Flower Essence Formulas for Humanitarian Relief


Formulas for Humanitarian Relief

No matter where we live, we surely feel compassion and concern for all those affected by any type of catastrophic event.

As healers, it is in our hearts to want to help. While devastation during such times is physical, it is also deeply searing to the soul. Many flower essences — alone or in formulas — are immensely beneficial in helping to deal with pain, stress, grief, despair, depression and hopelessness.

Our planet and her peoples are facing many birth pangs in this New Millennium. Please save this list for reference, as we are sure that it will be helpful to you in your healing work wherever you live. We also look forward to your reports and research regarding flower essence therapy and humanitarian relief work — this is an enormously important way we can all help each other serve and give at the highest level.

Key Flower Essence Formulas
for Humanitarian Relief

Five-Flower Formula — (Dr. Bach's emergency formula)

This is a fundamental component of any emergency relief program. The Five-Flower Formula promotes calm and stability in any emergency or time of stress. It alleviates panic, disorientation, shock and helps the individual to cope with on-going trauma or pain.

Includes Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem .

Yarrow Environmental Solution — YES

This is a foundational remedy for those who are in the environmental matrix of Hurricane Katrina, or working in high-stress relief areas. YES activates a healthy immune response to environmental stress, especially when life-force and vitality are assaulted by noxious radiation, pollution or other geopathic stress. YES should be taken on an ongoing basis to help the body clear toxic by-products and allergic reactions to pollutants.

Includes Arnica, Echinacea, Golden Yarrow, Pink Yarrow and Yarrow flower essences, with Echinacea and Yarrow tinctures, in a salt water base.

Post-Trauma Stabilizer  

This formula is helpful for re-building soul pathways and life force circuitry, following catastrophic loss and trauma. It addresses nerve depletion, emotional numbness, sleep disturbance, psychosomatic symptoms and long-term disassociation that can occur after such events.

Includes Arnica, Bleeding Heart, Echinacea, Glassy Hyacinth, Green Cross Gentian, Fireweed and Five-Flower Formula.

Grief Relief

Developed in the aftermath of 9-11, the Grief Relief Formula focuses specifically on the overwhelming heartbreak that besieges those who have lost family, friends, pets, home and property. It can also be helpful for relief workers who are deeply affected by the grievous conditions around them.

Includes Pink Yarrow, Bleeding Heart, California Wild Rose, Borage, Forget-Me-Not and Explorer's Gentian.


Magenta Self-Healer

This essence combination increases etheric life force and healing potential. It is very beneficial for those who need long-term support in recovering from serious wounds, illness or other physical trauma. The Magenta Healer formula stimulates the self-healing capacities of the body-soul and reaches deep into the cellular structures that facilitate regeneration of life force.

Features all magenta flowers including Self-Heal, Sierra Primrose, Echinacea, Pedicularis, and Love-Lies-Bleeding, plus the Helichrysum essential oil.

Magenta Mantle

This formula helps re-build the etheric life sheath around all physical matter. It is primarily for topical use and environmental application, but can also be used internally. Containing all magenta flowers, Magenta Mantle increases elemental presence in the environmental matrix and helps to detoxify and regenerate soil, air and water. Please see our flyer which gives directions for spray applications.

Includes Fireweed, Self-Heal, Echinacea, Red Clover and Sweet Pea.

Gaia Green

Gaia Green can be used in tandem with or as a follow-up to Magenta Mantle for environmental regeneration of soil, water and air. This formula attracts elemental forces to re-inhabit damaged areas of earth. It stimulates the green heart forces within the human being in relationship to the heart forces of the living earth, bringing balance to homes, communities, gardens, bodies of water and land that are devastated and depleted. Composed entirely of rare green flowers, the Gaia Green formula nourishes and stimulates green forces of growth, life and renewed elemental activity.

Includes Green Rein Orchid, Green Bells of Ireland, Lady’s Mantle, Green Rose, Green Cross Gentian and Green Nicotiana.


This formula provides strength, courage and inspiration to those who are called to step forward in times of crisis. It helps those who are called to perform tasks normally considered impossible or beyond known capabilities. In times of crises, many are required to suddenly assume new roles as caretakers for their families or mobilizers in their communities. This formula directs physical will forces and spiritual qualities of inspiration to fuse at new levels of creativity and performance.

Includes Blackberry, Cayenne, Red Penstemon, Red Larkspur, Sunflower, Madia, Dandelion and Blazing Star


For use during any natural disaster or personal calamity. Works well – for both people and animals – in tandem or alternation with Five-Flower Formula during the most intense and immediate episodes of panic and chaos. To deal with residual stress and ongoing symptoms, use Post-Trauma Stabilizer.

Includes Red Clover, Mountain Pride, California Valerian, Oregon Grape, Mimulus, Rock Rose and Green Rose.

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