth implants. However, I had two remarkable cases in regard to this potential effect. In one, the use of Arnica Allay caused the expulsion of a hormone implant, which otherwise would have to have been removed by operation. In another case, a woman with bolts in her knee has pain if she uses the oil regularly. Therefore, she only uses the oil in case of real need, i.e., after heavy sport activities.

Calendula Caress - support for relationships: This is used to support relationships. I have a few very good examples where the relationship improved after massaging regularly, such as a mother massaging her baby when they are in a difficult mother-child-relationship. It is also beneficial for couples who are having difficult relationships.

Mugwort Moon Magic - strength for circulation: I have great outcomes for strengthening veins; for example, people use it to prepare themselves before flight travel. It is generally good in such circumstances. Also, in cases of phlebitis, I add Mugwort Moon Magic to specific Schüssler creams and recommend using this cream in the morning and in the evening on a daily basis. This is also recommended for flight travel.

Benediction - for neuralgia: If regularly used on aggrieved nerves (paraplegia), it triggers the nerves and supports a kind of healing process. In my experience, Benediction exposes (and activates) resources which are not apparent. In one case, a girl with a type of facial palsy used Benediction in combination with Schüssler Cream No. 5 for 4 months and her condition improved greatly; she could feel much more than before.

Arnica Allay and St. John’s Shield - aid for depression: These are supportive in a highly effective way for serious depression problems. Started in September, it makes the wintertime much easier to endure.

St. John's Wort


About Helga Suntinger

Born in 1954 in Salzburg, married since 1979, 2 children. Teaching and working as a chemist.

Self-employed since 1993. Own practice since 1995.

Focus of my work:
Family Constellations, coaching, individual counseling, couples counseling, workshops, lectures / Bach flower remedies, cell salts

Family Constellations, Bach flower essences, cell salts, face analysis, marriage seminars, communication, etc.

Touch for Health
Bach flower essences
California flower essences
Training in Dr. Schüssler minerals and face analysis by Dr. Kurt Hickethier
5 semesters of training as a life and social counselor
NLP Practitioner
Training as bullying consultant
Education Systemic Family Constellations - Mag Dr. Gerald Steiner
Course instructor at VHS and KBW
Ongoing training in focusing Paarberatung (systemically), communication, family and education, supervision

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