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Editor’s note: Jeanne Denaro shared with FES about her use of the TerrAnoint flower essence and essential oil blends in combination with various vibrational energy techniques that she incorporates in her practice. She believes that the TerrAnoint oils are essential to activating acupuncture points. Some of the methods and modalities Jeanne incorporates in her Soulful Arts Energy Medicine practice include: Acupuncture (Acupuncture Body Meridians & Points Reference Chart), Tamo Do Color, The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement, color therapy, astrological remedies, essential oils, Gene Keys, and AcuPresence. Read below Jeanne’s comments on the general use of the TerrAnoint blends as well as detailed case reports.

General Uses for the TerrAnoint Oils

Case studies

Speaking truth, support and connection with others

Feeling comfortable and safe enough to reveal secrets and confront the past

Finding life passion

About Jeanne Denaro


I always call myself a weaver of the arts. People ask me, “Really, what do you do?” I say, ‘I don’t know, I have so much behind me when I’m with you in this space, it’s what I weave together to help you.’ I don’t own the healing…I’ve never called myself a healer. I always say I’m a practitioner of the arts. ‘If I can read your field the way I’ve been trained, I can support you to get to your next step. Though I don’t know what that next step might be.’

When people get up off the table, almost every single one of them tell me, “I feel so much lighter and freer.” Some say, “You make magic,” but I say, ‘No, we’re weaving together everything and you’re the magic.’

When you put it all together it’s like a woven piece of tabestry of energy medicine.

General Uses for the TerrAnoint oils

“I feel like I really need these because they touch every aspect of healing;
they're the Jewels of my Practice.”

Be Bright
Be Bright is used to help people experience their own star quality. It’s for people who have lost their fire, ignition or passion. It’s used to help them reignite themselves.
Connect is for anybody who is disconnected; from mind, body or spirit. I use Connect to help people connect bodily, connect out into the social world, or to connect them with their spiritual life or their path in life. Many people are not grounded so it’s to connect them with Earth, to be here now.
Protect is for people who feel vulnerable in the world, and for whom safety is their big issue.
Roots is for people who are so disconnected that they’re not even rooted. That can include people who are always having falls or are tripping.
StressRest is for “burn-outs.” It is for workaholics, people who can’t let go, and have to continue to hold on because they have to control everything and do it themselves. Really, everybody can use it because we now live at such high elevations of stress individually.
Wings is for people who have had their wings clipped; they’ve had their dreams snatched or downgraded; they’ve been squashed or cut off. I use it to help support and bring those wings back out. Wings helps them be able to take flight in their lives.

Specific case studies

Speaking truth, support and connection with others

This case concerns a 60-year old woman, who is a rehab therapist and training to be a life coach. Her main complaint was that she was looking for a spiritual boost. She has a past history of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, with multiple rounds of chemo and treatments with radiation.

I understood that I would be supporting her spiritual nature and help boost her up. Her stress level was a 4 out of 10. Energy level was a 7 out of 10.

She stated that she rarely remembers dreams. She is in menopause. She spoke of having a “red throat” and said that she was having trouble expressing herself. She wanted to be able to speak her truth. Her lower back was bothering her and said she felt unsupported at work.

My assessment included that her kidneys should be supported. The kidneys house the will; that’s the spiritual nature of the kidneys. The main thing was that she didn’t feel safe and supported at work. Kidney energy is greatly affected by prolonged fear and feeling unsupported.

I usually start a session off with a Cranial Release Technique (CRT), which helps put one in zero-point gravity, so they can receive the rest of the treatment more fully.

CRT indicated weakness on the right side and her inability to move forward. I always start a session with the feet to help support and root patients. I used Roots on Kidney 1 to help support her.

I moved into the next stage of the treatment, which was to connect her. I used Connecton Kidney 1 and Conception Vessel (CV) 8 because this helps to connect with your roots and feel support from your lineage. I also applied Connect to CV 17 so she could connect with herself.

I used Protect on Lung 9 which is the source point of the lungs, which helped her to know that she has protection and that she can speak, be free and flow.

Typically in sessions, after I work on the front of the body, I apply moist heat to the back. I work the whole meridian line of the bladder, the inner and outer. With her, I focused on the inner bladder (inner bladder work is usually for chronic issues) and used Protect for her to know that she’s safe and supported.

The points on the outer line always deal with the spiritual emotional issues so I also used the oils on those points as well. There I used Wings on the outer bladder to help her feel safe and supported so she could grow wings and fly, to be able to go forward connecting more socially.

To complete a session, I have patients pick a card. At the end of her session, she pulled a card on limited beliefs. That card just confirmed everything that I had surmised about her.

She said, “I’m coming away now feeling like I’m heard, I’m supported and I’m protected.” Those oils helped her in regard to that.

Her follow up message a couple of weeks later:

“I want you to know that I’m still interested in going to a Friday night astrology info meeting. I was in Rocky Point, MX, during the last one. I had this super opportunity to go there on an all-expense paid women’s coaching retreat. What a great and somewhat painful start to a new year. I also wish for you to know that I deeply enjoyed my healing time with you and one of my goals this year is to be financially able to see you once a month. So please, do send me the info for the next meeting. I had my business cards made, thanks for your prompt.”

Feeling comfortable and safe enough to reveal secrets and confront the past

This case concerns a woman in her 50s. She experienced trauma due to her family dynamics. She also has had some confusion about identity, though she always talked about her ancestors and her lineage. She is very educated and is a healthcare provider. However, at the point she came to see me, she was questioning everything.

She’s very secretive and doesn’t have a lot of friends. She has a double life; after some time working together, she came forth admitting that she has addictive behaviors.

I saw her six times, but she seemed very hesitant about coming to see me. I explained how my practice works, and how I can feel things about other people.

The first time I saw her, she complained about vivid dreams and felt that they reveal to her her future. Also, she was having a tooth problem and needed an implant. She also had a left knee problem. I noted her red, glassy eyes and her pulses reflected her high blood pressure, which was stroke level pressure—she wasn’t currently on medication and doesn’t like doctors.  

I took it easy with her during the first session and worked with protection because she wasn’t feeling safe; she couldn’t even close her eyes during the treatment. I worked with the Pericardium 6 and Spleen 4 utilizing Protect and Roots to help her feel safe and rooted.

My intent was that I wanted her to know that she was in a safe place. That was my prime intention for that session, because she doesn’t let people touch her. I knew that I had to go slow.

After the session, she said to me: “I don’t even know how to begin to say thank you. I felt really safe.”

During the next session, I focused on the shoulder area using tuning forks, color light and I anointed her points with Protect and Roots. Across her shoulders, I got the image that she was very disconnected. I asked her to draw a picture of herself, I wanted to see how she saw herself, and she only drew her head. At this point I still wasn’t allowed to do a meridian massage. She needed to be fully clothed and aware.

I wanted to bring her down into her feet because clearly her knee and lower back were still bothering her. I continued to work with Protect and Roots. She stated that she’s very connected and gets a lot of insights, i.e., she lives in her head. However, sometimes when one is in overdrive in that regard, one needs to calm down. We worked with those two oils and after the session, she picked a card that was a tree being rooted. So, it seemed we were getting closer and closer to that connection.

Going forward, she tried to come in once a month, and she began having break-outs at the corners of the mouth. I felt that was a good indication that she was starting to have some kind of release. She wanted to work on connection, it was interesting and took me by surprise— she wanted to work on being open to spirit, even though she’s always feeling like she’s very connected. But, she’s only connected in a theological way, as she said.

I used the tuning forks on various points and I used Connect, because that was the word she used. We worked with some of the CV points that help one to keep connected to their power center and in this case, would help keep her in her lower body. You can open to spirit but if you’re not connected and not rooted, it’s superficial.

I worked with Pericardium 6, Spleen 4, CV 17 and CV 19 to support immune function and spiritual connection.

Next, I supported the lower body by doing Stomach 36 which is great for overall chi, keeping her down in her body, and CV 12, which makes that connection. I ended with Connect at Yin Tang, which is the extra point, the third eye point. I used forks and color on all of them. We were still not at a point where she felt safe enough to disrobe. She expressed that she wanted to have that kind of a touch but wasn’t feeling safe enough to do it yet.

I always put the Roots on the bottom because that was the whole ancestral piece addressing her family dynamics.

We missed a couple of sessions and then she came in: this session focused on releasing pain and fear. I used the Roots, Protect, and I also used Be Bright. I put Be Bright on CV 8 and CV 17 and I just held my hands over the two points so that her radiance would harmonize both lower and upper body. I did the Protect on the 8 Sacral points on the sacrum which is very effective to clear trauma.

At the end of that session, she said, “Wow, I didn’t know I could feel that safe and comfortable.” She came again, twice in that month. The objective was to bring balance to her system and relieve the pain. I noticed her body was very hot to the touch and the pulses were off; they were too superficial on the front pulses, and her heart was off the charts. I palpated the abdominal aorta pulse and I had a serious conversation with her that she should get checked, that she was teetering on danger with her blood pressure.

I specifically worked on calming her down with Heart points and Kidney 6 and Lung 7 for the blood pressure. At the end of the session, the pulse was better but still seemed off the charts to me. She said that she felt much better, and she didn’t feel as hot. Again, I just wanted to work with the two oils, Roots and Protect. I felt like those two oils characterize her.

Next session when I saw her, her blood pressure was still very high. She has a total fear of doctors because of all of her hidden issues. She stated, “If one has blood work done, issues become apparent.” She had fear about what her blood was going to reveal.

I anointed points at the beginning and then applied some ear seeds. I added StressRest into this session and put it on the Shen Men point in her ear. I also put it on Heart 3, and Pericardium 6. I also anointed Kidney 6 with it because kidney is associated with fear and that would help to calm her. She was anticipating her tooth implant which brought up fear.

After that session, she felt calmer, safer, and called me later and said that she had an appointment with a doctor. She was going to have the blood work done and take care of herself.

All during this time period, she was having dreams or seeing things. In one of the last sessions, she shared the fact that she had addiction issues. She shared a dream in which she felt exposed. She was very secretive about her life. She stated that “Nobody would like me if they saw that side of me.” That was fear again, fear of being accepted.

During her last session, I gave her what is called a ‘shock treatment,’ a Japanese technique, “clearing the jaki.” Because of the dream and being exposed, she was breathless. To even talk about it was taking her breath away. Those points are Kidney 27, Kidney 16 and Kidney 6. I worked going down with the oils and then tuning forks and asked her to work with her breath. The treatment is directed from top to bottom, moving down the body to ground the energy. That is the purpose, to have the patient breath going down and the energy is going into the ground for recycle. I did three sessions with the forks going down: the first round, I used StressRest and Roots. The second round I used Protect and Connect. At the end, I used Be Bright. The purpose was to first release the stress, the second for her to feel safe and connected in her body, and the last was to be able to see her brightness. She said, “I feel like I’m a butterfly. I have the wings to be able to be brave and to fly.”
Some of the body talk was related to safety in her environment. I did CV 8 and 17, because she asked me to do those points again; I had done them before with the Be Bright. She felt that the CV 8 was like her child and 17 was like her adult. I asked, ‘What do they have to say to each other?’ She said that the child was communicating to the adult, it was about safety in her environment. I thought—it hadn’t come up yet—that she had been abused in some way. I feel Roots and Protect are her signature.

At that point, if I was doing meridian massage on her, she could be totally naked under the blankets. She no longer felt unsafe. I felt that was a huge indication in regard to the progress of her healing. She also refers people to me all the time, which also indicates to me that she is trusting of me.

In this particular case—realizing that secrets can only be revealed in the right time and place—I never probed her, I never wanted to trespass that boundary. If one wants to be a victor instead of a victim, one has to let the process unfold.

Finding life passion

A 64-year old woman came to me one time, who was using many medications for her extreme headaches, as well as botox shots for them. She said she was very desperate to get a treatment from me and asked if I could give her a discount, i.e., she always wants something for less. That’s my observation of her.

She is a person who wouldn’t buy anything unless it was on sale, food included. I was NOT going to give her a discount because she’s not a discount. I asked her, ‘Don’t you think you’re entitled to the full price?’ That is the concept for her to contemplate: her worth value.

Her goal was that she just wanted to get rid of the headache. I believe her headache was actually many things. She and her husband moved on account of a great job for her husband. She left her large family behind in another state. She was semi-retired, was getting over losing her father, and her mother is her best friend to whom she speaks to everyday. She has no hobbies, and she’s a workaholic. The only thing she is able to do is work, as she says. She has two grown children whom she continues to support. I questioned her about that and asked, ‘Do you really think that you’re doing them a favor, or are you doing yourself a favor by keeping them dependent on you?’

She and her husband have little communication or conversation. Mostly he’s a couch potato person and she’s always out shopping and getting bargains. She’s a shopaholic. Prior, she had had her own business, and then worked for a university. However, since she’s moved, she was fired from four jobs. Her self-esteem and self-worth, if it wasn’t great before, was far worse now.
It was a slow process for her to come and see me and pay me my fee without negotiating a discount (though I wouldn’t have given her one). I said, ‘You have to show me that this is really important to you.’

At the first session, she had a headache that was a 20 out of 10. I don’t even know how she was able to drive to my office.

She disclosed to me that she had been told that she was in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s disease. I asked why she believed that and I said, ‘You just have to find something that gets your passion going. You haven’t found the right thing yet. You have to leave your first career behind and do something different.’ (Actually now, she’s a teacher’s aide with special education children and she loves it.)

During the session, I worked with stress points on the Gallbladder points on the occipital ridge, and some points around the eyes. I also gave her a meridian massage and worked with CV 22 for her to be able to speak her peace. (She always feels angry at her husband because he doesn’t talk to her.)

She also called herself a klutz; she said she tripped over things and so forth. Therefore, I used Roots with her on Kidney 1 to get her in her feet and rooted. According to Chinese medicine, I understand her to be a Shao Yang, a burnout; she’s a liver burnout person. She constantly has to do. Other indications I observed of her is that she drives aggressively though she’s not a good driver. Also, whenever she gets out of a car, she slams the door very hard. I got her to try to really focus on being in her feet and I used the StressRest on CV 17, P 6 and Heart 3. Those two oils, I believe, characterize her and her needs for healing.  

About Jeanne Denaro

In over the last 30 years, Jeanne Denaro has attained her BA and MS Degrees in Acupuncture and is licensed in New York and Arizona. Jeanne has obtained extensive training in various energy medicine modalities and developmental studies to further her understanding of the human body. She has created Soulful Arts Energy Medicine PC, which offers a unique treatment experience weaving together a Tapestry of Energy Medicine techniques specific to individual needs.

Jeanne holds Experiential Soulful Arts Parties to spread the word and knowledge of Energy Medicine. Jeanne works by appointment only and is available for distant work as well. You can contact Jeanne at Jeanne.denaro@aim.com or 516-317-8211.



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