Combining Flower Remedies with Sound Healing


by Jann Garitty

The effect of listening to the Healing Flower Symphonies is a wonderful blessing of the flower essences in a vibratory experience coupled with a complex musical composition – together resolving the emotional challenge involved and strengthening the desirable emotional health of the listener.
— Jill Mattson

For over two decades, Jill Matson has been fascinated with mystic studies, and specifically, techniques for healing and raising consciousness. As a musician and composer, she was particularly interested to learn that the Theosophical Society believed that “music is a spiritual fast track.”

She also learned how powerful the influence of music is on people, so powerful that ancient people even utilized it to control populations. Sound waves are similar to the vibrations of the physical body and emotions, therefore they have the power to profoundly affect us.

At one point, Jill was introduced to Bach flower remedies, and she could “feel” that each essence was different as she began to use them one by one. Recognizing their value as vibrational energy, she naturally began to meld the use of flower essences with her love for music, and began composing music for each of the remedies. Her work over two years of composing resulted in 12 Healing Flower Symphonies, the Bach Soul Flowers, compiled on two CD volumes. Listen to a sample composition.

Bringing to light hidden emotions

“We must feel emotions to release them; so much hidden emotion troubles the soul. That’s why flower essences are very helpful; if one isn’t able to see or recall their emotions, when emotions are hidden, flower essences and flower music can bring them forth and release them. Further, negative emotions are not just turned into a positive emotion, rather, they are transformed into a virtue, a personality quality. The more positive energy, like any virtue, the more repeated, goes into the subconscious and becomes part of us.

“So in the case of the remedy music compositions, the more we take the essences, listen to the music and then repeat the positive emotions, the more whole and healthy we become.”
Jill studied the effects of the flower essence music compositions on elderly people in a nursing home. She found that music enabled the people to “feel” the negative part of the flower, for example, betrayal, fear, doubt, and indecision. After six months of simply “feeling” the dark side of the soul flowers, they then were able to actually start talking about their emotions.

When composing the various pieces for each soul flower, Jill started with the “imbalance” and moved to the “positive.”  She of course, was familiar with and knew the negative side of every flower, for which she maintained the negative emotional state in the composition, and then did the exact opposite in the expression of the music—hearing and experiencing the music is a very powerful process.

Composing the musical symphonies

Jill found it very easy to “hear” each melody, for which she wrote each score, chorded it as for guitar, then wrote different parts for each instrument she wished to include. She practiced the parts she played, or wrote the score for another instrument. She recorded one part, then another, and so on, resulting in each song having 12-15 layers. Jill plays violin, piano, synthesizer and sings vocals. She works with other musicians who play cello and flute. “When I play, I’m conscious of the fact that it’s not just about making the right pitch, but that I’m feeling the right thing; I know that’s recordable. Intent can be a powerful part of any healing.”

Additionally, Jill has a machine that can read frequencies: “I can put a rose petal on a microphone and then the little tiny sounds that are probably inaudible to our ears can be graphed on a computer screen, and so then you can see the actual frequency of the rose petal, and match that on an acoustic instrument or a sound generator. You can actually convert any flower petal to an audible frequency, copy it, then embed those frequencies in an audio track.”

We must feel emotions to release them; so much hidden emotion troubles the soul.

When experiencing the music compositions of the flowers people often cry, have some type of emotional release, or a shift occurs in their personality. Children may experience a state of “quietude” for days. “Which flowers impact a person is a very personal thing; all of us are unique vibrational beings, so people innately know what they like; if something speaks to them, they need more of that… . When we really focus in on something, it takes less repetitions to come into the subconscious and become a habit—the more you listen and allow music to play you, the more healing can occur…it is easy by listening and paying attention, it creates ‘grooves’ in your brain.”

About Jill Mattson

Jill is an artist, author and widely recognized expert and composer in the emerging field of Sound Healing. She has produced six CDs that combine intricate Sound Healing techniques with her original musical compositions, resulting in intriguing, magical tracks that also offer deep healing and growth possibilities.

Jill lectures throughout the United States on “Ancient Sounds – Modern Healing” taking followers on an exciting journey revealing the healing power of sound. She unveils secrets from ancient cultures as well as the latest findings of the modern scientific community showing the incredible power and healing capabilities of sound. Jill draws on her extensive research of modern sound healing, and over 20 year study of antiquities and secret societies in her music, lectures, workshops and writings.

Please visit her website where you can learn more about her in-depth studies and work. Also available on the site are additional free mp3s of her sound healing music, including the Healing Flower Symphonies.


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